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BreakingPoint Custom Application Toolkit


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BreakingPoint Custom Application Toolkit

  1. 1. BreakingPoint Custom Application Toolkit BreakingPoint Custom Application Toolkit Accelerate proprietary application traffic to harden cyber infrastructure No two networks are alike, and many are hit with more than BreakingPoint Advantages thirty applications at the same time. Although most of those Leveraging the BreakingPoint Custom Application Toolkit and are traditional and popular applications, the networks will also a BreakingPoint CTM, any organization can: be handling traffic from proprietary or unique applications. • Integrate custom application traffic onto the BreakingPoint The frequent emergence of new applications and the presence CTM in a matter of hours of proprietary applications can expose hidden vulnerabilities • Natively generate stateful application traffic from within an organization’s cyber infrastructure. Identifying those proprietary applications at up to 120 Gigabits per second vulnerabilities requires measuring the direct impact of all types of applications and filling the “realism gap,” which grows • Validate the effects of high session counts of proprietary each day (see diagram below). traffic on cyber infrastructure devices and systems • Enhance application traffic with BreakingPoint’s library of more than 150 applications and more than 4,500 security strikes Contact BreakingPoint Learn more about BreakingPoint products and services by contacting a representative in your area. 1.866.352.6691 U.S. Toll Free BreakingPoint Global Headquarters Service providers, enterprises, and government organizations 3900 North Capital of Texas Highway need the flexibility to measure the resiliency of IT elements Austin, TX 78746 when faced with popular applications, new applications, and email: proprietary applications. tel: 512.821.6000 toll free: 866.352.6691 The BreakingPoint Cyber Tomography Machines™ (CTMs) can emulate more than 150 applications out of the box. Through BreakingPoint EMEA Sales Office purchase of the BreakingPoint Custom Application Toolkit, Paris, France users gain the ability to emulate any proprietary and custom email: applications needed for realistic measurement of the resiliency tel: + 33 6 08 40 43 93 of a cyber infrastructure. BreakingPoint APAC Sales Office Suite 2901, Building #5, Wanda Plaza No. 93 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, China email: tel: + 86 10 5960© 2005 - 2011. BreakingPoint Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The BreakingPoint logo is a trademark of BreakingPoint Systems, Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.