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Balancing the books (august 2013)
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Balancing the books (august 2013)


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schema to rebrand Ontario's libraries around "open news desk" and social media marketing

schema to rebrand Ontario's libraries around "open news desk" and social media marketing

Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. BALANCING BOOKSthe a social action schema for Ontario’s public libraries twinfish productions - AUGUST 2013
  • 2. twinfish productions PART I executive summary 2
  • 3. BALANCING BOOKSthe The objective is to position Ontario’s libraries as vibrant, vital public assets such that they are viewed as an essential public service for all Ontarians. This perception incites stakeholder action to grow libraries as data-driven ‘social-cultural businesses.’ The strategy reinforces libraries as: • “social businesses” whose outputs and outcomes are key driver/ determinants of hyperlocal economic growth as community hubs of culture • as innovators and first-responders (key service factors attracting in- migration of first-class talent to a community) • as change agents for small business/entrepreneurial development, (key to establishing libraries’ value proposition) • and as trusted repositories of community data* *key to collaboration with 63 small enterprise Industry-Canada-funded economic development entities province- wide NB: This is a collaborative program to be shaped and strategized in consultation with FOPL-OLA stakeholders throughout the strategy process. 3 “Positioning libraries as mission- critical resources for shared community prosperity”
  • 4. twinfish productions Value Proposition Data-driven, intimate, authentic brand storytelling as change agents and incitement to political action, targeting December 2014 but initiating sustainable influence networks to 2015 and beyond the end of funding for BALANCING THE BOOKS. Strategic Networks OpenNewsDesk and trust networks as cornerstones of sustainable, library-positive media trust networks across the province, create ‘open news desk,’ a digital customer relations/storytelling/data- intelligence hub for libraries province-wide. The CONNECTION The Rationale Data acquisition is the predicate for assembling, targeting and syndicating effective brand communications- storytellling which incites political and community action. The STORY 4 The WHY ? The HOW
  • 5. BALANCING BOOKSthe 5 Stakeholder Takeaway ‘My public library is a treasure-trove of community value co-creation- and it’s worth fighting for!’ Metrics & ROI Phase One (months 1-7) data acquisition Phase Two (months 8-12) community growth and media bandwidth Phase Three (months 13-18) ‘social business’ awareness migrates to pro-library social action metrics
  • 6. • Stakeholder personas • Network analysis • Scenario mapping • Mapping communities of interest and intersections of known/unknown brand storytelling opportunities FIRST Steps twinfish productions6 Brand Audit Media Audit Content Audit SWOT Analysis
  • 7. BALANCING BOOKSthe 7 Outcome Objective-based, data-driven marketing communications plan/strategy NEXT Steps • Including Google and Facebook advertisements • Learning-based, transparent brand Media Plan • Timeline • Budget • Outcomes Strategic Media Communications Plan • Capitalizing on the collective power of shared story Branded Content Plan + Staffing Plan • Right talent, right place, right time
  • 8. twinfish productions8 “Editorial calendar/media integration across stakeholder ecosystem, from Queens Park to Atikokan to Cornwall to Timmins” (Addresses regional disparities as opportunity, not liability). Technology Data Acquisition Social Action Realtime and cumulative (project-long, evolving successfully to ongoing) measurement tools. Database outputs/outcomes as predicate for hyperlocal library value co-creation. (eg. collaboration with community enterprise entities (Federal, provincial, county, municipal): if we don’t have the networks, we’ll never have the advocates. Measurement of ‘top of mind,’ ‘early adopters,’ ‘influencers,’ and cultivation/mobilization of ‘activists.’
