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Hidden Mickeys Presentation

Hidden Mickeys Presentation



Hampstead Academy 7th grade Language Arts culminating project 2011.

Hampstead Academy 7th grade Language Arts culminating project 2011.



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    Hidden Mickeys Presentation Hidden Mickeys Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • By:
      Brennan D urdufis
    • what are hidden mickeys?
      Hidden Mickeys are partial or complete
      images of Mickey Mouse or other characters such as Tinkerbell, Goofy, or Donald Duck, to name a few. They are purposely hidden by Disney Imagineers and artists, and are meant to blend in to their surroundings.
      They can be found in Walt Disney theme parks, restaurants, stores, hotels, and movies.
    • What constitutes an “official” hidden Mickey
      Although there is no master list kept by Disney, “official” Hidden Mickeys are those in which there is a consensus among all current resources. Sightings by visitors, websites, books, cast members, and at times, artists, and Imagineers.
    • How many Hidden Mickeys are there?
      There are an estimated 400-800 Hidden Mickeys existing in Disney theme parks and resorts. Unfortunately, due to routine cleanings, renovations, and weather, the location and integrity of Hidden Mickeys are variable. There is no accurate documentation of the number of Hidden Mickeys in Disney films.
    • The Classic Hidden Mickey
      The most common type of Hidden Mickey found in Walt Disney parks and movies is the classic Hidden Mickey. The classic Hidden Mickey is a simple three-circle form representing Mickey Mouse’s head and ears.
    • The Classic Hidden Mickey
      This is an example of a classic Hidden Mickey.
    • Other Hidden Mickeys
      Not all Hidden Mickeys follow the paradigm of the classic Hidden Mickey. Some aren’t even Mickey at all! The following are examples of other types of Hidden Mickeys.
    • Other types of Hidden Mickeys
      Profile of Mickey’s face or head.
      Side profile of Mickey’s body.
      A full-length silhouette of Mickey.
      Mickey’s gloves, shoes, or ears.
      Mickey’s name or initials in unusual places.
      Other characters which are out of place. (e.g. Tinkerbell, Goofy, etc).
    • examples of other Hidden Mickeys
      The tie on this statue of Walt Disney in front of Cinderella’s castle displays Japanese characters meaning “Mickey Mouse.”
      A full length silhouette of Mickey Mouse can be seen concealed in the clouds during the Splash Mountain ride.
    • Examples of other hidden Mickeys
      Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy make an appearance “under the sea” in this scene from the 1992 movie The Little Mermaid.
      Here is a close-up version of the same frame.
    • “Wishful Thinking” Hidden Mickeys
      “Wishful Thinking” Hidden Mickeys are forms that may resemble Mickey, but are not considered “official.” These representations may not really be hidden, or could be out of proportion. They are generally not well-accepted, although some are sentimental favorites with visitors and cast members alike. The gears seen on the ground during the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride are an example of “wishful thinking.”.
    • “Wishful Thinking” Hidden Mickeys
      These are illustrations of “wishful thinking” Hidden Mickeys. The first picture is located outside the Haunted Mansion in WDW’s Magic Kingdom. The second picture is the sentimental favorite from The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.
    • Hidden Mickeys VS. Decorative Mickeys
      Many of the Mickeys encountered in Disney theme parks are not Hidden Mickeys, but Decorative Mickeys. Decorative Mickeys are Mickeys put on obvious display to enhance the visual appeal to the guest/viewer. Mickeys that fall under this category include Mickey shaped soap displayed in Disney resorts, or Mickey shaped pancakes found in Disney restaurants.
    • Decorative Mickeys
      This is NOT a Hidden Mickey.
      (until you eat it, that is!)
    • True Hidden Mickeys vs. organic Mickeys
      Organic Mickeys are Mickey shapes which are naturally occurring. These are not true Hidden Mickeys.
      This is not a true Hidden Mickey, rather a tree stump that resembles the shape of Mickey’s head and ears.
      An additional example of an organic Mickey shape in a cactus.
    • The origin of hidden Mickeys in the movies
      Hidden Mickeys were placed into Disney animated movies as early as Disney’s first full-length feature Snow White in 1937. It is said that Walt Disney wanted to pay tribute to Mickey Mouse. After all, as Walt himself said, “It all started with a mouse.” Although Disney artists may deny the existence of Hidden Mickeys in movies, perpetuating the mystery, it has became a tradition to include Hidden Mickeys in all Disney movies.
    • The earliest hidden Mickeys
      Here is a frame from Disney’s second animated film Pinocchio, (1940). Observe the classic Hidden Mickey in the padlock.
    • The earliest hidden Mickeys
