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  • 1. VOL 5 | DECEMBER 2013 Synergy / News from sika AUSTRALIA SIKA AUSTRALIA CUSTOMER MAGAZINE THE COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR THE HILLS COUNCIL 33 Years of Sarnafil® Service Speed and Strength for the Anzac Bridge Waterproofing Ryman Healthcare
  • 2. THE TIMELESS LOOK OF TIMBER Trust SikaBond T55 (J) polyurethane adhesive to provide a flexible wood floor bonding solution. Used in the recent refurbishment of the QT Gold Coast Hotel, you know that your flooring will be completed perfectly the first time, every time. One part, easy to use Excellent elasticity Great bead stability aus.sika.com 1300 22 33 48
  • 3. WELCOME WHAT’S INSIDE: News from Sika Worldwide Speed and Strength for the Anzac Bridge Complete System for the Hills Polyurethane Concrete for Flooring Brewery Brought Back to Life Fast Curing Silicone ‘Seals’ the Deal Waterproofing Ryman Healthcare 33 Years of Sarnafil® Service Harvesting Solar Power New Product: Sikalastic -560 ® Welcome to the complete fifth issue of Synergy; Sika Australia’s customer magazine. Sika Australia has a particular focus on providing solutions for all projects we participate in, from basement to roof. By providing the complete system to our customers at all times, we create results that work together to provide a fantastic long term result for not only the building owners, but also for our contractors. You can see this approach in the work we have done for The Hills Shire Council, our cover story for this edition. By providing a wide range of solutions and products for various areas within this building, we were able to restore it from its condemmed state, to a visual landmark for the area, as its stunning architecture deserves. You can also see this wholistic solution approach in the work done on the Brewery Apartments in Adelaide. Sika provided the entire solution, including strengthening products, waterproofing, concrete protection, ceramic tiling adhesives and grouts, to deliver great improvements in functionality and final appearance. Sika is constantly releasing innovative, adaptable and high performance products. Products such as Sikalastic®-560, an eco-friendly liquid applied roofing waterproofing solution based on Sika Co-Elastic Technology, and is certified as ‘Environmental Choice Australia’ by GECA Standards. Your feedback is valuable to us and if you have any further enquiry regarding any stories from this issue, please contact us via email at au.marketing@au.sika.com or by phone on 1300 22 33 48. We hope you enjoy this issue of Synergy Dr Miljan Gutovic General Manager Jenny Perello Marketing Services Manager Synergy / News from Sika 2
  • 4. NEWS FROM SIKA WORLDWIDE AN EXCEPTIONAL NEW HOME FOR ELEPHANTS Zurich, Switzerland The children cannot wait to ride on them – and anyone who has enjoyed an elephant ride at some time in their life knows how much fun it is to be so near to these animals. Elephants are large mammals. Traditionally, two species are recognized: the African and the Asian elephant. The animals are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. Male African elephants, the largest living terrestrial animals, can reach a height of four meters and weigh seven tones. These animals have several distinctive features, including the long famous trunk used for many purposes, particularly for grasping objects. They communicate by touch, sight, and sound, also using infrasound and seismic communication over long distances. Calves are the center of attention in the female family groups and rely on their mothers for as long as three years. Elephant intelligence has been compared with that of primates and cetaceans. They appear to have selfawareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind. To provide these sensitive animals with an appropriate facility in a zoo, the primary focus must be on the elephants’ needs. Sika Switzerland recently provided some innovative technologies that made a significant contribution to Zurich Zoo’s unique new elephant building. The new elephant enclosure is eight times larger than at present, offering ideal conditions that are compatible with their species-specific behaviour. The complex consists of a large outdoor park plus a species-appropriate elephant house, which protects them from outside weather conditions and provides them a quiet place where they also receive their care. The striking, bright wooden elephant house roof covering an area of some 6,000 m² and weighing about 1,500 tons is architecturally unique. This multi-layer roof structure is sealed with the Sarnafil® Roof System against weather conditions. It is supported by a filigree concrete structure. In the newly introduced elephant stalls, Sikalastic® Polyurea flooring and walls protect against corrosion by the highly aggressive feces and urine. Sika products are also used for the rain water tanks and the treatment plant for the elephants’ bathing water. All concrete work on the main building was carried out with Sika® ViscoCrete® and sealed with the Sikadur-Combiflex® System. As of spring 2014 you can visit the elephants in their new enclosure! They are already looking forward to see you! PROJECT DETAILS Date: 2013 Location: Zurich Zoo, Switzerland
