Sintesis del verbo to be


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Sintesis del verbo to be

  1. 1. SINTESIS DEL VERBO TO BELIZANDRO PATIÑO VERBO TO BE AFIRMACIÓN Contracción NEGACIÓN Contracción I AM IM I AM NOT IM NOT HES HES NOT HE/ SHE /HE / SHE / IT IS SHES IS NOT SHES NOT IT ITS ITS NOT WERE WERE NOT WE / YOU / WE / YOU ARE YOURE ARE NOT YOURE NOT THEY / THEY THEYRE THEYRE NOTTraduce las siguientes palabras. Haz uso del glosario cuando sea necesario. Recuerda quecuando la palabra lleva delante la partícula to se trata de un verbo.a, an about aeroplaneafter again airairport airways allarent ah! amand announcer answerany anything areare arm as...asask at at homethe back back badbaker bakers ballbanana be be inbeach beatiful bedbedroom beginning with behindbest bicycle big
  2. 2. big head bill blackblue boat bodybook bookcase bookshopbox boy breadbring brother brownbrush bus but2. Construye frases con las siguientes palabrasbehind_________________________________________________________________as.... as________________________________________________________________body__________________________________________________________________best___________________________________________________________________bread__________________________________________________________________3. Completa las frases siguientes con el verbo en el tiempo correctoa) What are you ____________________ ? I am _______________ lunch.b) My sister always (go) ___________ to school by bus.c) __________ this girl?. No, it ___________.It ___________ a boy.d) Yesterday I (go) _________ to the cinema wiht my parentse) ______you ? ________ you enjoy with the film?f) Oh yes. It (be) _________ a fantastic film: Shrek II We (have)_______ a lot of fun.3. Traduce las siguientes camera capcap car car windowcard careful carpetcase cat to cachcatcher chair childchildren church circusclean clever clevercloth clothes coatcold collar come
  3. 3. come back come in come outcome on cook coolof course cricket crosscup cupboard curtainday dear deligthteddirty dish dodid dog doorto draw drawer dressdrop easy eggeight eighteen elephanteleven every eye4. Construye frases con las siguientes palabras. Haz dos de ellas en interrogación y una enforma negativa.children_______________________________________________________________come in_______________________________________________________________clever_________________________________________________________________do____________________________________________________________________dress__________________________________________________________________5. Traduce las siguientes palabras.face famous fatherfifteen film fishfish-shop five floorfeet football footballerfor four fourteenfriend from fullfun game gardengate German getget out get up girl
  4. 4. give go goodgood morning goodbye grassgreen ground hairhalf hand happyhe hes headhello help herhere him hishold hole holidayhome hook hothouse how how manyhungry hurray hurry6. Construye frases con las siguientes palabras. Haz dos de ellas en forma negativa y una enforma interrogativa negativa.face___________________________________________________________________garden_________________________________________________________________hold___________________________________________________________________how many_____________________________________________________________hungry________________________________________________________________7. Traduce las siguientes palabras.I ice-cream Icelandidea idiot illin inside interestinginto isnt itits its Italianjudge just to laughleft leg lessonletter library librarianlife life saving lift up
  5. 5. like line listenlittle to live looklook at look for lostmachine made of manmany me memorymen minute moneymonkey name nearnew next ninenineteen noise nothingnow oclock ofoffice old onopen other our8. Construye frases con las siguientes palabras. Hazlas en tiempo de pasado simplelaugh__________________________________________________________________old_________________________________________________________________our__________________________________________________________________money_______________________________________________________________memory________________________________________________________________9. Traduce las siguientes palabras.out outside over hereover there to pack a pairpaper park passengerpast perhaps pictureplane plate platformplease poor postmanpound practise propertyto pull to put to put back
  6. 6. a quarter quick quietrain red richright runner run awaysad saucer to saveto say scarf seventeenshe shes to shineshirt shoe shopshop_man shorts shutsilly sister to sitsix sixteen skislipper so somesomething sometimes soonsorry soup speaka stamp to stamp to staystick still streetto swim sweater tabletail to take to take backto take off tape-recorder to teachteacher teeth to tellten thank you thatthe their themthen there thesethey thief thingthis those threethrough throw tickettime to today
  7. 7. too tooth toothbrushtrain tree trouserstrue trunk Tuesdaytwelve twenty twounder up upstairsus usually veryvery well waiter to walkwall to want to washwater we Wednesdaywhat when wherewhy who windowwith woman womenwood worm to worryto write wrong yellowyes you you-re10 Escribe una pregunta con las siguientes palabras.What_________________________________________________________________?Where________________________________________________________________?When________________________________________________________________?Who_________________________________________________________________?Why_________________________________________________________________?