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Lessons learned: reduce your development overhead and increase commercial inventory
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Lessons learned: reduce your development overhead and increase commercial inventory


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Lessons learned: reduce your development overhead and increase commercial inventory …

Lessons learned: reduce your development overhead and increase commercial inventory
- Conor Dignam, Group Editor and Director of Media, Emap Inform

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  • 1. Emap Inform and Webvision Conor Dignam Group editor and director of media, Emap Inform
  • 2. Emap Inform – weekly titles on WebVision
  • 3. Our Objectives
    • Create websites to reflect our brands
    • Enhance user experience
    • Improving online content offering
    • Increasing commercial inventory
    • Improve use of online by editorial teams
    • Reducing overall costs around web build/IT support
  • 4. Where we were a few years ago
    • We built all our editorial websites ourselves
    • In-house development
    • Different sites doing different things
    • Little prioritisation of development/projects
    • Some weeklies had weak web presence
    • Limited commercial inventory
  • 5. Our resources (roughly)
    • In-house web and IT resource
    • Six to eight developers
    • Three testers
    • Three designers (or more)
    • Project managers
    • Admin support
    • Management Total: north of £500k
  • 6. Digital questions
    • We were not happy
    • Projects had gone wrong and were costing time and money
    • We needed digital acceleration/investment
    • Build or buy?
    • Revamp internal resource or acquire CMS?
  • 7. Digital Decisions
    • We decided to buy
    • We bought badly (not WebVision)
    • Not the supplier’s fault
    • We bought with a build mentality
    • “ Can it do this?”
    • “ Well, yes it can, if we develop it”.
  • 8. We bought again – but better
    • We asked the journalists what was really important to them from a CMS
    • We looked for something already working in a similar environment to ours
    • We wanted something that worked “out of the box”
  • 9. What our journalists wanted…
    • Control over the content
    • Speed of publication and newsletters
    • Simple and intuitive workflow
    • Ability to move content around easily
    • Compatible with PCs and Macs
    • Multiple content types; news, blogs, forums, video and picture galleries
  • 10.
    • Everything the journalists wanted
    • Ability to integrate CMS with other systems
    • CMS that worked out of the box
    • No major customisation
    • Could be delivered in a tight timeframe
    • Would provide benefits of scale
    What the Emap Inform team wanted
  • 11. What we did next
    • We bought Webvision – we knew other B2B publishers had used it
    • White label approach across business
    • Standardised wireframes
    • Standardised advertising inventory
    • Standardised functionality for each site
    • “ Can it do this?” – No it can’t.
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. What else we did with Webvision
    • Trained super-users across the business
    • Ensured the workflow made sense
    • Integrated with Madgex for jobs
    • Training programme for journalists and sales people
    • Optimised for SEO
  • 17. Where we are now
    • Broadcast as an example:
    • November 2009:
    • Page impressions up 33% YoY
    • Unique users up 77% YoY
    • Newsletter registrations up 30%
    • Group digital ad revenues up by almost 60%
  • 18. Journalists doing what they do best
    • More journalists now using the CMS
    • More content than ever going online
    • Savings from reducing time required for repurposing print copy for online etc
    • We do things quicker and better
    • NT web editor, Gabriel Fleming, web editor of the year at BSME awards
  • 19. Innovation continuing
    • Sites add HTML where they need to “customise the sites themselves”
    • Twitter feeds and financial feeds in spin blocks through RSS
    • Development of new sites built for us and then bolted on to the WebVision CMS.
    • CN Insight for Construction News – TCI for Broadcastnow.
  • 20. Our resource now
    • Emap Inform’s current sites:
    • One developer
    • Two support/testers
    • One designer (mostly email for sales/marketing)
    • One manager
    • Roughly £250k
  • 21. Conclusion
    • The white label solution can work for sites that have similar core requirements
    • Select carefully – but very big benefits to single CMS across multiple brands
    • Further development of overall sites will probably mean a hybrid solution – of build and buy
  • 22. Emap Inform and WebVision Questions?