Raven Tools for Reporting, Analysis & Strategy Development


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Raven Internet Marketing Tools provides reporting & analysis capabilities to help streamline your online marketing campaign and drive ongoing strategy development.

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Raven Tools for Reporting, Analysis & Strategy Development

  1. 1. Raven Tools: An Overview
  2. 2. Executive Summary• Raven offers the functionality to replace current tools such as WebCEO and LinkTracker• Tracking & Reporting – Track client & competitor keyword rankings automatically and receive scheduled reports on keyword ranking data• Research – Keyword research & competitive analysis tools to identify on-page opportunity• Integrates with Google Analytics, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. WebCEO & LinkTracker• Manual Process• Limited Resources• Time Consuming• Irrelevant Data• Static Reporting (No Trends) • Manual Process • Duplicated Efforts • Limited Support • Internal Resources
  5. 5. The Solution
  6. 6. Raven Tools
  7. 7. DashboardDashboard provides a snapshot of client activity for the past 30 days
  8. 8. Keyword Management & Tracking
  9. 9. Bulk Import• Bulk upload & track keywords via CSV file or by populating a simple data field
  10. 10. Bulk Export• Bulk Export keyword ranking data for further analysis or reporting• Rank tracking available for GYB• Ranking data includes week-over- week change by engine• Competitor rank tracking also available
  11. 11. Keyword Tagging • Tag keywords by theme to identify and evaluate trends in movement • Keyword tagging also allows for bulk actions (such as removing KWs or pausing SERP tracking) • Custom reports available based on keyword tags
  12. 12. Keyword Trends• Keyword ranking data will show trends dating back 6 months (additional historical data stored in the database but not reflected in trend graphs)
  13. 13. Keyword Research• Research Assistant offers keyword-specific data as well as related keywords to consider• Single interface for AdWords, SEMRush, & Wordtracker• Add keywords to manage and/or track right from the Research Assistant• Lists ranking URLs to help evaluate SERP competition
  14. 14. Keyword Research
  15. 15. Keyword Research• Keyword Manager provides ongoing keyword research based on words and phrases currently included in campaign:
  16. 16. Competitive Analysis
  17. 17. Domain Strength Comparison• High-level comparison of domain strength based on SEOmoz and MajesticSEO metrics• Track up to 200 competitors (additional competitors incurs overage fee)
  18. 18. Organic Keyword Footprint• Pulls information from SEMRush & SEOmoz Site Intelligence• Offers competitive insights for Organic & PPC visibility• Applications: • Identify keyword opportunity for organic and/or PPC • Track competitive rankings to determine how our efforts are indexing against the industry • Identify up-and-coming competitors to protect current position • Dictate retainer hours based on competitiveness of industry (organic & AdWords estimated costs)
  19. 19. Organic Keyword Footprint
  20. 20. Organic Keyword Footprint
  21. 21. Off-Page Footprint• Centralized dashboard for evaluating and comparing data from SEOmoz & MajesticSEO, as well as social data (+1, Tweets, and Facebook Likes & Shares)• Identify the digital footprint to indicate how and where sites are succeeding off-page to develop strategies to compete
  22. 22. Off-Page Footprint
  23. 23. Link Monitoring
  24. 24. Link Tracking• Bulk Import/Export• Monitor Link Status• Maintain Website Directory for Client-Wide Opportunities (ex. – directories)• Automated Link Reports based on Link Status• Tag Opportunities by Website Type, Anchor Text, Link Type, and more• Firefox Toolbar
  25. 25. Site Finder Report• Discover relevant sites for optimizing the footprint• Simply enter keyword and report will generate prospects
  26. 26. Site Finder Report
  27. 27. Automated Reporting
  28. 28. Automated Reporting• Available for any metric in the Raven interface • Keyword Research Opportunities • Link Status & Placement • Social Statistics • Ranking Movement • Google Analytics/AdWords Metrics• Accessible via Raven interface or as a downloadable PDF (email attachment)• Frequency ranges from Daily (not recommended) to Quarterly and allows for custom date ranges
  29. 29. SERP Tracker
  30. 30. Keyword History
  31. 31. GA Engagement Summary
  32. 32. Adwords Summary
  33. 33. Link Summary
  34. 34. Pricing & Plans
  35. 35. Pricing & Plans
  36. 36. Final Thoughts• Free API for integration with ongoing reporting• Extremely responsive support team• Weekly Twitter chat to facilitate knowledge sharing and ongoing innovation •Regular speakers & vendors at search conferences (in tune with the industry wants and needs)
  37. 37. Questions? Brett Snyder Director of SEO, Nebo Agency @BrettASnyder