  • 5. speed and strength for the anzac bridge REFURBISHMENT OF GROUT BEARING PADS ANZAC BRIDGE, SYDNEY NSW The Anzac Bridge is a local landmark, for residents and visitors of the Pyrmont area, along with any travellers coming from the West of Sydney into the city. The Anzac bridge was built in 1995 and it runs along side Darling Harbour in the center of Sydney. The bridge is a large cablestayed style bridge spanning between Pyrmont and Glebe Island. It forms part of the Western Distibutor, connecting the Sydney CBD to the Western Suburbs. As Australia’s longest span cable-stayed bridge, with a length of 345 metres. The materials in this highly trafficked roadway are under great stress. The addition of a new maintenance walkway required a bearing pad to be installed between the bolting plates and the original bridge structure to provide additional strength and ensure stability between the walkway and the bridge. Baulderstone Contractors were chosen to complete the remedial work on the bridge, and turned to Sika Australia to provide an appropriate solution. Any solution provided needed to be fast-setting, with a high early strength to return the bridge to service as soon as possible. Sika Australia specified SikaGrout® HES, a cementitious grout with high early strength properties as the best solution for Baulderstone Contractors. SikaGrout® HES can be mixed to be either flowable or trowelled on, depending on the application. Flowable grout was the preferred consistency for the Anzac Bridge, as the grout needed to be applied beneath the walkway and around the bearing pad. With a compressive strength of 20MPa after 2 hours cure, and a final setting time of 25-35 minutes, SikaGrout® HES was the perfect product specified for this application Sika Australia is well known for its range of fast curing and high strength products, positioning them ahead of its competitiors. Sika Australia’s research and development team has extensive experience in developing products for highly specific applications, making it easy to trust Sika with your complex construction projects. PROJECT DETAILS Date: October, 2012 Location: Pyrmont NSW Client: Roads and Maritime Services Contractor: Baulderstone Contracting Sika Australia Sales Representative: Brett Finucane Synergy / News from Sika 4
  • 6. COMPLETE SYSTEM The Hills Shire Council Building is a visual landmark for the area, complimenting the beautiful local scenery with its reflective glass panel facade. But this building didn’t always look so pretty. This project was begun over 6 years ago, standing unfinished for some time, due to a range of factors. The Hills Shire Council Building challenge was taken on by the team from Keystone Building Solutions, an approved Sika contractor, working on improving the building at all levels. Sika Australia provided solutions and product systems to rectify a number of major areas, creating a complete solution from basement to roof. THE ROOF: Sika specified the new Sikalastic®-560 liquid applied membrane (more information on page 14) for the entire roofing area, creating a high performance waterproofing solution for this exposed area. Sika Fleece®-120 was used between layers of the membrane to reinforce the membrane across all three roof sections, a total area of 3,000m2. The system provides a fully bonded, reinforced liquid waterproof membrane to prevent internal water leaks from the roof areas into the building structure due to minor surface cracks and defects in the concrete deck. 5 Synergy / News from Sika
  • 7. FOR THE HILLS THE PODIUM The Podium is an outdoor area within The Hills Council Chambers, and was designed to create green space for the offices, providing an area to relax and creating a beautiful outlook for staff. A large number of plants being set into planter boxes in the area and the boxes were leaking into the building and causing damage. SikaTite®-BE, a bituminous waterproofing membrane, was chosen for the internal waterproofing of this area due to its hard-wearing nature and short application time. THE BASEMENT Sika Combiflex® SG Waterproofing Joint Tape and Sikadur® 31 Epoxy adhesive were used to target strength and durability in the car park and podium deck slab expansion joints (due to an incorrectly installed hypalon jointing system). The area also required a rebate infill to be reinstated over the expansion joints, which was completed using the SikaGrout® Deep Pour THE BALCONIES The balconies were tiled in a large grey square tile designed to compliment the anticipated reflections in the glass and contribute to the modern finish of the building. SikaCeram® Flex tile adhesive was applied to 3,000m2 of balconies and podium deck areas, providing a flexible adhesive that will allow for movement in the structure and varying pressure on the tiles over the life of the building. THE FACADES The original building facade was finished with the iconic glass that makes it is recognisable from kilometres away. A review of all façade joints was necessary to create the iconic, beuatiful aesthetic that the building is now recognised for. Sikaflex®-PRO polyurethane sealant was used to re-seal the facade and provide