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Definitions Digital Catalog

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  7. 9. PULL-OUT SHELVES provide easy access for shoes or folded items ROSETTES, FLUTING and textured glass DOOR INSERTS add an elegant design touch WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 9
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  9. 11. SHOE RAILS keep shoes within easy reach LAUNDRY SORTERS in a variety of sizes separates clothing Accent LED LIGHTING WITH TOUCH SWITCH casts direct light on items WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 11
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  11. 13. WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S PENINSULA creates additional storage that won’t compromise hanging capacity SHOE SHELVES provide the ultimate flexibility to reconfigure as needs change 13
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  13. 15. SHELVING above hanging spaces provides accessory storage that corresponds with hanging items HUTCH VANITY turns a closet into a dressing room WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 15
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  15. 17. BUILT-IN SEATING has storage and customized upholstery that complements home décor GLASS SHELVES provide beautiful ways to display personal items WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 17
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  17. 19. CLEAR CABINET doors provide an appealing décor choice HUTCH VANITY provides storage for delicates WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 19
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  19. 21. Sliding ALUMINUM DOOR FRAMES with COLOR INSERT PANELS create style HANGING ROD with design detail adds to the look PULL-OUT DESKTOP with HINGED DOOR PANEL maximizes small space; under cabinet LED LIGHTING enhances panel display WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 21
  20. 22. 22
  21. 23. VALET ROD extends for tomorrow’s clothes SHAKER STYLE DRAWER FRONTS provide a rich design accent WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 23
  22. 24. VENEER DRAWER FACES give design a contemporary look STACKED SHELVES provide space for various items 24 WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S
  23. 25. OFF-THE-FLOOR construction leaves room for storage below 25 WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S
  24. 26. CUSTOMIZED HANGING HEIGHTS accommodate varied length items; coats, jackets, dresses, shirts MINI-BINS for small item storage or individual shoe compartments 26 WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S
  25. 27. Utilization of DEEP SIDE WALLS maximizes use of space UNDERMOUNT WIRE BASKETS create handy storage for bulky items 27 WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S
  26. 28. Combination of OPEN AND CLOSED STORAGE balances function and style 28 WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S
  27. 29. DESIGN SOLUTION maximizes every available space 29 WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S
  28. 30. WHAT-NOT SHELVES provide soft corner and place for item display GLASS DOORS add visual interest WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 30
  29. 31. FLOOR-TO-CEILING DESIGN maximizes storage by using the full height of the room WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 31
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  31. 33. SLIDING DOORS stylishly separate closet contents from rest of the room SHELF WITH DIVIDER keeps items like sweaters or purses in place GLASS SHELVING beautifully displays personal items WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 33
  32. 34. INFANT: BASKETS AND ADJUSTABLE SHELVING provide built-in flexibility by anticipating their rapidly changing needs WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 34
  34. 36. MULTI-PURPOSE CLOSET DESIGN consolidates storage and play area, while integrating study space with built-in desk WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 36
  35. 37. MAXI-BINS set boundaries keeping items tidy and contained WIRE BASKETS provide practical storage for every-thing from sports equipment to toys WALK-IN REACH-IN WARDROBE CHILDREN’S 37
  36. 39. 39
  37. 40. CABINET RISERS elevate system for easier cleaning and protection SLATWALL stores items for quick access; LED LIGHTING highlights items BLUE COUNTERTOP makes garage stylish yet functional GARAGE 40
