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  • Developments in-global-products-sally-davis-president987

    1. 1. Developments in Global Products Sally Davis, President, Products and Services BT Global Services September, 2003
    2. 2. Agenda • Who we are and what we do • Global Products – ICT services strategy – Extending our global reach – MPLS development • Customer Service – Strategy – Track Record
    3. 3. The company - one BT BT BT Retail BT Wholesale BT Openworld BT Global Services
    4. 4. BT Global Services Financial position at Q1Continues to strengthen • Strong quarter’s results: - turnover grew by 5% year on year • Improvement in underlying profitability and cash flow: - operating free cash flow turned positive pre-leaver costs • Our flagship MPLS product saw a quarter on quarter increase in revenue of 170% • Customer Satisfaction improvement: - Dissatisfaction down from 14% a year ago to 9% today
    5. 5. Our International Strategy Build on existing corporate relationships Providing European and International reach Offer complete portfolio of ICT products, solutions and services European focus, global reach: Meeting the needs of our customers seamlessly regardless of geography Driving for cost and capital efficiency Strengthening global reach Enhancing Product Portfolio Standardise global operating environment Continuous improvement in service levels
    6. 6. The challenge our business customers face….
    7. 7. Our Response – Not Just Network Nervous System Business Application Services Business IPServices Business Transformation Services IncreasingValue Brains& Intelligence
    8. 8. Global Services Addresses ICT ComplexityAbilitytoDifferentiate Private Circuits and PSTN Internet/Frame/ATM IP Voice / LAN IPVPN / IPSec eCRM / eBusiness IT Services – desktop and datacentre Business Process Management ICT Outsource ACCESS PRODUCTS DATA & VOICE CONNECTIVITY MANAGED CONNECTIVITY APPLICATIONS SOLUTIONS Business Functions Business IT NETWORK ACCESS NETWORK PRODUCTS NETWORK SERVICES & VALUE ADDED SERVICES IT SERVICES & APPLICATIONS INTEGRATED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Business Functions Business IT Security, Mobility OCC CustomerBuys Increasing Complexity
    10. 10. MPLS Investment is at the Core of GS Data CentreData Centre HQ or Branch Application Performance Management Secure VPN client Secure Authentication GS DATACENTRE CUSTOMER DATACENTRE GLOBAL MPLS
    11. 11. MPLS Excellence Capabilities •Lots of customers! •Extensive global reach •Development of 6 classes of service •Key component in applications and mobility delivery •Comprehensive SLAs and customer service
    12. 12. End to End MPLS Best in World • We believe BT has the BEST combination of technologies for extensive reach: – 130 countries available via combination of GPOP, FR, VSat, IPLC – available in 70 countries via GPOP, FR and APOP and VSat – no dependency on X.25 – direct GPOP coverage increase to 35 countries by close of 03/04 through expansion in Americas, Asia-Pac and Europe
    13. 13. BT’s European MPLS network • Ubiquitous UK network • MPLS nodes in 16 European countries today • MPLS expansion to an additional 5 Central /Eastern countries 03/04: – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Estonia • Frame Relay nodes in 41 European countries today • No. 1 in Europe for VPN services BT MPLS platform in Europe
    14. 14. International Expansion - N. America •Expansion in US, Canada, Mexico from 8 to 23 MPLS nodes 20032003 Washington DC, Detroit, Miami, Seattle, Denver, Toronto, Mexico City 20042004 Minneapolis, Cleveland, Charlotte, St. Louis 20052005 Tampa, Cincinnati, Phoenix
    15. 15. International Expansion- Asia-Pac Tokyo Osaka Seoul Hong KongBangkok Kuala Lumpur Singapore Jakarta Taipei ManilaMumbai Bangalore Perth Adelaide Melbourne Brisbane Sydney Wellingto nChristchurch Auckland Shanghai Delhi Guangzhou Beijing Hanoi MPLS network expansion to reach to 14 countries in the region Phase 1 (Now Ready for Service) Australia (Sydney), Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), Singapore Phase 2a (Targeted RFS Dec. 2003) India (Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi) Phase 2b (Targeted RFS Q3/4 2003/04) China (Shanghai and Gunazhou) , South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia Phase 3 (via NNI) Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam
    16. 16. 6 Classes of Service on MPLS Equant AT&T Infonet BT C&W MCI Attributes 5 Classes of Service 4 classes of service; soon to offer 5 4 classes of service 6 classes in 2004 3 classes of service today 3 classes of service 3 Classes of service
    17. 17. Using MPLS to Deliver Application Performance Data Centre Data Centre HQ or Branch Application Performance Management Secure VPN client Secure Authentication GS DATACENTRE CUSTOMER DATACENTRE GLOBAL MPLS GS DATACENTRE
    18. 18. Application Performance Management on MPLS• Expanding MPLS classes of service from 3 to 6 • Testing many applications’ network requirements – Generic Applications – SAP, Oracle etc – requirements on networks – Customer specific application performance specifications • Developing CPE-to-CPE (router not desktop) SLAs as first step • Integration with UK datacentres and Web Services Management Layer to create management flexibility • Create a flexible, applications-enabled infrastructure • Drive towards industrial strength DEN-based desktop to desktop to datacentre performance management