flexibility between the panels to allow for structural movement over time to happen. Sikalastic® 150 liquid membrane was chosen to waterproof the basement and it covers the entire internal block wall area to prevent moisture ingress to the lower basement carpark sections. Bringing a building such as this back to life reflects well on Sika’s ability to provide a system that comes together in all its parts, creating a wholistic solution that will see the building in service for years to come. Once completed, these different products created a system in the basement that will prevent water from leaking into the car park area, and damaging the foundations of the building. PROJECT DETAILS Date: September, 2013 Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW Contractor: Keystone Contractors Sika Representative: Brett Finucane Synergy / News from Sika 6
  • 8. POLYURETHANE CONCRETE FOR FLOORING Sika has announced it will be extending the Sikafloor® PurCem® Polyurethane Cement/Concrete flooring technology. Sikafloor® PurCem® is the leading flooring technology used in today’s food and beverage processing facilities, and Sika can now offer food processors and manufacturers a durable, long-term floor that is “fast turn-around”. Polyurethane Cement based system setting times are, by industry standards, reasonably quick. However, there are many instances where fast-cure performance is required, such as overnight projects in commercial or industrial applications, repairs to existing floors due to undue wear and tear and low temperature applications where it is necessary to speed up set times. What are the characteristics of Sikafloor® PurCem® that provides advantages over others floors? There are many types of industrial flooring on offer to the market, such as ceramic tiles, vinyl and resin based options. The tiling option has a significant weakness, due to its large number of joints, which traditionally degrade over time. The welded seams of vinyl give way over time, also greating weakness in the floor. Both ceramic tiles and vinyl allow water and foodstuffs to penetrate and degrade the floor, resulting in failure to comply with food grade regulations and expensive down-time rectification. The other option is seamless resin flooring, or otherwise known as “epoxy flooring”, which has been used widely in the food industry for many years. Although there has been some decline in the use of epoxy floors in the last ten years, nevertheless epoxy floors have been proven to be the best flooring options for areas such as warehouses, stockrooms, change rooms, amenities, lunch rooms and light traffic access ways due to its high durability. Polyurethane concrete has superior resistance to general impact and abrasion, offering greater resistance to food acids, animal fats, thermal shock and greater temperature range acceptance (-20 to +120 degrees). The launch of the Sikafloor® PurCem® Accelerator technology allows the system to be completed quicker than ever before. Depending on site conditions, most intallations can be completed within 24 hours. Inferior manufacturers continue to drive the price down in the market place, making it very difficult for consumers to know any featured differences from a top quality product, such as Sikafloor PurCem. Polyurethane concrete is the best all round flooring solution for the food environment. There is now wide spread use of this technology in all areas of the food industry, and is suitable for use on large sites, down to small commercial food outlets. If you would like more information on Sika’s range of food flooring products, or any of our products, please call us on 1300 22 33 48.
  • 9. BREWERY BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE CERAMIC TILING REFUBISMENT KENT TOWN, SOUTH AUSTRALIA Constructed on the site of one of Adelaides first breweries, this luxury apartment complex was completed approximately 12 years ago. A fabulous example of the industrial architecture of the late 1800’s, this apartment block is hailed as a prime example of the conservation and development possibilities of often overlooked, culturally significant industrial sites. Unfortunately, water was ingressing through the tiled balcony and penetrating into the garages of the apartments below, damaging the concrete roof in the garage (that formed the balcony) and the tiles and steel balustrading. Sika Australia was approached by a remedial engineer to provide a total system solution, including strengthening products, waterproofing and ceramic tiling adhesives and grouts.Sika’s ability in providing products for all stages of a project defines it’s buisiness practice and is a key cornerstone of Sika’s reputation in construction. The SikaCeram® tiling system was developed and introduced to the Australian market in July 2012, complete with products for priming, levelling, waterproofing, adhesives and grouts. This system was chosen as it offered a total solution from the SikaTite® PUD Plus waterproofing membrane applied to the screed, to the tile adhesive, grout and sealant around the perimeter. The Brewery Apartments refurbishment was completed in two stages. First, waterproofing and strengthening product applications were completed. Sikagard® 