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Instagram for Business


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Best Practices for Brands and Businesses on Instagram

Best Practices for Brands and Businesses on Instagram

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  • 1. TM for Business Best Practices for Promoting a Brand
  • 2. TM THE PUBLIC USES INSTAGRAM, BUT DO BRANDS?• Instagram currently has over 130 Million Active Monthly users • The rapid growth in popularity proves it has the influence and social presence to match Facebook and Twitter Popularity • However…Businesses and Brands have not engaged with the platform to the extent that the public has • A Simply Measured study found that only 59% of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands use Instagram • Of these brands, 41% post at least ONCE a week • 26 of the top 100 brands have more than 10,000 followers • Only 10 have more than 100,000 followers • These numbers highlight the lack of engagement brands get from not utilizing Instagram
  • 3. TM UPLOADING CONTENT TO INSTAGRAM IS DIFFICULT • Instagram is a tough platform to manage because of its limited accessibility • Photo and Video content can only be uploaded from a compatible smartphone • Instagram is only available for iPhone and Android • Accounts can be viewed on the Web, but content cannot be uploaded this way • The end result is that someone with a smartphone must do all of the content creation for an Instagram account • This can be done by taking pictures within the Instagram App on the phone • Or pictures and custom images can be sent to a phone via Email, Dropbox or other file sharing method – The image can them be saved to the device’s photo library and uploaded to Instagram • The issue with this method is that it is often difficult to properly size a photo that is taken or created on another device BUT this does not mean that Instagram should not be utilized by Brands! The Basics
  • 4. TM MAINTAINING INSTAGRAM IS A FULL TIME JOB• Someone must be fully in charge of managing a brand’s Instagram account • This person must: • Know how to use Instagram • Be creative and good with visual content creation • Have their own, personal Instagram account in order to gain a customer’s perspective • Most importantly, they must know and understand the brand and it’s message & culture The Basics
  • 5. TM GETTING STARTED • Brands need to establish what the goal and purpose their Instagram account will be • Do they want to drastically increase followers? • Are they looking for engagement, conversation and retainment? • The strategy needs to be appropriate so that the Churn Rate is minimal • Churn Rate is the rate at which people unfollow the account • A combination of a large following that engages in constant, valuable conversation is key • However obtaining both goals can be difficult! • Great content can go viral, leading to an immediate increase in followers • But moving forward, how does a brand then keep these followers? • Brands must identify and understand their audience • For a tutorial on using the latest version of Instagram, visit this Instagram for Business blog post. The Basics
  • 6. TM BEST PRACTICES TO SPUR ENGAGEMENT • Linking picture and video content with your brand’s story and culture is crucial • DO NOT use Instagram solely to blast product pictures in order to boost sales, it doesn’t work • Followers are easily turned off by a self-absorbed Instagram user • A Brand’s account must have a central theme • It SHOULD revolve around the business and its culture, customers, and communities and regions they are located • It SHOULD NOT revolve around simply taking pictures of the products and stores • Photos must be visually appealing • Content must give people a reason to become a follower • New Items and Sneak Peaks • Behind the Scenes access • Special Deals and Coupon Codes • Pictures Reposts • Photo Contests The Basics @USinterior Showcases America’s Great Outdoors
  • 7. TM BEST PRACTICES TO SPUR ENGAGEMENT • Posts need to be appropriately timed and should be spread throughout the day • Instagram is a live feed • The moment content is uploaded, the picture will immediately appear on a follower’s feed • The last thing followers want to see is multiple pictures posted simultaneously – Many people will find this to be an annoyance and feel like they are being spammed – Followers will skip over these pictures, creating lost engagement • Followers are likely to unfollow the account if posts are poorly timed The Basics Sailing the Seven Seas with @Maerskline @oscarprgirl Fall Campaign Exclusive