    19. 19. Adding Mobility to MPLS Data Centre Data Centre HQ or Branch Application Performance Management Secure VPN client Dial, DSL, Wi-FI, GPRS/G3 Secure Authentication Password, Token, IPSec GS DATACENTRE CUSTOMER DATACENTRE GLOBAL MPLS GS DATACENTRE
    20. 20. Mobile Enabled MPLS At the Hotel (Analogue, ISDNxDSL, Wi-Fi) 1 Username 1 Client Interface 1 Service At home before you travel (Analogue, ISDN, xDSL) Any Time, Any Place ! On the road (GSM / GPRS) Paused travel @ Coffee Shop/Airport/Conference Wi-Fi,GPRS.G3
    21. 21. Easy Access Service Information via VBC Comprehensive suite of e-servicing applications Order& Fault Management - Placement , Tracking & Configuration Changes - Personalised fault alerts via e-mail or web message Product Reporting - NetworkHealth & Service Management Inventory View & Query Shared Web Folders Planned Maintenance Notices Future focus: • End to End customer network alarm application • Real time MPLS network performance reporting with on-line changes option • Customer specific application level reporting across MPLS network • Personalised order status alerts & improved collaboration tools
    22. 22. Connecting your world • Network connectivity where you need it across five continents with matching service surround • Global managed services with SLAs to match • World-class MPLS capability: 6 CoS • Applications-aware approach to portfolio development • Mobility capable • Continuous commitment from BT to invest in our product and services portfolio – Over £50Million p.a. invested in global VPN Services
    23. 23. Questions
    24. 24. Customer Service Sally Davis, President, Products and Services BT Global Services September , 2003
    25. 25. What do our customers want from us?• Ownership & Accountability – Single Point of Contact for their services with BT – Improvement programmes over time to meet customer requirements – Accessibility • Consistency – Irrespective of geography – SLA – Processes • Flexibility & Responsiveness – to engage in the way they want – service levels according to needs and budgets • Reliability – Deliver to agreed expectations • Cost effective and competitive – more for less
    26. 26. Service focused on the customer “As a service business, BT has to sell its customer experience. We will make it simpler for people to communicate with BT and deliver effective e-Centric solutions” From “acceptable” to “exceptional” “Customer satisfaction is a number one priority” Ben Verwaayen “BT is a service company - our whole strategy must be driven by customers”
    27. 27. Customer Experience Vision “A world where all our customers feel empowered and are treated as individuals” TrustedTrusted FlexibleFlexible StraightforwardStraightforward Increasingly Personalised UserConfidence. This means secure and reliable data Service will be the Key differentiatorwhich means we need to get a standard operating environment to manage service effectively Each customerneeds to be treated as an individual at the service layerand is not interested in the technology. Simple web portals that would allow everything fromBilling to service activation at the clickof a button giving the customer control Provide Mass customisation. We will need to manage service at the edge of the network “end to end”and this will require an IAD supported by generic systems and OSS capability Complex services will require Cross Domain ICT management to effectively manage capacity and utilisation of the network Infrastructure in real time.
    28. 28. • You give me access to new services quickly to meet my changing needs with partnerships I trust. •My services are available anytime anyplace. •I get the experience I pay for wherever and whenever I ask for it. • Make my services easy to use wherever I use them • Give me friendly personal assistance whenever I need it. • Simple “Hassle Free” Self-service is available to me • My personal information is always safe and secure and there when I need it. • I have confidence in you as a partner to look after my personal and business needs • Provide me with reliable Services which meet my end- users needs. TrustedTrusted FlexibleFlexible StraightforwardStraightforward Increasingly Personalised End User Experience - My Service •Empower me to live and work as I choose. •Recognise who or what is important to me. • My associates and I are able to contact one another in the way that we choose
    29. 29. Our Priorities and Objectives Driving Customer Satisfaction - will drive specific improvements across the business • SOE - will simplify the way we operate - processes and systems • Transformation programme - will address specific service issues FROM ACCEPTABLE TO EXCEPTIONAL
    30. 30. BT Global Services Customer Satisfaction Measurement Programme • Independently conducted surveys to measure customers’ satisfaction with their BT experience – Includes Europe, US and Asia Pacific – ~300 interviews /month outside UK • Four main types of survey – Overall telephone survey - measures customers’ perception of relationship with BT. Respondents are decision makers/ influencers . (Agency- HI Europe) – F 2 F Strategic level interviews with most Executive level respondent in largest companies where telephone not appropriate (Agency HI Europe) – Event Driven Satisfaction Surveys-. Measure specific recent events e.g. orders, repair.Operational level respondents (Agency IFF) – Customer Partnership Council • Acting on Results – Individual customer concerns addressed and action plans developed – Major action plans implemented from Root Cause analysis on overall results - – Senior Management closely monitors actions plans through a monthly forum.