700S, a silane/siloxane mineral substrate impregation, was applied to the dividing wall between the two balconies to prevent moisture wicking into the slab. Given the water penetration in the concrete slab, Sika Ferrogard® 903, a corrosion inhibiting liquid impregnation, was applied to the slab to delay the onset of new corrosion and slow the rate of any existing corrosion. Finally, once refurbished and watertight, the balconies were completed with ceramic tiles. Total Commercial Ceramics were employed to complete the tiling work, utilising the SikaCeram® Super adhesive and SikaCeram® Grout in White. With a 12 year system warranty, Total Commercial Ceramics were confident the SikaCeram® System solution would stand the test of time and ensure that this beautiful brewery is standing for many years to come. PROJECT DETAILS Date: March, 2013 Location: Kent Town, Adelaide Engineer: Strata Engineering Solutions Contractor: Total Commercial Ceramics Sika Representative: Adam Davis
  • 10. FAST CURING SILICONE ‘SEALS’ THE DEAL Nothing sums up the adage ‘time is money’ as effectively as a delay in building construction. Projects featuring faster construction processes are valuable role models - as seen in Innaloo, WA. Number 2, Tassels Place, situated in the Perth suburb of Innaloo, is a multi-level, glass façade office building with four levels of glazed curtain walling above ground-level shop fronts. The building was designed by Hassell Architects. With its prominent glazing, construction schedules were tightly aligned to the effective and timely production and installation of 28.38mm Soltech Grey double glazed units. “With a short production time, the requirements were high,” says company spokesperson Chad Pappas. “But we realised that something as logical as fast-curing silicone products could optimise our timelines, so we approached Sika for help.” Sika provided Pappas with a range of structural glazing silicones, including Sikasil® SG-500 CN, which is a two-component structural glazing silicone known for its fast curing times; and Sikasil® WS-305 CN, a one-component weatherseal sealing silicone. Sikasil® WS-305 CN is a highperformance structural silicone adhesive, with a skin time of 35 minutes and a tack-free time of 180 minutes. With a snap time of just 50 minutes and a +/-50% movement capability, Sikasil® WS-305 CN provides the perfect solution for facades. The swift curing time of the Sikasil® SG-500 CN, in particular, was of crucial importance to Pappas Commercial Windows, as success was contingent on initial fast-tracked production schedules. The project underwent the Sika Facade Management process, involving a project-specific design review, adhesion testing and operator training. This was provided as part of the service offered by Sika, and was crucial in ensuring that both the products were appropriate for the job, and that the applicators were well trained to complete the job. According to Kristopher Webb from Sika Australia, the company made special provision to supply Pappas with extra quantities of product for the project. Local knowledge was also a crucial benefit – Sika Australia has had an established presence in WA for more than 15 years – and so the company was able to offer finely tuned estimates of curing times and descriptions of performance characteristics in Perth conditions. “We have always appreciated that high-quality products need to be backed up with equally high service levels,” Kristopher says. “In a project like this you have to view product and service as a package deal.” The completed building is now an iconic landmark in the area, setting benchmarks not only for the quality and finish of the structure and its materials, but also for the efficiency and speed of its construction. 9 Synergy / News from Sika
  • 11. WATERPROOFING RYMAN HEALTHCARE Ryman Healthcare design, build and operate healthcare facilities in Australia and New Zealand. It is dedicated to being the leading provider of retirement and healthcare facilities for the elderly. Ryman Healthcare’s new facility in the Melbourne suburb of Wheelers Hill is servicing the needs of the local community,. They approached Sika Australia to provide a waterproofing solution for the facility, which includes a single level basement that will contain facility services and carparking. Ryman required a basement tanking sheet membrane system capable of providing intrinsic waterproofing, without reliance upon backfill compression. Watertight integrity of the basement is paramount to the overall operating capability of the healthcare centre. In addition to waterproofing the slab on ground, the waterproofing system were also supplied to the precast concrete panels. Watertight integrity between both applications has to be ensured. The SikaProof® A12 fully bonded FPO [flexible polyolefin] waterproofing membrane was selected by Ryman Healthcare for its ability to meet the waterproofing requirements for a continuous system. SikaProof® A12 was supplied to the precast panel fabricator who detailed the membrane into the casting beds before pouring the panel pieces.This application procedure provided precast panels with a clean and precise waterproofing membrane, which provided fast and simple connections on-site and a watertight finished product. Total Seal Waterproofing installed the SikaProof® A12 membrane on-site prior to the pouring of the basement slab. Total Seal also caulked the pre-cast panel joints on-site using Sikaflex®-PRO polyurethane sealant. After caulking, the panel joints were detailed using SikaProof® Tape 150. Finally, Total Seal completed the detailing of the basement slab membrane to the pre-cast panel membrane, (created a completely watertight system) thanks to the broad and versatile range of Sika products. PROJECT DETAILS Date: September, 2013 Location: Wheelers Hill, Victoria Contractors: Ryman Healthcare; Total Seal Waterproofing Sika Representative: Darrell Murray Synergy / News from Sika 10