  • 9. BALANCING BOOKSthe 9 Big, Hairy (Audacious) Goals The Metrics How to create and nurture ‘communities of interest’ beyond 2014. “Big hairy audacious goals”: where we want Ontario libraries to be in 2020. What does success look like? Sustain- ability
  • 10. twinfish productions PART II strategic communications workplan for 10 BALANCING BOOKSthe
  • 11. BALANCING BOOKSthe • Drive stakeholder awareness of untapped value of Ontario’s public libraries, the politics of community data/small business development and how public libraries are at once thought leaders and chief stakeholders in reshaping Ontario’s economic and cultural life- thereby ‘balancing the books.” • Refresh stakeholder memories of the benefits of public libraries by reflecting back to Ontarians their own stories of the measurable ROI value of the public library as community change-engines. 11 “Libraries as community change- engines”
  • 12. twinfish productions The Power of Story 12 The BACKGROUND • Capitalize on fresh social and influencer networks to advocate for public libraries • Build community/ FOPL-OLA communications infrastructure/ capacity via an ‘open news desk,’ the ‘life insurance’ piece for the Ontario library system • A permanent ‘branded news’ source to ensure continuous branded media around the future of Ontario’s libraries • Create reusable media assets (video and interactive) for the ‘open news desk,’ to ensure ‘Balancing the Books’ is a sustainable long-term advocacy campaign The Potential Ontario’s public libraries suffer from low brand storytelling profile (inability to market themselves vibrantly and compellingly) but, contrariwise- also boast tremendous pent-up brand value lying dormant in the trust networks of stakeholders in the library ecosystem. Ontario’s public libraries’ dormant brand storytelling value will be mobilized via ‘Balancing the Books’ to revive the public library brand on the bedrock of measurable return on investment (ROI)
  • 13. BALANCING BOOKSthe 13 Stakeholder views and interests elicited by multiple stakeholder interviews and backgrounders on politics of public libraries and their value proposition and ‘return on investment’ (ROI). Two completed projects conceived and sucessfully executed by the ‘Balancing the Books’ team provide provide cutting-edge ‘proof of concept.’ The 2011 CSIF project for Stratford Public Library (methodology slideshow URL at right) libraries’ roles and responsibilities in deep- dive library stakeholder interviews/ shared storytelling to identify issues/narratives critical to mobilizing advocacy and ‘moving the needle’ politically. http://www. comments/when_the_axe_man_ cometh_6_ways_to_save_your_ program_with_story watch?v=pEwdzz7YDGg#at=10 The RESEARCH Primary Research Experience Relevant Links nHowley/csifdatareportv3fopl?utm_ source=slideshowutm_ medium=ssemailutm_
  • 14. twinfish productions14 Create measurable allegiance to sustainable funding for public libraries and effectively influence political leaders through • branded community action • thought leadership around community data • small business development • media mentions/mindshare Strategic GOALS
  • 15. Communications Objectives for Each Targeted Audience BALANCING BOOKSthe 15 AUDIENCEIdentification All citizens of ontario if they trust us, they’ll share their data ...and we can grow the ‘Balancing the Books’ networks via email and mobile advocacy networks. Three Salient Outcomes: • Drive major media mentions of Bal- ancing the Books from zero to six per month over next 18 months • Increase Facebook and Twitter followers and website visits by 50x over next 18 months • Increase accurate and actionable stake- holder data acquisition for personal email, personal mobile and personal landline coordinates Media Mentions Facebook/Twitter Followers Data Acquisition Accuracy 2013: nil December 2014 (target): 6/month 2013: 300 (average) each library, each channel December 2014 (target): 5000 each channel 2013: n/a December 2014 (target): +5,000 (all ‘Balancing the Books’ participant members captured + updating stale data + growing valid data advocacy database)
  • 16. Key MESSAGE
  • 17. Key MESSAGE BALANCING BOOKSthe 17 FOPL-OLA is facilitating an extraordinary campaign to establish the value of libraries as critical to the future of both Ontario culture and small business meanwhile co-creating a knowledge sharing system that brings measurable, sustainable value to communities across the province
  • 18. twinfish productions PART III execution strategy timelines 18
  • 19. BALANCING BOOKSthe 19 This is a collaborative program to be shaped and strategized in consultation with FOPL-OLA stakeholders throughout the strategy process
  • 20. twinfish productions20 Communications PROGRAMCritical Path
