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Mobile Library


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Mobile Library progress at CNAQ

Mobile Library progress at CNAQ

Published in: Education
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No notes for slide
  • Mobile Computing – Our library mobile website is the gateway into the resources the library has for use on mobile devices. This is the main focus
  • As Irfan mentioned, The ALT center, the
  • Apple is the big dog in North America,but Nokia and RIM are pretty influential here.
  • Windows 6 programs won’t be compatible with windows 7
  • Define webapp – a webpage designed to run and act like an app.
  • The iUSask app is like a dashboard with some offline content. Their library link links to an old WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) website for the library that was designed for basic cell phones.
  • Online content
  • Offline content
  • Similar framework to U of L, but uses data from Cambridge’s Aquabrowser catalog to create a better results screen.
  • Website designed to load “apps view” on blackberrySearch is Summon, from the same vendor as our database search and FALCON catalog
  • I’m going to start by showing you one section that is complete, then our development reference and backend
  • Note how the PC version has additional images and links, those are removed for the mobile login.
  • This is the prototype of our new off campus login page
  • This is our design reference for our mobile site
  • Icons – A standard framework with rules, so we could produce our own.I’m just creating a skin for the front, the back end is a CMS called LibGuides which we are already using in the library. This means that any authorized staff member can update the content in the mobile website, also that there is a theme for the content in this website that is suitable for desktop computers.Both of these work better on more modern blackberries (Blackberry 6+), Android, iPhone, Palm and Windows, basically the more capable, more modern browsers.
  • You can follow the progress of the mobile website on the LibGuides site
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile Library
      Brett Williams
      Systems Librarian
      College of the North Atlantic - Qatar
    • 2. Overview
      Why mobile?
      Mobile Websites
      Library Website Progress
    • 3. Why Mobile?
    • 4. 2010 Horizon Report from EDUCAUSE
      Digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession.
      On the near-term horizon — that is, within the next 12 months — are mobile computing and open content.
    • 5. Mobile computing, by which we mean use of the network-capable devices students are already carrying.
    • 6. The Mobile World
      Apple (IOS)
      Google (Android & ChromeOS)
      HP/Palm (WebOS)
      Microsoft (Windows Phone 7)
      Nokia (Symbian^3 & Meego)
      RIM (Blackberry)
    • 7. Apps
      Offline content
      Games, audio, maps
      Online Content
      Real time, gps, location
      No standards across platforms
      New apps for each platform (and sometimes version)
      Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Mobile 7
    • 8. Mobile Websites
      Used by any device, even a desktop computer
      Can be integrated with Apps that provide offline content – if desired.
      Existing standards
      CSS, HTML
      HTML 5, CSS 3
      Offline storage for webapps
    • 9. University of Saskatchewan
      WAP Interface
      Simple phone interface
    • 10. App
    • 11. Website
    • 12. App
    • 13. Cambridge
      Same back-end as FALCON
    • 14. Website
    • 15. Arizona State University
      Same vendor FALCON and most of the support software comes from
    • 16. Website
    • 17. Library Mobile Website
    • 18.
    • 19.
    • 20.
    • 21.
    • 22.
      Look for me in the 2-5 year section of the Horizon Report