  • 12. 33 years of sarnafil The AIS Arena is a premium facility with a variety of uses, including concerts, sporting events, trade shows and exhibitions. With its unique skyline, the original builders knew durability and extended performance were key factors for this building to ensure both its relevance in the market place and its continued, uninterrupted service. Sika Sarnafil® was applied as a key element of the roofing protection, and has been in service on this roof for the past 33 years. In 1980, designers Phillip Cox Partners required a roofing solution that could protect the concrete roof of the AIS Arena. Its unusual design and reverse fall to the centre of the structure demanded a proven long term waterproofing solution. In addition, the harsh climatic environment of the Canberra region was taken into consideration when the Sika Sarnafil® PVC sheet membrane was originally specified for this project. After 33 years of installation, Sika Technical representatives decided to visit the site and check the strength of the membrane. This level of after-care service is part of the full service that Sika offers all its key customers The Sarnafil® G membrane was selected because of its proven international long term performance and its ability to withstand large variables in temperature and UV radiation. The membrane was fully adhered directly to the concrete substrate, creating a completely waterproof solution for the roof of the AIS Arena. 11 Synergy / News from Sika After 33 years of exposure under the harsh Australian sun and a range of weather conditions including flash floods and drought, the Sarnafil® continues to perform and operate as a cohesive membrane, performing its origianl function of protecting the concrete substrate. The AIS was kind enough to let Sika take a sample from the roofing so it could be sent back to Sika Head R&D Office in Switzerland for testing. This process of quality control, at an international level using field samples, is a core part of the Research and Development process for all Sika products, as conditions consistently test our products and push forward our innovations. It was determined that the roofing membrane still retained many of its key characteristics, relative to elongation and UV Resistance. This supports Sika’s statements from independent authority, the British Board of Agreement (BBA UK) that Sika Sarnafil fully exposed membranes has a proven, greater than 35 year life expectancy. Technology, product quality and consistency of service are just a few key selling benefits that Sika Sarnafil has to offer and it has been specified successfully on a number of important projects around the country, including the Wothaggi Desalination Plant in Victoria and the American Embassy, also in Canberra. Sarnafil has been proven internationally to last for 50 years without replacement, making it one of the best sheet roofing membranes on the market and the perfect solution for both the new construction and refurbishment of roofs across the country. PROJECT DETAILS Date of Original Installation: March, 1980 Date of Check Up: March 2012 Location: Bruce, ACT Sika Representative: Matthew Sipek
  • 13. of sarnafil service PRODUCTS USED IN THE AIS ARENA ROOF Sarnafil® G214-44E: A mutli-layer roof waterproofing sheet membrane, based on premium PVC with an inlay of glass-non woven fibres and a polyester fleece backing Sarnametal® Termination Angle: 0.8mm thick galvanised streel sheet laminated with Sarnafil G/S roof membrane based on PVC. For this project, this metal termination angle was custom made to fit the unique roof line SARNAFIL® FEATURES AND BENEFITS Can be used on both flat and pitched roofs in some of the harshest conditions Has outstanding resistance to weathering in fully exposed applications Can be applied to a variety of substrates including concrete, timber and plywood Ideal for box gutter applications and green roof applications High resisitance to mechanical impact, and excellent dimensional stability Available in various colours; the standard colour is Light Grey Synergy / News from Sika 12