  • 21. BALANCING BOOKSthe 21 Communications Program/Vehicle Target Audience(s) Information Needs Format Deadline for Completion Budget creative brief/ knowledge article timeline deliverables media plan content plan prototype content for all platforms, communications vehicles launch measure audit + final report (first draft) Responsibility 1 2 3 4 stakeholders stakeholders stakeholders stakeholders stakeholders stakeholders stakeholders stakeholders document document document document document e/blasts, bimonthly newsletters, video ‘shorts’ website, posters, flyers, digital/live union boards, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, longform documentary mission-critical communications mission-critical milestones 15 October 2013 n/a Brendan/team/stakeholders n/a n/a n/a n/a define media targets strategic approach Brendan/team/stakeholders Brendan/team/stakeholders Brendan/team/stakeholders 18 October 2013 20 October 2013 22 October 2013 25 October 2013 28 October 2013- December 15 2014*** 15 October/ 15 November/ 15 December/2013; 15 January 2014-15 n/a n/a blow out content strategy vs timeline across all channels design/build content for all channels as designed in collaboration w/stakeholders + team Brendan/team/stakeholders Brendan/team/stakeholders Brendan/team/stakeholders Brendan/team/stakeholders vet/analyze/contex- tualize data across all channels benchmark end-states vs start-states Google analytics, Heardable, eCairn, archived clippings (print); volume ‘in-the-hand’ collat- eral given away at branded live events; volume curated contributions to ‘open news desk’ all data categories 15 February 2015 n/a
  • 22. twinfish productions The Channels The communication vehicles to be utilized to convey messages and mobilize audiences to fulfill communication objectives are as follows: Digital Collateral • Google Ads, Facebook ads driving traffic to ‘Balancing the Books’ website off FOPL-OLA Facebook page and website • Public Library’s ‘hero’s journey’ portrayed in video interviews posted to ‘Balancing the Books’ website, Facebook, Twitter and mobile • Blog Posts • Media placements in local, regional and provincial venues Print Collateral • Print/PDF flyers distributed by hand or email @branded live events • Unit posters, targeting specific occupations/ special attitudes • Annual program calendar (for 2014/2015 featuring ‘Balancing the Books’ messaging (October 2013, October 2014) • E-mail blasts to stakeholder personal addresses 22 Communication VEHICLES
  • 23. BALANCING BOOKSthe 23 The Strategy The strategy revolves around the “story” of Public Libraries, presenting anecdotes of the human,authentic,movingstories of Public Libraries and their staff, their interactions with the patrons, their families and their communities, mediated by FOPL- OLA events (community arts and culture events, ‘Balancing the Books’-branded ‘town hall events’). Content strategy to emphasize need to capture current e-mail addresses, Twitter handles and mobile numbers of Public Libraries advocates to support successful implementation of ‘Balancing the Books’ communications plan longterm. Event planning/execution dependent on FOPL-OLA live events resources. Content STRATEGY brand storytelling angles
  • 24. twinfish productions PART IV content strategy implementation 24
  • 25. BALANCING BOOKSthe 25 A ‘big picture’ communications timeline
  • 26. TWINFISH Productions12 Communications PLAN
  • 27. BALANCING BOOKSthe 27 Line Item Cost Notes long-form documentary print collateral materials (flyers, brochures, calendars, posters) “proud supporter” website + microsites staff: lead; core team comprises web developer/ graphic designer and project manager/graphic designer; social media community manager TOTAL COST $30,000 $20,000 @$2,000 per month x 10 months $10,000 @$2,000 per month x 5 months $15,000 $145,000 @$8500/month for 10 months (implementation) + @$12,000/month for 5 months (startup) $292,000 one broadcast half-hour (22 minutes) documentary tracks three (3) to five (5) Public Libraries, emphasizing the ‘why’ of a Public Library; offered for local TV broadcast and webcast off ‘Balancing the Books’ website support ground campaign and events with “in-the- hand” materials launch/manage open appeal to communities to participate in ‘Balancing the Books’ as volunteer or advocate or activist w/FOPL-OLA 4 contract positions for 10 months (implementation); 6 contract positions for 5 months (startup) September 2013-February 2015 design/implement highly interactive (‘Brita’ -inspired) ‘join the movement’ website, including multiple data acquisition ‘touchpoints,’ with emphasis on mobile and mobile-responsive design Brendan Howley (team lead) core team web developer/graphic designer and project manager/graphic designer; social media community manager; videographer/branded digital events
