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Brendan warren media evaluation

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  1. 1. iMusic:Magazine Evaluation Brendan Warren
  2. 2. Q1: in what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?• My magazine has a simple layout, and a simple colour theme. I wanted it to be simple, yet effective I thought that if I didn’t overcrowd my magazine, it would appeal to my audience better as in my original survey 12 out of 16 people said that they preferred less text and a more image driven layout. The image I used on the front I think is a very strong and eye catching image, whilst doing research into the genre of which my magazine is in I found that in this genre the pictures were always taken at a low angle this is to make the band/ person seem strong and powerful. On my contents I wanted to keep the simplicity as shown on my front cover. To do this I tried not to put in too much text and have more images. I also maintained this theme on my DPS which is a poster style DPS with a minimal amount of text so that the audience is paying all their attention on the image. Whilst looking at other similar magazines such as Kerrang and Rock I noticed that on the poster style DPS they always had an interview with the band/ singer that had questions for them that the public had asked. This was my chosen technique for my magazine, I also noticed the type of language they used within the magazine, swearing and more laymen than most.
  3. 3. Front cover Main image- My main image is greyMasthead- scaled so that the pinkI Made sure my masthead text would stand outwas eye-catching and more and also to keepunique so that it had a with my genre it is alsounique selling point I also low angle to make theput the mast head behind person seem morethe main image so that it powerfuldidn’t divert anyattention or cover any of Cover line- thethe image cover line adds interest for theLead article- the lead readerarticle is large and eye- During my orgionalcatching so that any survey I noticed peoplefans of that particular were influenced by priceband would be able to which is why I kept mysee this on a shelf. price competitive
  4. 4. Contents I made sure that theTo maintain a consistent contents was thehouse style I used the largest text on thesame font on each page page to make is asalso keeping the clear as possible whatmasthead on each page page your on.such as NME and Kerrangdid. The most important and popular articlesMain article I put on the have both a picturepage and the number and and a pull quote totext is larger to make it make it more engagingstand out more. for the readers. Other pages just have a titlePage numbers and a turn to page.I put page numbers inbold so that they stoodout.
  5. 5. Double page spreadI used the same fontand size that I usedon the other pagesand ensured thatthe colour schemeand house style wasmaintained by usingthe pink text andimage driven layout.I also used a dropcap.I put my standfirstalong the top as I I put in Three columns as it split the writing intothought it looked easier to read sections and all questions are splitmore effective and up to make it easier to read and more appealingstand out more.
  6. 6. Q2: How does your magazine represent particular social groups?• I think I have presented my music artists as powerful, normal people who are fun, interesting and very open. I have made the interview as if it where a normal conversation to make the audience think that they are “friends” with the artists. The images are all appropriate and have been taken at appropriate places. For example the image on the front cover was taken at an old graveyard stairs. I think these images helped me convey the rock stereotypical magazine.• On the contents page the competition to win a bottle of JD was used as it was an interest of the social group that would be reading my magazine. My interview was written in a style so that it appeals to teenagers/ young adults.• The continuous use of black also portrays my social group as being dark and mysterious.
  7. 7. Q3 What kind of media institution might distribute your magazine and why?• I think that a media institution such as IPC Media would be the best to distribute my magazine. This is because, although it already distributes music magazines such as "NME", "Uncut" and "Guitar and Bass" my magazine is aimed at a much younger audience than these, therefore there is a gap in the market for it. In addition to this, the fact that it already distributes such well known music magazines means that they have the necessary experience and loyal consumers who might be interested in a new branch of music magazine - “imusic". I did initially consider Bauer Media to distribute my magazine because it has over 80 influential media brands and reaches over 19 million people. However, it already distributes music magazines with a very similar target audience and genre, for example "Kerrang!". Therefore it would be unlikely to distribute a competitor to one of its existing successful magazines.