      In this frame from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, (1959), Merryweather is eating a classic Mickey shaped cookie.
    • Hidden Mickeys in the movies
      A frame from the movie Toy Story, (1995), shows a full body Hidden Mickey disguised in a clock on the wall.
      Another instance of a classic Hidden Mickey from Lilo & Stitch, (2002).
    • Hidden Mickeys in the movies
      In this scene from Aladdin, (1992), the face of Rajah the tiger transforms into Mickey Mouse for a split second.
      In the 2010 movie Tangled, the paint cans in Rapunzel’s trunk are reflected in the mirror and resemble a classic Hidden Mickey.
    • Hidden Mickeys in the movies
      Hidden Mickeys can be found in all Disney animated films, but did you know that they can also be detected in all Disney live action films as well?
      Here are just a few examples of Hidden Mickeys in Disney live action movies.
    • Hidden Mickeys in the movies
      A classic Hidden Mickey is found in a scene from the movie Swiss Family Robinson, (1960).
      In the movie Mary Poppins, (1964), a classic Hidden Mickey is cleverly disguised in a chair.
    • hidden mickeys in the movies
      One of the most recent Hidden Mickeys can be observed on the movie poster for 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean- On Stranger Tides. A bead dangling from the skull exposes a classic Hidden Mickey when viewed close-up.
    • The origin of Hidden mickeys in the parks
      WDW’s Epcot in Orlando, Florida, was originally envisioned to be a park catering to adults. Walt Disney made it clear to his Imagineers that no Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, were to be designed into the space. The Imagineers, however, could not visualize a Disney location without its most popular icon. Unbeknownst to Disney management, the Imagineers creatively “hid” Mickey in atypical places throughout the park.
    • Hidden mickeys at epcot
      During the ride Mission Space at Epcot, an astute observer will notice this classic Hidden Mickey.
      This classic Mickey can be found in the country of Germany in The World Showcase at Epcot.
    • The first hidden Mickey sighting
      Since Epcot opened in 1982, thousands of guests have visited, all oblivious to the clandestine world of the Hidden Mickey. It wasn’t until 1989, when Arlen Miller penned an article for Disney employees, that the mystery surrounding Hidden Mickeys came to light. Miller noted the form of Mickey Mouse in “unusual places” in WDW parks. Some months later, Miller was interviewed for a national publication, and Hidden Mickey hunting began to spread worldwide.
    • Hidden mickeys in the parks
      Hidden Mickeys can be identified in all Walt Disney theme parks and resorts around the world. What was initially an inside joke amongst Imagineers, has developed into one of Disney’s best kept secrets.
      The following images are just a small sample of the hundreds of Hidden Mickeys located in the parks.
    • Hidden mickeys in the parks
      The side profile of Mickey’s head is seen here concealed in the queue area of the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride in WDW.
      A full silhouette of Mickey is painted into a mural in WDW’s Animal Kingdom, disguised as a shadow amongst the trees.
    • Hidden mickeys in the parks
      Note the classic Hidden Mickey located in the queue area on the Test Track ride in Epcot.
      An additional example of a classic Hidden Mickey seen during Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride in the Magic Kingdom.
    • Hidden mickeys in the parks
      This Hidden Mickey is actually the silhouette of Minnie Mouse observed on The Great Movie Ride at WDW’s Hollywood Studios.
      You can catch a glimpse of this classic Hidden Mickey in a rock during Heimlich’s Chew-Chew Train ride at Disneyland’s California Adventure.
    • Hidden Mickey hunting
      Hidden Mickey hunting has grown to be something of a “sport” for individuals and families alike. There are numerous books and websites dedicated to the discovery, documentation, and authentication of Hidden Mickeys.
      Next time you pay a visit to a Disney park or watch a Disney movie, keep your eyes wide open, enter this surreptitious world, and see if you can spot the elusive Hidden Mickey.
    • Can you spot the hidden mickeys?
      In this first clip from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, (1996), see if you can locate cameo appearances by Belle, and Aladdin’s magic carpet.
      Don’t blink!
    • Who is hiding in Wall-e’s house?
      In this brief clip from the movie Wall-E, (2008), a visitor from another Disney animated movie pays Wall-E a visit.
      Let’s see if you recognize him.
    • Where’s Mickey?
      The following game is from the DVD release of The Lion King 1 ½, (2004).
      Keep your eyes glued to the screen.
      There are 10 classic Hidden Mickeys throughout.
      How many are you able to locate?
    • Thank you
      I hope you have enjoyed this presentation on the secret world of Disney’s Hidden Mickeys.
      With any luck, you too will find Hidden Mickeys of your own.
      Happy Hunting!
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