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Political essay

  1. 1. Political Essay<br />It is vital to recognize the importance of all individuals and it is a crucial factor in order to achieve liberalism. The source presents an idea that for an individual to have rights and freedoms; they must accept and secure the freedom of an opponent. If the source is not embraced, then the rights and freedoms of an individual will not be secured. The author of the source supports the idea of modern liberalism in his quotation, which demonstrates the security of rights and freedoms of everyone opposed to classical liberalism, separating liberties into classes; rich white males had more rights in contrast to minority groups or women. The perspective of this source is from a right-wing individual because they express that freedom must be secured. A society must embrace the ideas presented in this source to secure freedom for everyone and the worth of an individual. However, it may be necessary under certain terms and conditions that the government suspends the rights and freedoms of an individual in order to take control of any emergency.<br />On January 30, 1933, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany which launched his path of destruction. After the Reichstag, Hitler declared that it was a signal for a Communist takeover; he wanted emergency power from President Hindenburg and to use the fear of a Communist takeover to gain control. He succeeded and eventually obtained power to control Germany and began to put in many laws. In order to create a totalitarian state, the Sturmabteilung used acts of violence against leftists, communist, democrats, Jews and other opposition or minority groups. Those who did not comply with the Nazis faced discrimination, persecution, imprisonment or death. He began executing millions of innocent people so he could create his perfect Aryan nation. Not only were a limited amount of people accepted in Nazi Germany, people could not express their beliefs and had no basic rights such as freedom of speech, movement or media. Hitler put censorship into place to ensure that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted them to see, hear what they wanted them to hear and read only what the Nazis deemed acceptable. Hitler felt that women and men have two separate jobs so he made sure that women had to follow strict rules of Kinder, Kuche and Kirche which means Children, Kitchen and Church. It is clear that Hitler would not support the ideas presented in this source, however, if he had, he may have had a better chance of being successful. This is an example why we should embrace this source because removing rights and freedoms from enemies or innocent people will end in chaos. From experience we should not embrace Fascist ideas but embrace this source because limiting peoples’ rights will not create a successful society.<br />Julian Assange is an Australian publisher, journalist, software developer and Internet activist. He is the founder, spokesperson, and editor in chief of Wikileaks. He founded the Wikileaks website in 2006. He has published material about extrajudicial killings in Kenya and toxic waste dumping. In 2010, he published classified details about American involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. On November 28, 2010, Wikileaks released secret US diplomatic cables. Assange was a computer hacker which led people to believe that is how he obtained the information he released. Around the same time he released the diplomatic cables, he was accused of raping two women in Sweden which gave the U.S. a reason to have him escorted to the U.S. so he could be charged to the full extent, however the charges were dropped but remained in a maximum security prison. There has been many mixed reviews on the release of these diplomatic cables; most of the reports released have been negative. This has led to chaos over the internet because the government is hacking Wikileaks and its supporter’s websites. Wikileaks supporters have also been hacking government websites, and it is an on-going battle. Any company that has chosen to support Wikileaks or associate with them have been threatened by the U.S. government, forcing companies to pull out of associating with Assange. The U.S. have made attempts to limit Assange’s rights and freedoms in attempt to secure the privacy of the government and agent/dissidents around the world. It may be acceptable to limit his rights because by releasing these documents, it threatens the safety of many people. However, Assange is doing his job as a journalist and a media outlet by reporting news to the world that should be read. The United States are embracing this source, and as should most countries that face similar problems when it threatens the safety of its citizens.<br />In 1936-1938, a series of political repressions occurred known as the Great Purge which was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin. It was a goal to sweep away all of Stalin's real and imaginary enemies and to introduce all levels of the Soviet society especially upper echelons with a sense of insecurity and dependence on Stalin. He also decided that the top seventeen ministers of the Ukrainian Soviet government should be arrested and executed. Stalin became aware that opposition to his policies was growing. Some party members were publicly criticizing Stalin and calling for the admission of Leon Trotsky to the party. When the issue was discussed at the Politburo, Stalin demanded that the critics should be arrested and executed. He then decided to purge the Red Army; he removed many high-ranking officers which was about 70,000 men in the officer corps. He felt that he had sufficient evidence that the army was planning a military coup. Although Stalin was removing many those that could be successful in opposing him, he was weakening the leadership of the Red Army. Some historians believe that Stalin was telling the truth when he claimed that he had evidence that the army was planning a military coup at this time. The last stage of the terror was the purging of the NKVD (they were the regular, public police force of the USSR.) Stalin wanted to make sure that those who knew too much about the purges would be killed. Stalin announced to the country that "fascist elements" had taken over the security forces which had resulted in innocent people being executed. Stalin not only eliminated opposition from those opposed to Bolshevism, but those within the Bolshevik party that would potentially oppose his leadership. Stalin and his policies are a perfect example of why we should embrace this source. Many people in the society did not approve of Stalin’s ideas and leadership, and instead of trying to satisfy his people he began removing peoples’ rights. He became extremely paranoid while in power, and ended up killing innocent people to secure his power. However, Stalin did have a small amount of evidence to believe people would try to overthrow him so he arrested and executed many. In this case, we should not embrace Stalin’s ideas but rather, embrace the source to allow more of a successful society.<br />In order for liberalism to be successful in a society; rights and freedoms of an individual must be secured however the rejection of this belief may be acceptable in times of crisis. Although our rights and freedoms may be temporarily suspended for our own benefit, the government will eventually restore society to how it previously was once the problem is solved. In a liberal society, it is necessary to recognize the worth of an individual regardless of their position on the political position. Each individual must embrace this source, friend or foe, it is necessary to secure an individual’s rights and freedoms.<br />