There are some tips in public speaking

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  • 1. Public Speaking Tips Brenda Louise Mery Yudhistira 031108210 VII - E
  • 2. 1. RelaxThe speaker have to relax in order theaudience don’t know if he or she feelnervous
  • 3. 2. Body LanguageThis is important because all people can seeour movement. Standing, walking, or movingabout with appropriate hand gesture or facialexpression is preferred to sitting down orstanding still with head down and readingfrom a prepared speech.
  • 4. 3. Eye Contact Have direct eye contact with a number ofpeople in the audience, and every now andthen glance at the whole audience whilespeaking. Use your eye contact to makeeveryone in your audience feel involved
  • 5. 4. Speak Convincing The AudienceSpeak with conviction as if you really believe inwhat you are saying. Persuade your audienceeffectively. The material you present orallyshould have the same ingredients as that whichare required for a written research paper.
  • 6. 5. Do not read From NotesFor any extended length of time although it isquite acceptable to glance at your notesinfrequently. Speak loudly and clearly. If youmade an error, correct it, and continue. Noneed to make excuses or apologize profusely.
  • 7. 6. Know When To Stop TalkingJust as you dont use unnecessary words inyour written paper, you dont bore youraudience with repetitious or unnecessarywords in your oral presentation.
  • 8. 7. Add HumorAdd humor whenever appropriate andpossible. Keep audience interestedthroughout your entire presentation.Remember that an interesting speech makestime fly, but a boring speech is always toolong to endure even if the presentation timeis the same.