  • 28. twinfish productions28 Long form storytelling “Hero’s Journey” The Narrative The long form storytelling ‘arc’ is ‘hero’s journey,’ supported across all media and media channels (web, mobile, social, print, radio/TV broadcast). The series depicts Public Libraries staff/advocates/ clients from all FOPL- OLA catchment areas interacting with libraries and their stakeholders (local entrepreneurs/artists/families). Six “chapters” of the “hero’s journey” story “break out” over a twelve month period (November 2013-December 2014) • Reaching the bottom (‘the impossible dream’) • Personal transformation (‘I can try’) • Considering the adjacent possible (‘here’s how I’ll try’) • Merge with possible futures (‘feeling my way to success’ • Presenting ideas to stakeholders (‘building networks/ alliances’) • Living the experiments (‘learning by failing/ trying again’) -Sets up next cycle of challenges in the next 6 month media cycle The Subject
  • 29. BALANCING BOOKSthe 29 “Public libraries are the future of community data... an untapped engine of provincial prosperity” • Public libraries as future of community data (small business intelligence, ‘under the radar’ data/demographics, untapped engine of provincial prosperity) • Public libraries as ‘first responders’ during life crises • Public librarians as undervalued ‘knowledge workers’ (skillsets devalued by ‘commodity economy’) • Public libraries as cutting edge media labs (collaborative workspaces for media production) • Public libraries as members of ‘gift economy’ (give far more than they receive in commercial market economy) • FOPL-OLA as thought leader ‘closest to the work’, with ‘lock’ on understanding how libraries actually operate • Measuring public library ROI and libraries’ roles in hyperlocal community prosperity: libraries as prime ‘social business’ investment Core Topics
  • 30. Situational Analysis 1. What do we already have that helps us tell this story (e.g., an existing website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, corporate materials, article marketing effort, etc.)? 2. What must change in order for us to tell the ‘Balancing the Books’ story (e.g., do we need to add a blog, develop a separate blog, create or revisit our social web strategy)? 3. What must stop (if anything) for us to tell this aspect of the ‘Balancing the Books’ story (e.g., do we need to stop using Facebookand divert our energy to an “Balancing the Books’ blog) Content STRATEGY channel plan The content strategy defines the channel strategy — not the other way around Action Plan: Out of this situational analysis comes prioritization, budget allocations, and tactical approaches to emerging stories: eg hyperlocal vs province-wide ‘Balancing the Books’ storytelling content strategies as both local and province-wide storylines evolve simultaneously) twinfish productions30
  • 31. BALANCING BOOKSthe 31 Channel Objectives Map objectives of the channel to the engagement cycle: where are we in the hero’s journey and which channels best serve this sequence of storytelling? Example: Does Facebook community need new direction at this point in the brand storytelling? If yes: how can blog content drive renewed interest in Facebook page? Content Plan • Map the media channel to the larger story structure by outlining or “beating out” story turning points as the Public Library’s ‘hero’s journey’ evolves; • These turning points will be surveys, contests (‘tell us your best Public Library story’), mark a milestone or campaign goal (‘first 1000 Facebook followers’) • And FOPL-OLA strategic goals as defined by emerging stories and leadership guidance Metrics Pure data acquisition target fulfillment: define the data objectives that align with the emerging story. Example: “with this contest we’re running on Facebook, our goal is to get 1,000 subscribers over the next two months to share their email and mobile phone numbers before we move into the second phase of our story.” Action Plan: Action Plan: “Pure data acquisition target fulfillment: define the data objectives that align with the emerging story” Action Plan:
  • 32. twinfish productions Personas addressed Constantly identify and reidentify which personas will be addressed by brand storytelling: • Rural, remote, urban public libraries? • Political influencers? • Government policy works? News media? If personas aren’t being targeted efficiently by single channel, split the channel: drive to Facebook event page or new Twitter stream. Content manage- ment process ‘Managing editor’ ensures method/process manages content and conversation for each channel. Editorial plan Map all content and each channel to global editorial calendar plan. The purpose of the editorial plan is to define velocity, tone, desired action, and structure for the content for a given channel (eg email versus blog) Example: planning to define ‘Balancing the Books’ Facebook channel characteristics in support of ‘hero’s journey’ overall brand storytelling 32 Action Plan: Action Plan: Action Plan: VELOCITY: Three posts per day TONE: Authentic, emotional ‘working library’/‘here’s the value’ calls-to-action DESIRED ACTION: We want audience to click through to the ‘Balancing the Books’ blog STRUCTURE: 10 to 20-word Facebook post, plus pictures (if applicable) and a “conversion link.” Sample Facebook process