  • 14. HILTON MANUFACTURING’S SOLAR HARVEST COMMUNITY PROJECT SEPTEMBER, 2013 Sika has long been concerned with environmental sustainability and the questions surrounding how we will continue to operate on this planet after the resource boom. Sika Australia also have a vested interest in community involvement and providing solutions that benefit not only the business and our partners, but the communities in which we operate. The Hilton Manufacturing Solar Harvest Experience is a roof top solar installation that was first dreamed up by Wayne Pearce at RedT Project Management in conjunction with ABB Australia. The project concept was developed and caught Hilton Manufacturing’s interest, as it was pitched (and has been confirmed) as the largest installation of its type in the world. Hilton is a parts manufacturer that Sika have dealt with in the past, and Sika were thrilled to supply an appropriate solution. Sika Australia supplied the Sikasil® SG-20, a high strength structural silicone adhesive, which has outstanding UV and weathering resistance, as well as excellent bonding properties for glass. These features were what made the product not only a market leader, but the most appropriate solution for the project. Sikasil® SG-20 was used in the installation of all 340 solar panels to the 680 pivot plates and brackets across the roofing area. By providing a watertight seal between the bracket and the solar panel, Hilton Manufacturing could be sure that there would be no corrosion to the galvanised steel and laser cut aluminium panels that make up the solar array. The Sikasil® SG-20 also provided a fail safe when used with traditional fastening methods. This will ensure the longevity of the installation for years to come. Sika Australia were proud to donate the Sikasil® SG-20 required for this project, because of the obvious importance of the project in moving towards a sustainable future in Australia, and because of Hilton Manufacturing’s commitment to community engagement through this project. The viewing platform is being used particularly for school and community groups; they are invited up onto the viewing platform to learn about the application of solar panels to large format roofing and the place of solar energy in Australia’s future. The result is a tremendous accomplishment, both for Hilton Manufacturing and the local community, as they look towards generating their own solar power in the future and inspiring the community towards a greener future.
  • 15. SIKALASTIC®-560 LIQUID MEMBRANE PRODUCT LAUNCH July, 2013 Liquid waterproofing membranes are an adaptable solution for both professionals and DIY users, working well in a number of areas including roofs, floors and gutters. However, many of these do not offer UV stability, and subsequently deteriorate quickly in exposed areas, forcing them to be replaced before major damage occurs. Sikalastic®-560 has been specially engineered for high performance waterproofing in exposed condition; it can be applied with either a brush for precision in detail work or with a roller for entire roof areas. The product is a one-component solution, creating ease of application and efficiency. The Sika Co-Elastic Technology (CET) found in Sikalastic®-560 combines the high performance of a polyurethane dispersion with the well-known properties of an acrylic. This offers an environmentally and consumer friendly alternative for different product technologies.The product does not contain any reactive components, is solvent-free and will therefore be only marginally affected by regulations in the future. Sikalastic®-560 holds GECA Certification, meaning that it is an environmentally responsible choice and will contribute to a better Greenstar Rating in many buildings. For Sika, ecological efficiency means delivering equivalent or better solutions, while consuming less materials and energy, are recognised as favourable to the environment. GECA approved products are becoming increasingly important for architects, engineers and specifiers, as Australia becomes more and more environmentally conscious. This approval rating gives specifiers the confidence to in these specifiers that they are provide an environmentally friendly solution for their clients and that they are actively contributing to the Green Star rating of the buildings. Sika Australia is proud to partner with GECA to provide products that are better for the environment and meet the increasing need for environmental consciousness. For more information on Sikalastic®-560 including purchasing or specification, please contact Sika Australia by phone on 1300 22 33 48. Synergy / News from Sika 14
  • 16. Protective Coatings for Car Body Repair SIKA AND CONCRETE REPAIR AND PROTECTION SIKA CONCRETE REPAIR Sika provide a PROTECTION products, cementitious, range of pure AND full repair mortarscement based repair materials for polymer-modified and epoxy based different repair NFG: R3 light weight structural repair mortar Sika MonoTop 352 works and specific requirements. Sika MonoTop FC: Cementitious fairing mortar for patching off form concrete Sika Monotop 352 NFG: R3 light weight structural repair mortar Sika MonoTop 412 NFG: R4 structural Repair Mortar Sika Monotop FC: Cementitious fairing mortar for patching off form concrete Sika Monotop 412 NFG: R4 structuralyour local Sika Sales Representative. For more information, contact repair mortar SikaGard-6470 & SikaGard-6470 S Stone Chip Protection Coating For more information, contact your local Sika representative 1300 22 33 48 aus.sika.com 1300 22 33 48 1300 22 33 48 aus.sika.com aus.sika.com