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Using moodle teacher slides

  1. 1. Using Moodle (Teacher)
  2. 2. Log on Screen Login is linked to network login
  3. 3. Courses you are a teacher on SiteNavigation Calendar and other items
  4. 4. AttendanceCourses From the calendar, upcoming events Week by week lesson resources
  5. 5. Student Attendance
  6. 6. Picker, relates to period Date and time of lesson Green button to take registerIndividual Pen to change existing records classes
  7. 7. How organisedClass detail P = Present. L= Late, E = Excused, A=Absent Click column head and all marked as that Set individual attendance by clicking Radio Button Add notes Then SAVE ATTENDANCE (bottom of page)
  8. 8. Student view of attendance
  9. 9. The Calendar
  10. 10. Moodle Calendar is in several parts• Site Calendar – Affecting the whole school• Course Calendar – Affecting all students on a course• Group Calendar – Relating to one group in a course• User Calendar – Items added for personal information to the user
  11. 11. Accessing the Calendar.• Right hand side of the Screen should be a – “current month” calendar.• Click the calendar and it will display the month in the centre panel
  12. 12. Add New Event Class Event headline, click for more detailWho the event affects
  13. 13. Add New Event screen Type = Group, Course or User Group only active if it is a group eventEvent Short name Description: fuller event details Start Date Duration or End date
  14. 14. The Grade Book
  15. 15. • Record marks in simple or categorised way.• Have “terms”• Use automatic marking of tests and quizzes• Reports as – mark X of Y –% – Grade 0, 1,2 ,3, 4, 5
  16. 16. • Grade Boundaries – Set by School• Categories – Set by Departments – Assessments added to Category• Weightings – Set by Departments• We will do the setting up for you• On-Line marking Auto-Updates Grade book• Off-Line marking you enter the mark achieved
  17. 17. Why?• Consistency across School• Improvements – Class registration – Openness – Analysis of marks – Expectations & Feedback• Absent Staff or Students• Developing the Work-Ethic
  18. 18. But…• It’s more work – Reuse all your existing materials• I still have to do.. – Yes, but now its all in one place, even if you are “Team-Teaching”• It’s in English – You can set the menus to Russian/Kazakh – You can put all your work in in Russian/Kazakh, or even English
  19. 19. I need HELP• Yes, we do not expect everybody to be expert from day 1 – Baby Steps• Training – We will work with the Departments – As staff develop they can help colleagues • (Sometimes we wouldn’t understand the problem)• Open Office – Bring your questions
  20. 20. WE need help• Departments to tell us the “COURSES”• Each Course to tell us Marking Categories• Each Course/Department to tell Weighting• Events for the School Calendar