  • 33. 14 as detailed in grid above: hard metrics against • Audience awareness (relevant mentions of ‘Balancing the Books’ in monitored online conversations: print, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr) • Media mentions (relevant mentions in unearned media: print, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr) • Growth social media mentions, interactivity and social media mentions of community action (surveys, polls, fundraising, volunteer tracking) • Community action (grow FOPL-OLA/’Balancing the Books’ volunteer and “proud supporter” base) • Data acquisition: growth of FOPL-OLA email/mobile smartphone database • Audience attendance at live events • Audit collateral given away at live events • ‘Balancing the Books’ enquiries from members regarding any/all aspects ‘Balancing the Books’ events/initiatives/ media Evaluation GUIDEPOSTS BALANCING BOOKSthe 33
  • 34. Dan Bowman twinfish productions35 Dan Bowman has been producing video, live events and interactive media for Fortune 500 companies for longer than he cares to admit. Bilingually educated in Montreal and Paris, he has a degree in Communications from Concordia. Dan’s passion is travel photography; he’s trekked through dozens of countries, each more remote than the last. He lives in a warren-like Victorian house in Toronto with his opera- director wife. Maureen distills the brand essence, designs and executes superb website content, plans marketing campaigns, and creates and curates social media content and provides training on using social media effectively. An award-winning writer/editor in print, radio and social media, Maureen helps brands effectively communicate who they are, their values, their goals and their stories through social, digital and traditional media. Maureen’s media experience spans more than 20 years in (The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s Magazine and branded content magazines) and national broadcast media (CBC Radio), where she produced CBC Radio programming in Canada’s three biggest media markets: Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver. Maureen Argon The TEAM Andrea is a multidisciplinary design branding strategist rooted in fostering authenticity through design. She is a typographer and graphic designer striving to engage the disengaged. With experience in design and creative direction for a variety of high-profile events and clients including TEDxRyersonU, Ryerson Rams Athletics and Town Shoes, she believes in the catalytic power of design to change the way we perceive our world. Hailing from the heart of Toronto, Canada, she is a lover of fashion, art, and culture, and received her education at Ryerson University where she earned a Bachelor of Design (BDes.) minor in entrepreneurship. Andrea Crofts
  • 35. Brendan Howley A multiaward-winning branded content strategist/creator, data journalist/technologist Brendan Howley specializes in marketing communications that incite social action. Recent projects include raising $425,000 via social media marketing to microfinance an artisanal dairy, preserving funding for a trio of rural libraries, and has co-inventing a new discovery engine, CHO7R, in partnership with the San Francisco startup Square Zero, in development with Thomson-Reuters’ Zurich media lab. A thrice-published novelist, Brendan grew up in the shadow of a Carnegie library as an IBM brat in Poughkeepsie NY; today he lives, together with his Russian-Canadian wife, three children and six cats, just down the hill from Stratford, Ontario’s Carnegie library. 35 Emilia Dallman Emilia prides herself on her capability to see the vision for the final aesthetic product in complete tandem with a rock solid strategic plan for implementation. She excels at organization and has insatiable appetite for storytelling in all its forms, including short films, photography and digital marketing. Originally from Stratford, Ontario, Emilia knows the power a small-town library has to provide solace, culture and perspective to a young mind. Currently residing in Toronto, she is completing her final year at Ryerson University where she will graduate with a Bachelor of Design. The TEAM BALANCING BOOKSthe 36
  • 36. BALANCING BOOKSthe 37 THANK YOU. @brendanhowley 226.880.1449
  • 37. BALANCING BOOKSthe © 2013 twinfish productions The content of this document is the intellec- tual property of twinfish productions.