Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories


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Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories

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Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories

  1. 1. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FKIMMCM Push-button controlled, motorized inclination of the saw blade from 0° to 90° This accessory makes it possible to incline the saw blade actuating two push-buttons of the portable button panel. The inclination angle is visualized on the touch-screen monitor featuring with large letters readable from afar. The spindle is locked in the correct position through a manual mechanical lever. N.B. It is not possible to program different inclinations for the various sides of the same piece.
  2. 2. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FKIMM Motorized inclination of the saw blade from 0° to 90° This accessory makes it possible to incline the saw blade presetting the desired cutting angle on the video terminal. It is possible to cut a single piece programming the cutting angle for each individual side. N.B. The cutting accuracy is strictly connected to the flatness of the cutting surface of the piece.
  3. 3. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories GESTSWFR01 Software package Mod. GEST/PROF for the generation of simple profiles on small blocks (installed on the machine) This software expansion makes it possible to shape small blocks with "comb-type" "comb- process, either vertical or horizontal, using the diamond saw bl ade. The shape of the blade. profile to be produced is defined using a simplified CAD supplied with the machine, or supplied it may be imported (DXF) from another computer. Both the form of the small blocks to be shaped and the machining are displayed on the machine monitor. The interpolated axes of the machine enable to obtain surfaces which can be even very elaborate. The different profiles can be stored in a database and recalled at will.
  4. 4. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FEBBS Hydraulic tilting worktable with motorized, programmable rotation. The table can be positioned and pneumatically locked from 0° to 360° and can tilt from 0° to 80° so that slabs can be loaded upright. When the table tilts, the loading capacity is 1.500 kg. Using this accessory, the counter-table is no longer needed. The wood-panelling of the worktable is included in the supply. Tilting worktable dimensions: 3.500x1.800 mm.
  5. 5. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories 1BF203502 Counter-table Mod. 1BF/20-35 Wood-panelled counter-table to be placed on the bridge saw worktable in order to load the slabs arranged in a pile while the machine is operating. It is advisable to purchase two counter-tables (when purchasing them, the worktable of the machine is supplied without wood-panelling).
  6. 6. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FKBROPA01 Worktable with free-moving omnidirectional rollers (replacing the standard worktable) Worktable equipped with a large quantity of rollers (90) so as to enable the manual handling of small pieces as well. Rollers are positioned on ten transversal rows featuring a distance between centres of 400 mm and are installed on a structure provided with pneumatic lifting which has a max. capacity of 600 kg. Note: The operator’s physical strength is sufficient for slabs weighing up to 400 kg; for slabs weighing over 400 kg, a pusher is needed. N.B. This accessory does not allow to use the worktable with tilting top
  7. 7. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FRGMSA00 Second worktable conforming to CE standards (same as the standard table) made from arc- welded steel and provided with shelves and motorized rotation driven by an inverter- controlled motor. The table can be pneumatically locked in any position. The supply includes an additional set of bridge guide runners, the extension of the bridge cable-holding chain and the other components required for working with the double table. (Planarity tolerance of the worktop: ± 1 mm)
  8. 8. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories SADBC Bar code manual reader with automatic transmission of the working program to the machine .
  9. 9. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FECOP1A00 Optoelectronic copying device of drawings This accessory allows to sense a drawing which is then stored by the NC and can be used time and again.
  10. 10. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FKBNR Worktable Worktable consisting of a support column and an arc-welded steel bench on which the milled worktop for the belt sliding is machined. The worktable rotates on a thrust block/bearing. The movement is controlled by an inverter-controlled gearmotor. The worktable can be pneumatically locked in any position from 0° to ±180°.
  11. 11. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories STIJ Printer of labels with bar code Printer of labels with bar code, linked with the computer numerical control (CNC) of the machines. Labels are to be manually glued on the pieces.
  12. 12. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories STPCST PC station + printer of labels with bar code The PC, with the colour monitor and printer, is housed in a sheet metal cabinet, while the keyboard and mouse are placed on the bolster, under the monitor. Labels must be glued manually to the pieces
  13. 13. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FOTO2035 Slab scanning system with digital camera The system includes hardware and software for the scanning of the slab image which is displayed on the 15-inch touch-screen colour video. The operator marks the slab outline and the contour of any possible surface defect with the mouse. So defined profile and defects will be the basis for both the optimization of the slab and the programming of cuts while the machine is working. The digital camera is installed on a special support. N.B. The "slab support top" accessory must be purchased if there is no conveyor supporting the slab. N.B. In order to create the ideal environment for taking digital photographs, the arrangement of the correct light intensity in the area of the camera, the removal of any possible luminous interference as well as the removal of all patches of shade and environmental reflections, shall be at the customer’s care and expense.
  14. 14. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FKPAIL Inclined slab support top Inclined slab support top, outside the machine
  15. 15. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories OFFMACCAM Software licence to be installed on a PC of the customer linked with the machine through Ethernet net; this software enables the drawing, the import of pieces to be realized from DXF format, the automatic optimization of the piece positioning inside the slabs to be machined (which are sensed by the operator using the FOTO2035 accessory, not included in the price) and the realization of the relevant production programs.
  16. 16. Speedycut FK/NC 800 Accessories FKSPACC Pair of lateral steel shoulders for the sliding of the spindle-holding beam, replacing the concrete walls (for machine without foundations). N.B. This solution involves the construction of a concrete slab (including slopes for water collection, cable ducts and support basement suitable for the anchoring of both the shoulders and the table) to be built according to Breton’s specifications.