    31. 31. Driving down dissatisfaction Improvement Plans Time Dissatisfaction ORDER AND PROVISION LEADTIME REDUCTION REPAIR REDUCTION OF REPAIR TIME KCI IMPLEMENTATION IN PROVISION AND REPAIR COMPLAINTS LENGTH OF TIME TO RESOLVE PRODUCT SELLING PRODUCTS WE CAN SUPPORT 1) FORMAT IN TERMS OF EASEOF UNDERSTANDING 2) ACCURACY OF BILLS SALES AND SERVICES ENHANCE SERVICEMANAGEMENT ROLE BILLING KEY DRIVERS OF DISSATISFACTION KEY PROGRAMMES 03/04 GS Programmes 2002/3 - reduced dissatisfaction over target of 25% Complaint Handling & Billing Marketing & Communication Operational Metrics (KPI) Service Delivery & Repair Keeping Customers Informed GS Programmes 2003/4 – targeted to reduce neutral customers by 10% 08/01 08/03
    32. 32. Demonstration of Improvements • “The main improvement in absolute score is in customer service which has improved by 30 points, account management by 9 points and the product by 7 points.” …..“The extent to which BT keeps its customers informed of progress on specific requests for action, has increased SIGNIFICANTLY by 33 %.” HIEurope2002 • BT’s performance has improved greatly since the last report with five attributes improving significantly. Overall Satisfaction was excellent.” BT has significantly improved since the last report……Bt achieved five “excellent” scores compared with three in the previous survey….with 31% of their performance exceeding the benchmark by more than 10% Telemark, June2003 • “BT showed themselves to be a company that meets customer wishes and demands and was able to adapt their products accordingly” Customerfeedbackfromsatisfactionsurvey    • “We have built up very good contacts, they understand how we work, so they can deliver a solution the way we need it. Customerfeedbackfromsatisfactionsurvey • “BT Global Services delivered a strong performance in Q4. This provided the first evidence of the pipeline of recent contract wins being converted into revenue........ We see Global Products and Solutions as higher growth drivers for Global Services, and the principal growth drivers for the whole BT Group.” - JPMorgan
    33. 33. SOE – a step change to world class • Standardised operational processes & systems • Culture change & a consistent customer experience • Instilling customer centricity into our DNA • Reducing complexity • Driving out cost and inefficiency • Driving in simplicity an ‘end to end’ CS capability • Single system with common inventory • Common KPI • E-E processes
    34. 34. A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE - SINGLE OPERATION & ACCOUNTABILITYA CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE - SINGLE OPERATION & ACCOUNTABILITY Local Operational Centres: Service Delivery Access line Installation co-ordination Local configuration Customer KCI / handover Service Assurance Business Hours Ticket Management Supplier Management Flexible in-country location Global Centres of Excellence: Global or Regional SPOC 365 x 24 x 7 ICT capability & expertise Disaster recovery Service Delivery & Assurance Performance & SLA management Commercial Services Technical Expertise – 2nd & 3rd line Co-located with Network Centres Product launch & sunset
    35. 35. RCE Supporting ICT capability Simple & Complete Customer Experience Customer Single Number & Portal Interface MessagingE - service Call MeWeb ChatMobile Fixed E-mail Fax Real-time Contact SMS A&H Managed Hosting Managed Apps A&H Managed Hosting Managed Apps Managed Desktop Subscription, Complex Managed Desktop Subscription, Complex CRM Contact Centres, Self Service CRM Contact Centres, Self Service Mobility Voice, Data, W-LAN, PDAs Mobility Voice, Data, W-LAN, PDAs OutsourceOutsource Managed IPT Managed IPT RCE – pro-active environment Networks IncreasingAutomation
    36. 36. E-Service integral to our customer interface PVC Regrade Fully Personalised Portal Ticket Create Order Status Service EnquiryProduct Performance Reports Shared Web Folders Other Apps Links Service Notices Ticket Status
    37. 37. Changing Culture • Service Manager • Project Management • Instilling Customer into our DNA
    38. 38. What This Means... We are on a journey Reducing customer dissatisfaction and increasing customer satisfaction remains a top priority We are focussed on meeting our customer needs: Reduced lead times Providing timely pro-active and accurate information Fault resolution addressed at first contact Improved and accurate billing Raising e-service capability We are providing our people with the tools to make a step change Improved working practices Increased empowerment Capability to improve their customer’s experience
    39. 39. Questions
    40. 40. Global Products and Services...Products •Continuous investment •MPLS at the core •Extended reach •6 classes of service •Applications and mobility capable Customer Service •Focus on customer satisfaction •Capability for full ICT services •Transforming our operations through SOE •Instilling customer service into our DNA