  38. 41. 41
  39. 42. SLATWALL, HOOKS, AND BINS consolidate small items and keep them neatly stored OFF-THE-FLOOR INSTALLATION ensures a level surface despite condition of garage floor GARAGE 42
  40. 43. 43
  41. 44. PEGBOARD STORAGE makes it easy to store and access tools BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOP provides smooth working surface GARAGE 44
  42. 45. 45
  43. 46. Combination of OPEN AND CLOSED STORAGE increases visibility and accessibility of frequently used items VERTICAL, SLIDE-OUT STORAGE keeps personal craft and hobby supplies handy GARAGE 46
  44. 48. 48
  45. 49. VARYING COUNTERTOP HEIGHTS provide both standing and seating accessibility UNDER-CABINET TRIM conceals task lighting HOME OFFICE 49
  46. 50. 50
  47. 51. Design provides MULTI- STATION LAYOUT LARGE LATERAL FILE STORAGE keeps documents in order HOME OFFICE 51
  48. 52. 52
  49. 53. CPU HOLDER safely keeps the computer out of sight and off the floor; slides in and out for easy access ADJUSTABLE SHELVES provide flexibility for storage items HOME OFFICE 53
  50. 54. 54
  51. 55. U-SHAPED DESIGN provides two distinct work areas for combined family function TASK LIGHTING casts direct light on each storage section HOME OFFICE 55
  52. 56. 56
  53. 57. VERTICAL STORAGE for those items that require special handling like envelopes, magazines, CDs, catalogs, etc. HOME OFFICE 57
  54. 58. 58
  55. 59. ROLLING FILE CABINET provides additional portable storage ACCENT LIGHTING lends a modern touch HOME OFFICE 59
  56. 60. OPEN AND CLOSED SPACES keep items organized and more visually appealing DRAWERS provide organized storage for smaller items that traditionally ‘disappear’ on shelves HOME OFFICE 60
  57. 61. CORRESPONDENCE ORGANIZER keeps important items in view and within reach Design creatively maximizes otherwise unused space HOME OFFICE 61
  58. 63. 63
  59. 64. TRADITIONAL FIVE PIECE DOORS provide beautiful detailing that coordinates with home décor: crown molding enhances design BACK PANEL INSERTS inject color accents in the room and showcase display items MAGNETIC TOUCH-LATCH CABINETS allow easy entry and clean look without hardware MEDIA ROOM 64
  60. 65. 65
  61. 66. BUILT-IN ENTERTAINMENT CENTER is designed around specific media components SPEAKER CLOTH CABINETS allow for sound dispersion while hiding equipment MEDIA ROOM 66
  62. 67. 67
  63. 68. Combination of OPEN AND CLOSED STORAGE balances function and style in a very public area of the home CUSTOMIZED SPACE FOR MEDIA EQUIPMENT provides structurally sound housing for heavy items and hides all unsightly wires MEDIA ROOM 68
  64. 69. 69
  65. 70. ADJUSTABLE SHELVING allows the space to be customized for individual needs MEDIA ROOM 70
  66. 71. 71
  67. 72. GLASS SHELVES add elegance to display finish TASK LIGHTING highlights favorite accent pieces WHAT-NOT CORNER SHELVES create a smooth transition from storage area to wall and provide additional display space MEDIA ROOM 72
  68. 74. 74
  69. 75. COLOR DRAWER BOX adds beautiful birch detailing ACCENT HARDWARE can be customized to match room décor PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 75
  70. 76. 76
  71. 77. DARK WOOD INTERIOR DRAWER BOX provides beautiful finish BAMBOO RING DOOR PANEL INSERTS provide stunning design detail OIL RUBBED BRONZE PULL-OUT WINE RACK keeps bottles in place and labels easy to read PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 77
  72. 78. 78
  73. 79. MULTIPLE DRAWERS keep things hidden and well organized VERTICAL STORAGE affords convenient access to baking sheets, trays and other serving items WINE RACK stores wine horizontally to keep corks moist and ensure proper seal PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 79
  74. 80. 80
  75. 81. ADJUSTABLE SHELVES provide flexible storage for changing seasonal needs SEPARATE HANGING HEIGHTS accommodate vari-ous coat and jacket lengths PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 81
  76. 82. 82
  77. 83. CUBBY SECTIONS set boundaries and encourage users to keep things tidy and contained Design works within the available space, managing around windows and door-ways PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 83
  78. 84. 84
  79. 85. INTEGRATED BENCH SEAT makes it easy to slip your shoes and boots on and off EXTRA LARGE DRAWERS become functional for both small items, like hats and scarves, and bulky gear PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 85
  80. 86. 86
