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The ANC had it's centenary party and BrandsEye tracked the conversation from the 4th to 8th Janua

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BrandsEye - ANC Centenary Event

  1. 1. ANC Centenary Celebration4th – 8th January, compiled by @greg_dale
  2. 2. Summary• Between the 4th and 8th of January, conversation about the ANC 100 year celebration totalled 9 839 mentions across the Internet.• This conversation generated 19 570 805 Opportunities-To-See (OTS) throughout digital mediums globally.• This equates to an Advert Value Equivalent (AVE) of R 4 056 674. This coverage for a event that was reported to cost R100 million.
  3. 3. Value Summary – 4th – 8th January 2012 CONVERSATION MEASURES VOLUME OTS AVE 9 839 19 570 805 R 4 056 674 MEDIA DISTRIBUTIONCONSUMER ENTERPRISE PRESS 92% 1% 7% SENTIMENT DISTRIBUTION≥DOWNPLAY LISTING ≤ENDORSEMENT 8% 78% 14% TOP DOMAINS Twitter Facebook All Others 74% 17% 9%
  4. 4. In the 5 days of tracking the ANC 100 year party 9 839related mentions were found across the Internet. It worth noting thatthe ANCYL hearing received 6 286 mentions in the 24 hours after theevent. This supports the long held belief that bad news travels quickerand further then good.
  5. 5. But whatexactlywas said?
  6. 6. Top ThemesThe top themes are indicated here by word size. For better context of which otherthemes were the most topical, “ANC” has been removed.
  7. 7. Observations• The word cloud shows very few themes coming through.• Sentiment around the event was largely neutral, although the large RT does suggest that the information was of high relevancy and therefore shared.• Minor themes notably the cost of the event, Thabo Mbeki’s presence and the ritual sacrifice were discussed.• The ANC should have looked to highlight Mbeki’s presence as a positive while explaining their rationale behind the sacrifice and the cost to try remedy the negative conversation. Interestingly the ANCYL was only discussed 69 times in the conversation.
  8. 8. Cost of the Party 259 mentionsA lack of clearcommunicationabout the cost leftpeople sharingvarious numbers. Noexplanation for thecost also left peopleangry about theperceived waste ofmoney.
  9. 9. Thabo Mbeki 132 mentionsThe ANC’scelebration wasThabo Mbeki’sfirst ANC functionsince he wasremoved aspresident.
  10. 10. Sacrificing A Bull 247 mentionsAs part of thecelebration weekendthe ANC sacrificed abull, this was notwell received. Manypeople thought thiswas inhuman.
  11. 11. Credibility DEF: The more people reached online, the more credible [Brand]’s conversation is. A respected source is deemed as having the potential to reach ≥4 000 people, an authoritative source ≥1 000 000.The ANC centenary celebration was marked by significant press coverage. Thishelps to secure significantly more OTS for the event. Some mentions were markedwith a credibility score of 9, this means they are expected to generate 1 000 000OTS. These particular mentions came from the BBC Twitter account which hasclose to 1 500 000 followers.
  12. 12. A combination of the numerous press articles and considerable socialmedia discussion resulted in the ANC centenary celebration reaching 19 570 805Opportunities-To-See (OTS) within the online sphere. In comparisonthe ANCYL hearing generated 40% of this coverage in 24 hours(8 419 565 OTS).
  13. 13. Had this conversation been purchased, it would have cost anAdvert Value Equivalent (AVE) ofR 4 056 674While this event was not designed to generate publicity for theANC, the conversation did exposure people to the ruling party.Regardless of whether an event is designed to market anorganisation the sentiment and message communicated mustbe monitored to ensure the brand in question is portrayed in thebest light.
  14. 14. Observations• The ANC received significant coverage for the event. However their failure to monitor and manage the conversation meant that the lost control of the message.• Engagement with the online conversation would have allowed the ANC to direct the conversation towards the celebration of 100 years of political struggle.• Instead the conversation was neutral with some negative mentions. A failure to engage meant a real opportunity was lost to communicate with a large community.
  15. 15. Media BreakdownThe OTS generated by consumer conversation (11 341 505) ishigher then that that generated by the press (8 042 000). Despiteconsumers’ conversation reaching less people per eachmention the combined effect of all consumer conversation hassignificantly greater impact then the fewer, but more farreaching press articles.
  16. 16. Domain BreakdownSocial networks were the most active, accounting for 91% of thetotal conversation, with press sites driving around 2% of thetotal conversation.
  17. 17. Twitter Contributors Name Twitter Bio Number of TweetsNewsInSA (NewsInSA) All news related to South Africa. 771 228 Followers http://www.NewsinSA.cojazlaw24 (Saber Jazbhay) troublerouser who wont let the dust settle 47211 Followers on ignorance or prejudice!RevCJVP (Clive J. Pillay) 4544 Followers Our dream for South Africa is of an openDemokratiese (Democratic Alliance) opportunity society in which every person 43519 Followers is free, secure and equal These were the top engagers in the conversation around the ANC’s celebration. Twitter conversation showed 6 744 unique authors, and 1 035 users who tweeted more than once.
  18. 18. Observations• While 9 839 mentions is high for 5 days of conversation, when this is compared to the 6 286 individual mentions received in 24 hours for the ANCYL trial. The result of negative coverage becomes even more concerning.• Once again the ANC did little to manage the conversation taking place on Social Media sites like Twitter. This left the community to speculate and fabricate opinions on limited information.
  19. 19. Observations• A number of aspects about the weekend’s celebration were continuous. From the cost of the event. To the golf day, which was consider elitist, and the sacrificing of a bull, considered in human.• Debate online around these topics was rife and largely negative. Brand’s should look to communicate with the community to better explain their position. Explaining the rationale behind the cost and events making up the celebration would have helped manage some of the negative coverage.
  20. 20. Observations• The centenary celebration of the ANC was designed to mark the birthday of a key organization in the struggle for South Africa’s freedom.• As with any event Social Media can be leveraged and people who are not even at the event can enjoy some of the benefit.• Unfortunately a lack of ANC presence online hampered their ability to engage a wider audience.• From an online perspective it would appear that the ANC celebration was off message and was largely dominated by press covering the event. This resulted in consumers generating uninformed opinions of the ANC and its centenary.
  21. 21. Appendix
  22. 22. DefinitionsOpportunity-To-See (OTS) Advert Value Equivalent (AVE):OTS reflects the number of people who would have had the AVE offers a monetary value of the earnedopportunity to see a mention. A tweet from a user with conversation. The aim behind the AVE measure is to8 000 followers would account for 8 000 in the total OTS of capture what a company would have paid to exposethe conversation. This does not account for the possibility their brand to the number of people reached by thethat the mention may not have been seen by the user in conversation.their Twitter feed.Sentiment Distribution:The exact opinion and feeling towards a brand scored according to a 10-point scale:5 (Celebration) - the highest form of brand endorsement and brand loyalty (very rare)4 (Acclamation) - when a brand is endorsed and very highly commended3 (Praise) – when a brand is recognized very positively2 (Endorsement) – encouraging other readers to use the brand1 (Listing) – neutral mention of a brand.-1 (Downplay) - mildly negative sentiment about a brand.-2 (Concern) – distress/worry about a brand-3 (Rebuke) – disgust towards a brand-4 (Anger) - resentment towards a brand-5 (Emergency) - severe threat to the brand or the community’s safety
  23. 23. Any Questions or Ideas?