Media summer term ppt


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Media summer term ppt

  1. 1. How much time do you spend watching TVa day? (hours) What genre of movie do you watch?0 Rom-coms1-3 Dance4-6 Comedy7-9 Action10+ Drama/horror OtherWhat TV channels do you watch?Kids How old are you?Entertainment 11-12 13-14 15-16MoviesSports What gender are you?Documentaries Male FemaleOther What ethnicity are you?What websites do you go on? Black White Asian European Mixed raceSocial media OtherGamesGossipNewsVideos/musicOther
  2. 2. HW 19/4Audience questionnaire results
  3. 3. Celebrity endorsement Sell line - Used Pixie Lott as she’s - Without a capital a successful and young letter which appeals role model to teenagers as they are less formal than adults DirectDirect address - The celebrity is- Uses of language as looking and smiling“you” is directly directly at you and yourtalking to the eyes. The audience willaudience and they feel invitedfeel special to beselected The colour pink Full shot - Catches attention - Shows the of teenage girls fashionable clothes the girl is wearing which catches the eyes of teenage girls as they nowadays Alliteration fashion is very important
  4. 4. HW 26/4
  5. 5. Outline of plans:From our research, we found that a lot of people enjoyed watching comedy and actionmovies. As our product is a TV drama, we aim to include comedy aspects to appeal to ourtarget audience. We could also make it fast paced to add tension and draw in theaudience during the title sequence, so they would want to watch the rest of the show.We wouldn’t make it too comical, because we aim to make the programme tense anddramatic, rather than like a sitcom.Also, we would conform to the conventions of using bright colours and the setting wouldbe at school, as all of our target audience can relate to this, and it responds to thecreative brief. By using bright colours it would be eye catching and draw people in.How we plan to carry out the production:Read creative briefResearch on what our target audience likesGet people around our age range to be in opening scenesRecord the homily and put it in the background of the videoEdit scenes togetherDesign a logo
  6. 6. HW 3/5 -Showing main characters -There positions show what the drama TV program might be about/ show what kind of person they are-Fonts & colours-An idea of what the theme tunemight sound like- We would use bright colours toappeal to our young audience andcatch their eye
  7. 7. Audience Profile A boyfriend and girlfriend: Age: 16 Girl: Gale Matthews Boy: Wesley Dean Gender: Male and Female They spend a lot of time together Use social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter Like the same music Rock, R&B Enjoy spending time together and hanging out Read Music magazines like Kerrang and NME Watch TV shows like Skins, Misfits, Inbetweeners & Big band theory
  8. 8. HW 10/5Photos of locations
  9. 9. Storyboard