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Creating Blockbuster Content (SMX Advanced 2014)
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Creating Blockbuster Content (SMX Advanced 2014)


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For years, when it comes to content creation, the industry has taken a 'good enough' approach with regards to the quality of the content. …

For years, when it comes to content creation, the industry has taken a 'good enough' approach with regards to the quality of the content.

With Google's Panda release, Facebook and other social channels increasing their focus on filtering out low quality content, and the increase in volume of content in general, you have to really understand why you make content and how to make it really quality for your readers.

This presentation offers guidance on how to approach content marketing, how to pick the right topics, and how to make sure your content succeeds.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1.
  • 2. Quality > Quantity Before: More Content = More Success • Traffic, Links, Rankings, Signals • Just good enough standard
  • 3. Quality > Quantity Now: Focus Shift Towards Real Quality (Too much content) • Google Panda was released in February 2011 (currently on V4). The change aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites”.
  • 4. Quality > Quantity Now: Focus Shift Towards Real Quality (Too much content) • Facebook Timeline Changes • Announces effort to show higher quality content - Aug 2013 • Determined by survey and signals • Introduces ‘story bumping’ – Aug 2013 • ‘we’re updating bumping to highlight stories with new comments.’ – Dec 2013 • Reduce Meme and 3rd Party Images – Dec 2013 • Reduce (penalize) Like-baiting content – Apr 2014 • Reduce automatic third-party shares and updates – May 2014
  • 5. Quality > Quantity Future: Quality is Relative to You • Mobile Friendly • Loads Fast • Social signals • Author Rank • Engagement!
  • 6. What is Quality? • Resourceful, Helpful, Interesting • Infographics, How-To Guides, Long Form Content
  • 7. What is Quality? • Quality is in the eye of the reader • Quality varies from person to person • Quality is defined by your goals • Exceptions to the rule, don’t negate the rules
  • 8. What Determines Quality? • Social Signals • Source / Author • Author Rank • Engagement Always been in our minds… Now coded
  • 9. How to Create Quality Content • Coming Up With Ideas • Determine What Works (Research) • Find the Balance • Be the Resource! • Expand Your Concept • Format • Remove the Roadblocks
  • 10. Coming Up With Ideas • What Sells? Profitable? • Then look to related popular topics • Keyword Research • Tools, Adwords, etc • Tags • Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogs, etc… • Search Engines • Best, Greatest, Top 10 (15,20,25,etc) • Social Sites • Reddit, Care2, Google+ • Include Everyone!
  • 11. Determine What Works • Social Signals • Enagagement • Facebook, Google+, Twitter • Comments • Facebook, Google+, Site Content
  • 12. Determine What Works • Inbound Links • Especially if you want natural links • Webmaster Tools (Bing & Google) • Moz, Technorati, etc • Google search URL or Title • Continue Testing • Review comments, signals, and analytics • Try new things
  • 13. Find the Balance • Not Unrelated, Not Too Commercial
  • 14. Be A Resource! • Solve a problem, question, or curiosity • Support forums • Customer reviews • Obvious gaps in industry
  • 15. Be A Resource! • Buy process importance • 81% of US respondents indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchase decision ~ Forbes
  • 16. Be A Resource! Evolving Buy Cycle • Buyers are 66% to 90% done with buying process before visiting vendor ~ Forrester “Buyers of business products and services are online, in social channels, on YouTube, going to events, and evaluating options on their iPads and smartphones.”
  • 17. Be A Resource! Evolving Buy Cycle The buyer’s journey looks a lot more like this than the linear models (e.g., the funnel) that we usually use as a graphical representation.
  • 18. Expand Your Concept It Can Always Be Better! •More to the story? •Happened before? •Does it relate to current events? •Unanswered questions? •Quick Search and Social lookup •Add quotes and references •Link out to related information Be at least a little better than the competition.
  • 19. Format • Provide Quotable, Shareable, Linkable Text Excerpts
  • 20. Format • Break Paragraphs for Easy Skimming • One idea per paragraph
  • 21. Format • Use bulleted lists
  • 22. Format • Use Images to: • Summarize Concepts • Break Up Content • Provide Something to Share in Social
  • 23. Format • Check Mobile View • Can they read it? • Can they share it? • • Check Load Speed • d/pagespeed/insights/
  • 24. Remove the Roadblocks • Avoid (When Possible) • Anything Audible
  • 25. Remove the Roadblocks • Avoid (When Possible) • Commercial Elements • Shopping Cart Buttons • Navigational / Categories • Large Contact Numbers • Referral based?
  • 26. Remove the Roadblocks • Pop-ups • Signups, Follow Us, Advertisements • Know your audience
  • 27. Remove the Roadblocks • Outdated Features • Calendar, Tag Cloud, Counters, Old Social Buttons • Distractions from Content • Ads in content
  • 28. TL;DR • Understand the evolution of content • Not a checklist anymore • What is Quality and How is it Determined • Know the Authority signals • Content Creation • Coming up with ideas • What works • Be a resource! • Format • Remove the Roadblocks
  • 29. Connect With Me… +kairaymedia +brentcsutoras @kairaymedia @brentcsutoras