  81. 87. ADJUSTABLE SHELVING accommodates different heights for linens and bath items PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 87
  82. 88. 88
  83. 89. HANGING SPACE for line-drying fine washables or storing items that need ironing FULL-LENGTH CLOSET provides ultimate storage PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 89
  84. 90. 90
  85. 91. HIGH AND ADJUSTABLE SHELVING provide easy and safe access to detergent, bleach and softeners COUNTERTOP allows for folding and sorting clean clothes BASKETS provide place to sort laundry PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 91
  86. 92. 92
  87. 93. POLES for gift wrap and ribbons can be staggered for maximum storage and ease of use above countertop wrapping area SLATWALL keeps items easily accessible PANTRY ENTRYWAY MUDROOM LINEN LAUNDRY CRAFT ROOM 93
  88. 95. Our Systems are available in a variety of designs or in customized options to complement your home décor and meet your aesthetic needs. Your Design Consultant will work with you to identify your preferences in color, finish, and detailing to create your design expectations and parameters. New Lago Collection , inspired by the rich details and color palettes of Italy. The unique grain texture and elegant colors enhance any décor. Color and style availability may vary by franchise. DETAILS 95
  89. 96. DETAILS Color and style availability may vary by franchise. 96
  90. 97. DETAILS Color and style availability may vary by franchise. VARIABLE COMPONENT THICKNESS can be installed with your choice of 3/4-inch or 1-inch thick shelving and upright components. The width you choose will complete the system, whether it makes a statement or blends in with the room’s other furnishings SOFT CLOSING SLIDE DRAWER provides more appealing look with no side railing. SQUARE EDGE DRAWERS/SHELVES provide clean look with simple lines CONTOUR EDGE DRAWERS/ SHELVES available in 2 and 4-sided contour. Smooth look with softer edges avoids snagging 2MM EDGE DRAWER/SHELVES gives shelves and drawers a beveled edge. Similar in appearance to contour edging. Softer detail and finish 97
  91. 98. DETAILS 5-PIECE DOOR AND DRAWER FRONTS give a more affluent look to any system, and coordinate nicely with other cabinetry and furniture within the home VENEER FACES create a luxurious appearance without the expense of using veneer throughout the system ALUMINUM PROFILE DOOR/DRAWER FRONTS WITH 3-FORM ACRYLIC INSERT PANELS offer contemporary look and decorative panel options to match any home décor RAISED PANEL DRAWER AND DOOR FACES add a sophisticated and traditional appearance, while adding depth and detail 98
  92. 99. DETAILS FLUTING, ROSETTES, AND CROWN MOLDING create a traditional and elegant cabinet appearance COUNTERTOPS available in a variety of edging types and finishes from wood veneer, to marble, to butcherblock, and many others SIGNATURE CLOSET POLE AND CUP provide an aesthetically pleasing decorative option for hanging poles that minimize the look of wear and tear BRAND PLAQUE guarantees an authentic, custom-made system of the highest quality LED LIGHT WITH TOUCH SENSITIVE SWITCH provides direct lighting with ease of operation 99
  93. 100. DETAILS Horizontal steel-reinforced shelves are then installed to secure the system from flexing. We start the installation process by anchoring a rail to the studs in the closet wall so securely that it essentially becomes part of the wall itself. A suspension bracket clamps onto the steel rail and is secured to the top of each vertical partition. Additional supports and fasteners are used as appropriate. The adjustable shelves, poles and accessories are added according to your custom design parameters to complete the installation of your new system. Installation / How it Works All of the materials we use, from heavy load capacity shelves and partitions, to high-gauge steel hardware, enhance the integrity of the overall design. The configuration of every California Closets system is completely unique and designed to be flexible. If your storage needs change, you can easily rearrange the elements to reconfigure your space. For example, for our Classic product we follow this simple installation process: 100
  94. 101. Accessories Creating your space with the right accessories allows you to truly make it your own. From baskets to wine racks, a full range of accessories are available to complement your system and reflect your personal style. Ask your Design Consultant for a complete list of the accessories available. 101