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Datelytics Pitch Deck
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Datelytics Pitch Deck


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My startup pitch deck for the dating world.

My startup pitch deck for the dating world.

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  • 1. Your Digital Dating Agency Coming Soon to Brandon T. Luong @Datelytics
  • 2. @Datelytics What’s the problem?
  • 3. @Datelytics There are too many dating apps and websites that: • • • • Don’t solve the awkwardness of online dating Offer similar services Rely heavily on users No revenue or terrible premium services
  • 4. NONE give the entire dating experience
  • 5. @Datelytics Okay, so what?
  • 6. @Datelytics According to , ● There are 54 single Americans ● $1.049 Billion annual revenue from online dating ● 64% say common interests are the most important factor
  • 7. @Datelytics states that ● Location based services is best for advertisement ● Triple digit increase in location-enabled impressions
  • 8. @Datelytics At , Social media ● Contributes to big data ● Gives insights to individuals in seconds
  • 9. @Datelytics What’s the solution?
  • 10. @Datelytics Dating app that analyzes users’ social networks to match compatible candidates and offer best date activity
  • 11. @Datelytics Think of us as if Groupon and Netflix had a kid together
  • 12. @Datelytics Our magic
  • 13. @Datelytics Step 1 Sign-in with social networks so it can extract the info Step 2 Finds candidates according to pages liked, check-ins, activities, etc, and displays the ones in common Step 3 After choosing ‘the one’, then date activities will display that person will like according to the data provided
  • 14. @Datelytics Step 4 Go on the date and enjoy!
  • 15. @Datelytics What makes us special? We are: • User focused • Gathering real data from social networks • The only app to provide an all-in-one dating experience
  • 16. @Datelytics Validation Our survey shows 90% out of 92 people would love to try it We’re also backed up by
  • 17. @Datelytics The Nitty Gritty
  • 18. @Datelytics Business Model: Freemium Reason: To attract users in order to create brand advocates, retain active users and word-of-mouth marketing for an all encompassing growth hack plan
  • 19. @Datelytics Revenue Driver: Affiliate Programs Our revenue will come from the affiliate programs in the initial stage in order to not ruin the user experience. Although the revenue may be small at the beginning, it will assist us in paying our bills. Plus Premium Users Advertisers Sometimes people just need that extra There see a top secret code we will use boost and that is where our premium for advertisers’ deals to show users will get the much needed help
  • 20. @Datelytics Even without premium users or advertising revenue, Datelytics can still generate $600M within 5 years from the affiliate programs Affiliate Programs Total Revenue
  • 21. @Datelytics Meet the Teamily Brandon Master Chief Rheza Tech Whisper Milan Graphic Wizard Ximon Android Guy
  • 22. Raising 400,000 Capital
  • 23. @Datelytics Thank You 540.446.8370