  8. 8. Q4 who would be the audience for your media product?• The target audience for my magazine is aged 14-19 male and female, but with a slight bias to male in the familiar way my magazine is written. Typically he will be found constantly plugged into his ipod whether shes doing her artwork or out and about with mates. his ipod features newer less established and uncommercial bands as well as bands like Paramore, Green Day and You Me At Six. His free time is spent at concerts and festivals or discovering new bands on the internet, therefore he doesnt spend that much time watching television. Because most of her money is spent on new albums and concerts. Also likes going out and drinking, drinks such as Jack daniels. He also spends a lot of time playing video games.
  9. 9. 5:How Did You Attract/Address Your Audience• Firstly whilst I was making the magazine I addressed my target audience by constantly asking what their opinions were regarding my magazine throughout its production.• Secondly I kept looking at similar magazines such as Kerrang to ensure that the magazine was competitive and differentiated from other similar magazines to ensure my magazine has a unique selling point.• I wanted to find out some audience feedback on my magazine that I created I done this by creating a questionnaire on a website called survey monkey and also by holding a focus group.
  10. 10. • These are the results of my questionnaire…
  11. 11. The majority of the people that completed the survey were male.
  12. 12. The majority of people surveyed are in the age group 10-19
  13. 13. Out of the 8 people that completed the survey half thought that mymagazine was set at a fair price.
  14. 14. I asked in the questionnaire what type of genre they thought my magazine was soI could see how effective it was and if it suited the genre. The results show that itwas effective and recognisable as a rock/heavy metal magazine.
  15. 15. wIn the survey I asked what other magazines would be the main competitorsand the main reply was kerrang. The design and model of my magazine hasbeen based around kerrang.
  16. 16. I then asked if they thought the DPS and contents maintained a house style.From this I got a mixed response of yes and no’s with reasons why. The mostconstructive of which saying that my contents is a different colour schemeto the DPS and front cover. If I had another chance to do this I would changethe contents to black with white writing.
  17. 17. I wanted my magazine to be clear and simplistic and I think thatthis goal is achieved as shown by the answers in this survey.
  18. 18. I asked the question How would you improve it, so that I could see howmy target audience would change their magazine to better suit themand these are the results I got.
  19. 19. • Click on the link in the description to view my focus group….
  20. 20. 6:What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process of Constructing This Product I have used many different websites whilst doing my magazine project. I have used my facebook account to post surverys which I have learnt how to do on survey monkey. I also used Blogger, which was completely new to me as I have never written or made a blog before. I have also been using another site called slideshare to publish powerpoint presentations onto my blog. I can now confidently use all of these websites where as before I wouldn’t have known where to start. Photoshop has been the main software I have used while making my website before this I had never used photoshop before I can now confidently use it and its features such as gaussian blur, lens corrections, Magnetic lasoo and the quick selection tool. Other technology used- USB- to transfer my work from my home computer to my college computer Laptop- to work on my magazine at home Digital SLR camera- to take pictures for my magazine.
  21. 21. 7:Looking Back At Your Preliminary Task (The School Magazine Task), What Do You Feel You Have Learnt In The Progression From It To Full Product• Since creating my school magazine my knowledge of using Photoshop has increased considerably. For example I now know how to make elements of my magazine stand out more by using drop shadows and outer glows. In addition to this, I learnt how to select parts of photos using the quick selection tool in order to cut things out. An example of this would be the guitar fret on my front cover which gives the magazine a more dynamic, 3-D appearance than my school magazine. Ive also learnt how to download newer more interesting fonts, increasing the visual appeal of my magazine. As well as this, the complexity of my page layout has increased as Ive learned how to use layers in Photoshop more effectively. Overall my understanding of the software has improved greatly throughout this project because at the start Id barely used Photoshop and now I have produced a professional looking magazine using it. The skills development journal I created shows just a handful of the skills and techniques I used whilst creating my music magazine all of which were new to me.• As well as learning more about the software and hardware that I used whilst creating the magazine I also gained a much more in depth knowledge about magazine conventions and a more user friendly and target audience targeting.