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Interview Memo

  1. 1. MemoTo: Professor Stephanie Anderson-QuinnFrom: Brendan ConnollyDate: 3/19/2011Re: Interviews with ProfessionalsMessageMy first interviewee was my father, Kevin Connolly. He received his master’s degree inBusiness Administration at The University of Toledo. Then he received his MBA at TheUniversity of Toledo as well. Kevin has been working mostly in hospitals and healthcaresystems. His career has been spent in non-profit organizations run by businesses toenable them to invest in new technology and medications and aging buildings. Kevinworks at the University of Toledo Medical Center in the finance and accountingdepartment. His official job title is Director of Finance. Kevin has many responsibilities.They include being in charge of financial reporting, accounting, cost accounting,budgeting, and governmental reimbursement. He has a very specific perception of hisjob. It is that it is challenging due to the fact that his efforts to control costs and reducehealthcare expenditures are on a national level. The purpose of his company is toprovide healthcare to northwest Ohio. It is located centrally in Toledo, Ohio. Hiscompany serves all demographics and populations, with a high percentage being theelderly. The University of Toledo Medical Center is a public company for the state ofOhio. The company mainly provides healthcare services for insurance holders. Their
  2. 2. funding comes mainly from insurance companies, governmental payers, Medicare andMedicaid, and patients.The second person that I interviewed is Jessica Somos. She has competed 3.5 years ofa degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and International Businesswith language proficiencies in Arabic and French. She is graduating this May. As far asreal world experience goes, she has held a marketing internship for about one year. Herrole in the internship has little to do with managing the aspects of any department withinan actual business, but it focuses on maintaining customer relations and fulfilling specificmarketing projects for clients. Also she has been a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, theprofessional co-ed business fraternity, for 3.5 years. She is currently working in TheUniversity of Toledo’s Office of Marketing and Communications. Her official job title isMarketing Intern. Her responsibilities include maintaining positive customer relationsthrough meeting directly with clients to ensure their specific marketing goals and projectsare fulfilled to their expectations. Their clients include the different departments within theuniversity such as athletics, admissions and residence life, as well as different collegessuch as business and law. She also does a lot of proof reading and critiquing ofmarketing projects between the graphic designer, university photographer and theaccount representitive. Also she partakes in strategic planning of marketing goals forclients as well as university campaigns. Jessica also conducts, collects and organizes alot of qualitative and quantitative data for marketing research purposes for the universityincluding clients like Athletics and Apple Tree, the childcare facility on campus. Herperception of work is that one should fully apply themselves in their works, regardless ofwhat the task or job may be. That work is something you are paid to do, where money isa short-term, physical asset and can only go so far in fulfilling one’s life. By completing ajob the benefit of carrying a positive reputation and feeling full filled is an intangible and
  3. 3. long-term asset that cannot be taken away. The purpose of her company is to fulfill themarketing goals of clients with the university as well as maintaining the university’sbranding image through external campaigns. It is located in University Hall on TheUniversity of Toledo main campus. This is a non-profit organization. This company getsits funding from the university Division of External Affairs, while the university issupported though public school funding from government as well as from customer feessuch as tuition.There are a few similarities and differences between each persons’ occupation. Onesimilarity is that each person has to deal with statistics and research during their job.Jessica deals with market research in order to help their clients better market theirproduct or service. Kevin deals with research on a national level to better providehealthcare to Northwest Ohio. Another similarity is that both have many responsibilities.Each person has specific requirements for their occupation in order for them to completetheir job. Each occupation has different responsibilities and is not given one specific taskeach day; they are given many different tasks each day.Each occupation also has its differenences from the other. One difference is the scaleon which each job is based on. Jessica’s occupation is on a smaller scale within theUniversity. Kevin’s occupation is on a much grander scale of Northwest Ohio. Anotherdifference is that Kevin’s occupation impacts a different part of business. His job isconcentrated on the accounting aspect of the company. Jessica’s job is concentrated inthe marketing department of her organization.I learned a good amount of valuable information through these two interviews. I learnedthat later down the line when I am faced with a career or important occupation, that I willhave many responsibilities and it would be very demanding. I also learned that I would
  4. 4. always have to do my best work because they are not much room for error in thebusiness world. These two interviews were very valuable for me because I learned a lotabout what my future might hold.