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Smart-Cut S/NC 800 - Accessories
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Smart-Cut S/NC 800 - Accessories






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Smart-Cut S/NC 800 - Accessories Smart-Cut S/NC 800 - Accessories Presentation Transcript

  • (installed on the machine) This software expansion makes it possible to shape small blocks with "comb-type" process, either vertical or horizontal, using the diamond saw blade. The shape of the profile to be produced is defined using a simplified CAD supplied with the machine, or it may be imported (DXF) from another computer. Both the form of the small blocks to be shaped and the machining are displayed on the machine monitor. The interpolated axes of the machine enable to obtain surfaces which can be even very elaborate. The different profiles can be stored in a database and recalled at will. Accessories GESTSWFR01 Software package Mod. GEST/PROF for the generation of simple profiles on small blocks
  • SNBBSA00 Hydraulic tilting worktable replacing the standard table, used to make the piece loading/unloading easier; the max. weight of the piece to be tilted is 1.500 kg. Accessories
  • SNCTOR800 Tornio Accessories Lathe to realize columns and cylindrical pieces, mainly composed of a towing unit and adjustable tailstock. Max. size of workable pieces: column with Ø 800 mm, 3.200 mm long. Max. weight of the piece: 5.000 kg. N.B. The supply includes the lengthening by 1.000 mm of the beam runways
  • SNC800SPACC Pair of lateral steel shoulders (replacing the concrete walls) on which the beam runways are to be fixed; the shoulders must be fixed on special concrete slabs that shall be provided and paid by the customer. N.B. Whatever necessary for the wastewater channelling and drainage shall be provided and paid by the customer as well. Accessories
  • SNC800TORSPACC Pair of lateral steel shoulders (replacing the concrete walls) on which the beam runways are to be fixed; the shoulders must be fixed on special concrete slabs that shall be provided and paid by the customer. N.B. For machine equipped with lathe. Whatever necessary for the wastewater channelling and discharge shall be provided and paid by the customer as well. Accessories
  • FOTO2035 Slab scanning system with digital camera Accessories The system includes hardware and software for the scanning of the slab image which is displayed on the 15-inch touch-screen colour video. The operator marks the slab outline and the contour of any possible surface defect with the mouse. So defined profile and defects will be the basis for both the optimization of the slab and the programming of cuts while the machine is working. The digital camera is installed on a special support. N.B. The "slab support top" accessory must be purchased if there is no conveyor supporting the slab. N.B. In order to create the ideal environment for taking digital photographs, the arrangement of the correct light intensity in the area of the camera, the removal of any possible luminous interference as well as the removal of all patches of shade and environmental reflections, shall be at the customer’s care and expense.
  • FKPAIL Inclined slab support top Inclined slab support top, outside the machine Accessories
  • OFFMACCAM Software licence to be installed on a PC of the customer linked with the machine through Ethernet net; this software enables the drawing, the import of pieces to be realized from DXF format, the automatic optimization of the piece positioning inside the slabs to be machined (which are sensed by the operator using the FOTO2035 accessory, not included in the price) and the realization of the relevant production programs. Accessories
  • STPCST PC station + printer of labels with bar code The PC, with the colour monitor and printer, is housed in a sheet metal cabinet, while the keyboard and mouse are placed on the bolster, under the monitor. Labels must be glued manually to the pieces Accessories
  • STIJ Printer of labels with bar code Printer of labels with bar code, linked with the computer numerical control (CNC) of the machines. Labels are to be manually glued on the pieces. Accessories
  • SADBC Bar code manual reader with automatic transmission of the working program to the machine . Accessories
  • BSCAMFIVEA00 Bretonsmartcam FIVE CAD/CAM software to draw and machine complex stone workpieces, allowing to carry out the following major functions: - shaping, profiling, drilling, milling and dishing out with miller or shaped tools - polishing of tops (even inclined) - milling and polishing of grooves on tops (even inclined) - engraving of Windows "True Type" letters - bas-reliefs imported from digitized surfaces - cutting of slabs with saw blade - shaping, profiling, scabbling, trimming and dishing out of small blocks with saw blade If existing, the software manages a possible lathe, performing the following main functions: - machining of cylindrical or conical columns - machining of basements and capitals of cylindrical columns - execution of bas-reliefs on cylindrical columns, imported from flat or cylindrical digitized surfaces - execution of linear grooves on cylindrical or conical surfaces The software operates in a Windows environment, is easy-to-understand and user-friendly thanks to the programming on 3 interpolated and 2 (3, in case there's a lathe) positioned axes. It is provided with parametric macros enabling to: - execute drawings starting from standard parametric models in a simplified way It is also provided with a 2D CAD that allows to: - realize any bidimensional drawing with relevant dimensions - define the piece tridimensional volume of work - define any plane within the generated piece tridimensional volume of work - manage the bidimensional drawing realized on the selected working plane, however it is oriented in the space - import drawings in .DXF and .DWG format from external CAD or template sensors - place the pieces to be realized directly on the slab to be machined, so as to utilize its surface at most - program automatically and display the arrangement of the suction cups on the worktable - interface with the software of a possible laser projector for arranging the suction cups on the worktable - interface with the software of a possible bas-relief digitizer The supply includes nr. 3 training days .