  • 8. TM ENGAGE WITH FOLLOWERS • Brands need to ensure that their followers feel like there is an actual person behind the handle • Social platforms are a Two Way street, there needs to be constant interaction between the brand and its followers • The best ways to do this are: 1. Follow Back • Those who are interesting, and engaging should be followed • Not every person needs to be followed back • Exclusivity keeps people engaged in the hopes that they might be followed at some point • Not every follower needs to be followed back 2. Comment • Respond to questions that are posted and be sure to @ mention people in the answer to ensure they know you have answered their question • A quick, personal response is a way to spark loyalty • Commenting on follower’s photos is always a great touch The Basics
  • 9. TM ENGAGE WITH FOLLOWERS 3. Like Follower’s Photos • Like content of those that the brand’s account follows • People feel good when getting attention from a Brand 4. Repost • Repost content from follower’s onto the Brand’s own account • Make sure to give the content creator credit by @ mentioning them in the caption • This can help drive engagement by creating a desire for other to upload content in the hopes that their photos will be reposted The Basics
  • 10. TM UTILIZE HASHTAGS AND LOCATION• Hashtags are important and useful on Instagram • Hashtags are a way to group photos from various users under one roof • It connects picture and video content to your brand • A brand should have ONE, consistent hashtag that users should utilize • Special events, promotions, and contests can have different, specific hashtag • Too many hashtags can get messy and confusing • This can also lead to the primary hashtag getting lost and not used • Brands need to be careful when implementing multiple hashtags • Instagram can show the location from which content is uploaded or where the pictures were taken • Geotagging can give customers store and event locations • Content featuring products, store features and giveaways should be tagged to drive people to these locations • Encourage users uploading content to tag the location that they took the pictures The Basics
  • 11. TM HARNESSING THE POWER OF INSTAGRAM VIDEO• Brands need to realize the power and effectiveness of customer-created content • In order to harness consumer generated videos, Brands must change their approach • Customers and consumers are experienced enough with social apps to create good content • The quality may not be “professional” but it will seem more authentic • Giving people context will help drive meaning full videos • Ask a question or demand a certain, shorter time frame to get the best response • Simply setting up an Instagram account for a Brand and pushing content will not work • For more info regarding Video on Instagram, check out their blog post. Instagram Video Video Highlights: Fashion from @marcjacobsintl @topshop & @michaelkors Video Highlights: News from @nbcnewscrew @aykutu @edouphoto & @bakerbk
  • 12. TM UTILIZING INSTAGRAM’S VIDEO FEATURE • Instagram’s new video feature is another great visual tool to utilize • Ideas that can be incorporated into videos include: • Company Culture • Q&A • Products and Demos • New product launches • Sneak peeks and teasers • Store Features • Behind the Scenes content • Interviews of Staff and Executives • Videos should not be posted simply because this feature is available • Videos take extra time to create and to watch • Video must be relevant and interesting • Pointless videos are useless Instagram Video
  • 13. TM USING INSTAGRAM TO RUN CONTESTS • Instagram can be a valuable tool for running social photo contests • Contests can help drive visual content and follower engagement • Contests should offer prizes that help promote the brand while also being something people will want • There are many resources that Instagram has to help run contests • Utilizing a separate and specific hashtag solely for the contest can help track entrants • Instagram provides an RSS feed for every hashtag that is created, which allows for real time following of all new photos with a specific hashtag • There are also several third party websites that have their easy to use contest tools Photo Contests Material Girl #IHeartMG Contest Petco #SummerPets Contest Post-It #SmileWithPostIt Contest
  • 14. TM Great Brands to Follow
  • 15. TM Brands Using Instagram Video Well
  • 16. TM CLICK HERE FOR BLOG LINK • Instagram has a blog dedicated to highlighting businesses on the platform • The blog has great stories and information including • Stories about how business are successfully using Instagram • Pictures and Videos directly from the platform highlighting businesses • Tips, suggestions and advice • More in-depth how to’s about using Instagram • Useful Video Blog Posts • Tips: How To Shoot Video On Instagram • Best Practices: Creating Video Content Instagram For Business Blog
  • 17. TM Bentonville New York Chicago Minneapolis San Francisco Toronto London The Power to Influence℠