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Presentation to Business Swap on Social Media Marketing
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Presentation to Business Swap on Social Media Marketing


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  • What is Social Networking?
  • Grow TribeReview and improve website – Unique, professional copy-writing, Newsletter signup, Other incentives (e.g. special report), Be findable on Google, Review signup message/thank you pages, add more incentives (e.g. CD, Book, discounts)2. ConnectNewsletter, via twitter, Regularly update your blog , Status updates, Questions / answers, Forums / Blog comments, Conversations, Education , Networking, Advice, Polls / Survey3. SellReview & improve all your sales pages, Implement at least one “up-sell” strategy, Make an offer on every newsletter, Make a regular offer via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedInThe right sales language is vital. Sell on your website, landing pages, etc What should be on your sales page? Testimonials audio/video, images of you or your product
  • At a Minimum;Create a profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Then find other places your market may gather.
  • You are in control.Don’t lie!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Marketing
    • 2.
      • Define Social Media Marketing
      • 3. Using Social Media in Business
      • 4. Tricks to make Social Media Easy
    • Who Am I?
      Brendan James Byrne
      Working online since 1998
      Started building websites in 2003
      Teaching online business building since 2007
    • 5. Receptive Technologies
      7 Fulltime staff
      120 active clients, mostly SME’s.
      Online Marketing;
      Web Design / Building
      Increase Visitors (Social Media & SEO)
      Increase Conversion
    • 6. Social Media Marketing
      Create a simple plan to fill the hours you are willing to dedicate to social networking
    • 7. The Three Step Formula
      1. Grow your tribe
      2. Connect with your tribe
      3. Sell to your tribe
    • 8. Using Social Media in Business
      UnderstandFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    • 9.  Using Social Media in Business
      Where does your Tribe connect? Have your presence there!
      Find others;
    • 10. Using Social Media in Business
      When You Are Starting Out, Imagine;
      not true – just an attitude.
    • 11. Facebook
      10 Million Facebook users in Australia
      53.6% are aged 26-64
    • 12. Facebook
      Start with:
      Personal Profile
      Fan “Page”
      Work with; Photos, Links, Notes.
    • 13. Facebook Page for your Business
    • 14. Facebook Tips
      The key is “relationships” and “conversation”, not “selling”
      Using a good profile picture/logo
    • 15. Facebook Tips
      Use keywords in your profile page and Fan page.
      Be proactive on Facebook, search for your tribe through groups & pages.
      Talk and Comment to people via their wall or commenting on people’s posts.
    • 16. Linkedin
      68% aged 35+
      1.2 Million Australians
      1% of linked users (addicts) are responsible for 36% of visits to the site!!! WOW!
    • 17. Linkedin To Do List
      Creating an interesting profile
      Change of status frequently
      Ask questions to gain visibility
      Join relevant groups and posts regularly
      Give recommendations (gain visibility)
    • 18. Twitter
      2.5 Million Australians
      84% are over 24 years old
    • 19. Twitter
      Create a community of “followers”.
      “Microblogging” platform
      Share useful links
      Make announcements
      Generate conversation
      Connect with like-minded people
      Connect with prospects
      Connect with possible suppliers
    • 20. Twitter Is Great For;
      Customer service
      Soft selling
      Referral marketing
      Positioning yourself as an expert
    • 21. Twitter Etiquette
      Direct messaging
    • 22.  Twitter Etiquette
      What Is @ ?
      Every twitter profile starts with @. Examples:
      @receptivetech = Receptive Technologies
      @brendanbyrne = Brendan Byrne
      On twitter people are always referred to as the twitter name and it is always proceeded with @.
    • 23.  Twitter Etiquette
      Re-tweeting or “RT"
      Let’s say that @brendanbyrne tweets something like:
      “You should get your web programmer to review your site with Google Page Speed”
      If I found it interesting and want to share with my followers we can re-tweet it (pass it on) to followers;
      “RT @brendanbyrne You should get your web programmer to review your site with Google Page Speed”
      “RT @brendanbyrne” indicates we are re-tweeting and that we are acknowledging the idea came from someone else giving them credit for it.
    • 24. Tweeting Guidelines
      Tweeting about products/services
      Provide a link to more info on your website
      Write a tweet that will entice people to click on the link
      E.g.: our client @brendanbyrne saved $700 per year using our tools;
      don’t just sell
      inject personality into your tweets
      give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business or life.
    • 25. Save time
      Automation saves time!
      Twitter posts can be shown as status updates on Linkedin andFacebook.
      Blogs posts can be shown on Facebook, and LinkedIn (Look for RSS Feed)
    • 26. Facebook RSS (blog import)
    • 27. Facebook Twitter Link
    • 28. LinkedIn Showing Twitter
    • 29. LinkedIn – Blog Feed
    • 30. Receptive Technologies
      Online Marketing;
      Web Design / Building
      Increase Visitors (Social Media & SEO)
      Increase Conversion
      1300 794 770