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  1. 1. What did you find out about me online?
  2. 2. Who am I and what do I do?I’m 27 years old, was born and was raised in Holyoke MA. I currently reside in Holyoke. I graduated Holyoke High School in2002 and attended Northeastern University from 2002-2007. Graduated with dual degree in management and marketing.Holyoke Merry Go Round: Concession Manager8MinuteDating.com: Customer Service, Event Coordinator, Marketing AssistantY2M/MTV: Media Associate and Client Services, implemented and managed campaigns from start to finish for online andprint campaigns for college papersWWLP-22News: New Media Coordinator, Digital AE, Digital Sales Director
  3. 3. What is WWLP-22News?
  4. 4. What is WWLP-22News?WWLP-22News, is an NBC affiliate serving Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties and surrounding areas inwestern Massachusetts. Our signal is received in five states (MA, CT, NH, VT, and NY). 22News is carried on all of themajor cable systems or satellite in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties as well as Berkshire county MA.22News strives to provide strong local news coverage with an emphasis on community involvement. 22News iscommitted to having the most up-to-date transmission facilities and state of the art equipment.
  5. 5. WWLP-22News Advertising Opportunities?
  6. 6. What is RMM?RMM is a full solution digital media company with over 10,000 directpublisher relationships for display advertising, a fully certified SEMteam, along with full time specialists in SEO, Creative Production,Social Marketing and Management, Mobile Display, App Development,Web Design, Email Marketing, and SMS TextingRMM Online Advertising is the digital arm of the LIN Media, amultimedia group with broadcast television stations in 17 markets anddigital offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Boston,Indianapolis, New Haven, and Norfolk.
  7. 7. WWLP.com – Our Metrics We Delivered Nearly 55 Million Pageviews in 2011! WWLP.com’s monthly average delivery is: •4.9 million pageviews •621,000 unique visitors •11 minute site time •96,000 video plays •7,000 e-mail blast subscribers •2,117,000 wireless pageviews Source: Hitwise, Strong Mail (monthly), Omniture 6-month avg., News Over Wireless, 6-month avg. Omniture Video Plays (monthly). Yearly page views do not include June 2011 due to tornado.
  8. 8. RECORD BREAKING DAYS! WWLP.com Records Over 875,000 Total Page Views! Tue., February 9th & Wed., February 10th When a February storm threatened western Massachusetts, users chose WWLP.com for the latest news, weather and travel conditions. As a result, WWLP.com delivered some of the highest single day page views in its history! Tue. Feb. 9th Wed. Feb. 10th TOTALS Page Views 391,476 487,311 878,787 Unique Visitors 79,835 101,571 181,406 Avg. Time on Site 15 minutes 25 minutes 20 minutes Video Views 22,508 27,345 49,853 Source: Omniture, 2/9 & 2/10/10
  9. 9. What is a Digital Sales Director?
  10. 10. What does a Digital Sales Director Do?•Manage all digital products both locally andacross the country•Coaching a team of 7 Account Executives who workwith clients to design customized campaigns•Manage all of our local digital Inventory•Train Account Executives on products•Develop customized solutions for local business•Manage campaigns and analyze ROI•Consult local business’s on digital advertising
  11. 11. What is online advertising?
  12. 12. What is Online Advertising?Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses theInternet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages toattract customers. Examples of online advertising includecontextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads,blogs, Rich Media Ads, Social network advertising, interstitialads, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam. Many of these types ofads are delivered by an Ad serverSource: Wikipedia
  13. 13. KeywordsImpressions The number of times a banner ad was requested and presumably seen by usersClick Through The action of clicking on a banner and having ones browser automatically redirected to the web page a banner is hyperlinked toClick Rate The percentage of impressions that resulted in a click through. Calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions Cost per thousand (CPM) is one of the online payment models by which advertisers pays for every 1000CPM impressions of their advertisement.Page View Occurs when a users browser requests a web pageRich Media A type of advertisement technology that often includes richer graphics, audio or video within the advertisement. Unlike static or animated GIF banner advertisements, rich media advertisements often enable users to interact with the banner without leaving the page on which it appears.Banner A graphic that appears on a web page that is usually hyperlinked to an advertisers web site. May be in a variety of formats including GIF, JPEG, Flash,
  14. 14. Ad Positions and Sponsorships WWLP Offers Multiple Solutions to Assist Advertisers and Marketers in Achieving Campaign SuccessDISPLAY ADS: OTHER OPPORTUNITIES:• Spotlight Ad (300x100) - all pages • E-mail Blasts• Spotlight Ad (300x250)- 2 available • Video Streamingon all pages • Health Connections• Banner (638x60)-home, news, weather • Home Connections pages • Camp Connections• Leaderboard (728x90)- all pages • WWLP Wireless- mobile, iphone, ipod touch• Skyscraper (300x600)- article pages • Flip N Fun• Flash and Rich Media Capability• Main Category Sponsorships• 88x31 Poll Sponsorship• Roadblocks available WWLP.com Pencil
  15. 15. WWLP Wireless Is…WWLP on your wireless device, iphone, and ipod touch!– Breaking News– Local News– Weather– Closings– Sports– Entertainment– TV Schedule– Online Videosand more…
  16. 16. 58% of Americans Have Researched Products and Services Online!•58% of adults research online aboutproducts and services trending up from49% in 2004.•24% have posted reviews about itemsthey purchase.•21% of adults searched for productinformation online trending up from 15%in 2007 and 9% in 2004.•78% “occasionally” conduct productresearch online•32% report they “occasionally” postedcomments about products online
  17. 17. Display Ads Increase Search Efficiency
  18. 18. Why Interactive Media & Television Together? TELEVISION THE INTERNET • Lean-back • Lean-forward • Push • Pull • Creates Emotion • Consumer Engagement • Share of Market • In-depth Research & Content • Brand Awareness • Price & Feature • Brand Preference • Comparative Shopping57% of US Internet users are watching television while online. Source: Burst Media, “Online Insights,” October 31, 2007.
  19. 19. Timing is Everything…Be there when buyers are looking… MiddayMorning Evening Daytime is Prime Time Online _____ Television Usage _ _ _ _ _ _ Internet Usage
  20. 20. Step We Take When Selling Online1.Client Needs Analysis, Learn About the Client’s Business2. Develop a client centric Campaign using any and all products that fit ourclient’s needs3. Client Agrees to Campaign4. Design Creative to have specific call to action or branding messagesrelated to client goals5. Client Approves Creatives6. Campaign is trafficked7. Monitor and provide clients with reports on a monthly basis where trackimpressions, clicks, CTR
  21. 21. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR ROI Online Response:Variety of ways consumers respond to online advertisingWeb research leads to 70% more spending offline than online Source: The Dieringer Group: American Interactive Consumer Survey
  22. 22. 300x250 Ad Placement WWLP-22News Advertising Strategy •WWLP will create a custom 300x250 banner ad. •All banner ads will link to your website and if needed WWLP will create a splash 300x250 page for you to link to. Ad •Monthly reports of stats will also be provided •Ads will rotate on all pages of WWLP.com.300x250 Monthly Impressions: 100,000 Ad Monthly Cost: $600 CPM: $6.00
  23. 23. Questions?