Tapal analysis by brands academy
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Tapal analysis by brands academy

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Brand Academy provides details brand analysis, research, article and insights for free. ...

Brand Academy provides details brand analysis, research, article and insights for free.

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Tapal Family Mixture Brand analysis for MBA, BBA and other marketing, branding, advertising and business students.

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  • 1. Tapal Family Mixture
  • 2. Tapal Family Mixture Tapal Family Mixture has been a vital player in Tapal overall success journey. It is quite important and close to Tapal’s Management heart and mind because it has been the most successful brand in Tapal’s history and the its blend was created by the first generation of Tapal’s family. It was initially known as “Tapal Chai”, later it was renamed as Tapal Family Mixture, as shown in exhibit 8 which consists of the whole transformation of brand from Tapal chai to Tapal Family Mixture.
  • 3. Customer Profiling Set of customers that are - family oriented, - close bonding with relatives and enjoy togetherness. - One step solution for taste (strong and normal). This was done on the basis of direct customer contact and response attained by Adam Tapal and Faiz Tapal and was structured by Aftab Tapal .
  • 4. Segmentation
  • 5. Segmentation
  • 6. Segmentation
  • 7. Targeting Strategy Segments are clearly defined and the brand is catering mass therefore the targeting strategy is “target multiple segments”, as it serves not only strong, normal and light taste preferences. It includes targeting of lower, middle and upper class.
  • 8. Positioning Strategy Positioning statement is the most internal and confidential element of brand personality. On the basis of our observation we find that positioning strategy of Tapal Family Mixture as: “Tapal Family Mixture is serving the tea needs of the masses in the tea beverages industry with focusing on family values, togetherness, bond and unity with differentiating on the basis of quality mixture offering.”
  • 9. Positioning Strategy Positioning Concept – Management wants it to be perceived as a family brand that becomes the family culture and part of family heritage. Positioning Strategy – Every integrated campaign carried, conveys the same message of being family oriented, bonding and togetherness. Positioning Effectiveness – Every integrated marketing program is evaluated through short customer responses and research against set of benchmarks, portraying the same message projected by the company which allowed Tapal a very effective communication strategy.
  • 10. Product Specification - Color - Aroma - strong Taste of dust They have introduced tea bags and jars for house hold. Blend comprises of unique mix of leaf and dust which enables it to serve the need of the wider range of the customers, it fulfills the taste of strong as well normal tea.
  • 11. Pricing They are using High Passive strategy by focusing on brand features & performance in their ads that is functional & emotional. Company is offering medium range price so that number of people can easily afford it.
  • 12. Placing Strategy They are pursing Intensive Distribution Strategy in order to make it easily available all over including big stores, small stores and very small shops like local shops etc.
  • 13. Promotion Strategy TV show launched name ”KHUSHI KE LAMHAAT”, motive was to give prizes to customers and earn their loyalty - SMS campaign - Launched song “Laage na nazar” - “Qabool Hai” Theme
  • 14. Ad analysis
  • 15. Ad analysis
  • 16. Ad analysis
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