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A brief presentation showing the benefits of using social media for real estate professionals. We share tips on Google+ and Facebook posting and discuss the social media 80/20 rule for social media.

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  • How social media supports search engine results and how you can help improve your site's results.
  • A little about G+Do you know about G+ already? In G+ you need a profile and you may want a page. If you are a one person realty then a profile can be enough. If you are are more than that then a page will help.Join groups on G+
  • This is an example of a post that will send traffic to your websiteA cool interior photoDetails about the property – gardens etcLink to the website for more pictures and detailsRealtor who posted creditRealtor who listed credit
  • Create posts for your business pageShare articles that relate to your businessPhotography that is captivatingInformation that is helpful to others
  • What do we mean by supportive or valuable?What causes do you support? Do you volunteer? Share information about altruistic activities What towns do you sell properties in? Can you support their local entities including schools, libraries, fire departmentsSupport means follow them as your business page, like nad share their pages and make comments
  • This is an example of a post that will send traffic to your websiteA cool interior photoDetails about the property – gardens etcLink to the website for more pictures and detailsRealtor who posted creditRealtor who listed credit
  • Social media-for-real-estate

    1. 1. How Realtors can Rock Facebook and Google+! Using Social Media to Promote Real Estate
    2. 2. Agenda • Who are we? • Why Social Media Right Now: – How social media supports search engine results and how you can help improve your site's results. • Using Social Media for Website traffic: – How you can drive more traffic to your website using social media. • The Secret Sauce: – The top techniques to use to promote your listings and your brand in two social media platforms. • Your Secret Weapon: – A specific way KW agents and representatives can engage in social media and support your peers. • It’s All About You – Your questions and challenges with social media, we will reserve time to discuss specific issues that you are encountering.
    3. 3. Who are we? Laura Hill and Christine Diem • Moms and Marketers • We love architecture, design, food, and real estate Breezy Hill Marketing We are a marketing firm based in Richmond, Vermont providing digital, print, social, and strategy services to businesses and professionals.
    5. 5. Google replaces the Yellow Pages Yellow Pages used to be where you looked for a product or service in your area…need a plumber, a hairstylist, a pizza restaurant, a florist? Look in the yellow pages!
    6. 6. Now, we Google it! “grocery store in Richmond VT” Web site listing for the Richmond Market Facebook page for the Richmond Market
    7. 7. Facebook, Google+ & Search Engines Google uses social media data in their algorithm to serve answers to queries…If you have a Facebook and/or a G+ page you are more likely to come up in search results.
    9. 9. Why G+? SEO • Google values their own social network above any other • Sharing your listings and community information on G+ supports your websites SEO • Engaging with people on G+ broadens your sphere of influence
    10. 10. Facebook – It’s about the content
    11. 11. Mix it up!
    12. 12. THE SECRET SAUCE
    13. 13. The 80/20 Rule 80% of what you share online should be supportive of others or valuable to others 20% of what you share online should promote your business
    14. 14. How do I implement 80/20? • When accessing your page, you have two routes to get there… – Use the upper right hand corner gear option so that everything you do is under your business not your personal account!
    15. 15. How to use the Business Page View your business page newsfeed by clicking this Facebook icon Invite your personal friends to “like” your business Facebook page here. View the data about your page activity here.
    16. 16. Interact as Your Business As your new business page… • Like pages that relate to your business or interest • Comment on other business and organization pages
    17. 17. Tips for Engagement
    18. 18. How do you Grow Your Fan Base? Facebook Ads • Facebook ads are a great way to grow your fan base quickly • Ads can be targeted at zip codes, individual interests, marital status etc.
    19. 19. Promoting Listing on Facebook Facebook Sponsored Posts • Sponsored posts allow you to send your posts to a wider audience than your fan base • Sponsored posts get more visibility for your page and for the individual post and are beneficial for product promotions and other high value messaging
    21. 21. SHARE Each Others Listings This is Adam’s listing. It is now being viewed by Sarah’s fan base… everyone wins!
    22. 22. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU Can we answer your question today?
    23. 23. Thank You! Thanks to Keller Williams GMP for sponsoring this session. Thanks to everyone here for attending. Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us: Laura Hill and Christine Diem 802-662-1625
    25. 25. Caution, Weary Traveler Facebook owns your content and your page. This means… – They decide who sees your posts – They decide if something is inappropriate – They can remove your page without warning What to do then? Make sure Facebook is not your only vehicle for marketing…
    26. 26. How do you create a Facebook page? • It is best to have a personal page first. You can easily create a personal page from • Select any organization or business page in Facebook and you will see the button “create a page” in the upper right hand corner. Click on that button and follow the instructions…
    27. 27. What do you do first? • Select a profile picture – Profile picture should be 120 pixels square – Consider something catchy, visually pleasing, and memorable – Shelburne Farms has used the same photo for several years and it captures the nature of the farm… • Select a cover photo – Cover photo should be about 800 pixels wide – Choose something that reflects the esthetic of your company – You can add simple messaging to your picture but make sure it is done well
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