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Aud weo presentation


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  • 1. Audubon Guides: Situation Analysis  Work with a classic high tech start up with venture capital funding.  Go late into a market with existing competitors: • iBird & iBird Pro • Petersen’s Field Guides • National Geographic  Do a national launch with a sum of money ($140,000) that is the equivalent of less than one 4-color print ad in a national nature magazine.  Do so in a crowded 4th Quarter retail environment.  Navigate a multi-stakeholder environment; venture funders, management & a conservative not-for-profit.  Run & gun with the client as the overall platform, app portfolio & access to funding changed from week to week (and from day to day).
  • 2. A Field Guide to the Marketing Plan • Our Approach to Public Relations: •Overall Approach 12 •The Extended PR Team 13 •Deliverables 14 •Targets by Segment 16 - 24 • Our Approach to Paid Media • Objectives & Strategies 25 - 27 • Our Approach to Media Selection 28 • Traditional Media 29 - 30 • Display Ads & Ad Networks 31 - 39 • Paid Search 40 - 41 • Social Media 42 - 44 • Website Deliverables • Landing page Development 45 • iTunes Store Considerations 46 • Google Analytics Implementation 47
  • 3. 1. Quickly build awareness, interest and trial. 2. Carefully select the best audiences, messages & channels. 3. Avoid inefficiencies of traditional, broad reach vehicles; national TV, Broad based print vehicles, etc. 4. Embrace a more focused, ‘nodal’ approach: • Working at the grass roots with Audubon’s local chapters • Focusing our efforts on PR & other strategies that magnify our dollars: • Bloggers • Reviewers • Embracing passionate members within our targeted segments • Amplify our message using Social Media. Audubon Guides: Key Launch Objectives & Strategies
  • 4. Strategy
  • 5. Audubon Guide’s Brand Pyramid
  • 6. Audubon Guides: Tagline Nature. There’san app for that.
  • 7. Audubon Guides: Marketing “Lane Discipline” Earned Media (aka “Public Relations”) • Achieves broadest reach of all marketing deliverables • Used to chase the big wins (NPR, NYT, WSJ, Apple, etc.) • App + Web Focused (by nature of Audubon involvement, NFP) • More fluid, less predictable outcomes Paid Media (aka “Media Planning”) • Some broad reach, but public relations leads • Deep presence across relevant verticals • Focused on App sales • More structured and predictable outcomes
  • 8. Audubon Guides: Our Approach to Prioritizing Nodal Strategies Aggregated List up of Sites Using, Alexa & Google Ad Planner PR List (crossed with Vocus data & qualitative assessments) Paid Media List (crossed with pricing data & qualitative assessments) PR Selects Lists Paid Media Selects List Execution Execution Establishment of Segmentation Model Approvals Approvals
  • 9. Audubon Guides: Public Relations Objectives • Drive awareness & trial amongst core prospects in the initial six-week launch window. • Derive in PR what we can’t afford to buy via paid placement. Use PR as the broadest reach vehicle driving awareness of the app. • Leverage our National Audubon Society partner assets: • PR • Media Vehicles • Programs • Centers • Don’t be afraid to ‘ladder up the sale’; walk up from ‘functional’ themes into more broad- based, mission based language & ‘hooks.’
  • 10. Audubon Guides: Benefit Laddering Discussion: Public Relations & Media • A better, more sustainable planet • Better human stewardship of the natural environment • Richer ability to care for nature • A deeper understanding of nature • Ability to engage more richly with nature • Ability to identify plants & animals PR Ads
  • 11. Audubon Guides: Sample PR Media List: Southwestern Wildflowers App
  • 12. Audubon Guide’s Segmentation Model Nature Lovers MammalLovers BirdLovers Conservationists OutdoorRecreationists iPhoneEnthusiasts Educators AudubonMembers WildflowerLovers Value TreeLovers Value Value Value Value Value Value Value Value Message Message Message Message Message Message Message Message Message Efficiencies come from percent iPhone Ownership
  • 13. Segmented Press Releases Audubon Nature Conservationists Nature Recreationists Educators Tree Lovers Mammal Lovers Wildflower Enthusiasts Birders
  • 14. PR Collateral Folder
  • 15. Collateral One-Sheets
  • 16. App Specific One-Sheet Development
  • 17. PR Direct Mailers
  • 18. Public Relations Wins
  • 19. PR Win: National Public Radio
  • 20. PR Win: The Wall Street Journal
  • 21. PR Win: The Herald Tribune
  • 22. Ad Banners: by Segment Assessment period; we make adjustments as necessary at this time
  • 23. Print Ad: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 24. Print Ad: Trade Out in Audubon Magazine
  • 25. Landing Page Development Landing page included an embedded video. Segments are expressed here: different web properties spilled onto modulated landing pages built to best convert targets.
  • 26. NY Times Mobile Ads:
  • 27. Horizontal Banner Ads:
  • 28. Interactive Ads:
  • 29. Facebook Ads:
  • 30. National Audubon Society E-mail Campaign with Embedded Video
  • 31. Marketing Deliverables Review Page:
  • 32. Audubon Guides: Results
  • 33. Audubon Guides: Results
  • 34. Audubon Guides: Results
  • 35. Audubon Guides: Results
  • 36. Audubon Guides: Results • Early marketing documentation played key role in securing venture capital funding (even as issues with app stability plagued the launch). • Activity intelligently managed so that CPMs continued to decline as we increased marketing funding. • Orchestrated a nationally prominent, multi channel, multi segment campaign on a shoestring budget. • Launched Audubon Guides into the #1 & #2 positions in the most profitable segment of the iTunes store: the reference section. Product continues to perform well, with multiple apps in top positions in iTunes store as measured by • Finally, our efforts allowed for the successful completion of Audubon Guides second round venture capital financing: $2,500,000 during a time of fiscal restraint/recession.
  • 37. PR: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 38. PR: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 39. PR: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 40. Mobile Landing Page Development: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 41. Interactive Ad Development: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 42. Horizontal Banner Ads: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 43. E-mail with Embedded Video Demo: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 44. Facebook Ads: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides
  • 45. PR One-Sheets: National Audubon Society iPhone Guides