Why I Turned Off My Auto-Post Service and the Amazing Results that Followed


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Looking Back On the Past
For the past year, I’ve been drilling into people that they need to automate as much as possible when it comes to social media. I think I may need to take back some of what I’ve said at this point. The reason is that when I started to automate and have everything set to auto-post, I lost that ever so important personal touch. Don’t get me wrong, the information I was sending out was still of high value to my social followers, but it just seemed kind of blah and not personable.

Here’s What Happened
Once all my automation stopped, I started posting information when I was online myself and was able to instantly engage in conversations with people. It was really me in real-time, interacting and adding value to conversations with my followers. My social relationships grew exponentially, my social followers grew rapidly, and my quality of social followers increased. I was able to start using hashtags that are popular on each individual social network to drive highly qualified and specific traffic to my posts. Using personalized hashtags was a huge benefit to seeing my personal brand explode in popularity.

What I Learned
I learned that by trying different things in my social media branding efforts, I may get the results I’m looking for by accident. In this case, by shutting down my automation service, I actually turned on my personalization service. The main part is in the effort of trying different things. I do see the value in auto-posting for some industries, it’s just not what I’m personally looking for at this time. I don’t post and run anymore, today I post and chat with my followers. That being said, why don’t you leave a comment and let’s chat and see what works for you.

The Call to Action
Take this information and do something with it, if you don’t have the time or don’t know what your doing, that’s fine, reach out to me directly, and I’ll point you in the proper direction and connect you with a helpful resource.

About the Author
My name is Brandon Schaefer, I’ve busted my hump for the past 15-years breaking through barriers that no one ever thought was possible. I’m giving back what I’ve learned through the years, so you don’t have to go through the same trials and tribulations that I did. My goal is to help propel you into reaching your goal as fast as you possibly can. If you wish to contact me directly, please fill out the Contact form on my 90DayEntrepreneur site. Leave me a nice note in the message and I’ll be sure to follow up with you in a timely manner. I look forward to lending a hand and helping you out as much as I possibly can. We’ll do it together, I assure you one-hundred percent.

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Why I Turned Off My Auto-Post Service and the Amazing Results that Followed

  1. 1. Why  I  Turned  Off  My   Auto-­‐Post  Service  and   the  Amazing  Results   that  Followed  
  2. 2. Looking  Back  On  the  Past   For  the  past  year,  I’ve  been  drilling  into  people  that  they  need   to  automate  as  much  as  possible  when  it  comes  to  social   media.  I  think  I  may  need  to  take  back  some  of  what  I’ve  said   at  this  point.  The  reason  is  that  when  I  started  to  automate   and  have  everything  set  to  auto-­‐post,  I  lost  that  ever  so   important  personal  touch.  Don’t  get  me  wrong,  the   informa@on  I  was  sending  out  was  s@ll  of  high  value  to  my   social  followers,  but  it  just  seemed  kind  of  blah  and  not   personable.  
  3. 3. Here’s  What  Happened   Once  all  my  automa@on  stopped,  I  started  pos@ng   informa@on  when  I  was  online  myself  and  was  able  to   instantly  engage  in  conversa@ons  with  people.  It  was  really   me  in  real-­‐@me,  interac@ng  and  adding  value  to  conversa@ons   with  my  followers.  My  social  rela@onships  grew  exponen@ally,   my  social  followers  grew  rapidly,  and  my  quality  of  social   followers  increased.  I  was  able  to  start  using  hashtags  that  are   popular  on  each  individual  social  network  to  drive  highly   qualified  and  specific  traffic  to  my  posts.  Using  personalized   hashtags  was  a  huge  benefit  to  seeing  my  personal  brand   explode  in  popularity.  
  4. 4. What  I  Learned   I  learned  that  by  trying  different  things  in  my  social  media   branding  efforts,  I  may  get  the  results  I’m  looking  for  by   accident.  In  this  case,  by  shuKng  down  my  automa@on   service,  I  actually  turned  on  my  personaliza@on  service.  The   main  part  is  in  the  effort  of  trying  different  things.  I  do  see  the   value  in  auto-­‐pos@ng  for  some  industries,  it’s  just  not  what   I’m  personally  looking  for  at  this  @me.    
  5. 5. The  Call  to  AcHon   Take  this  informa@on  and  do  something  with  it,  if  you  don’t   have  the  @me  or  don’t  know  what  your  doing,  that’s  fine,   reach  out  to  me  directly,  and  I’ll  point  you  in  the  proper   direc@on  and  connect  you  with  a  helpful  resource.  
  6. 6. About  the  Author   My  name  is  Brandon  Schaefer,  I’ve  busted  my  hump  for  the   past  15-­‐years  breaking  through  barriers  that  no  one  ever   thought  was  possible.  I’m  giving  back  what  I’ve  learned   through  the  years,  so  you  don’t  have  to  go  through  the  same   trials  and  tribula@ons  that  I  did.  My  goal  is  to  help  propel  you   into  reaching  your  goal  as  fast  as  you  possibly  can.  If  you  wish   to  contact  me  directly,  please  fill  out  the  contact  form  on  my   90DayEntrepreneur.com  site.  Leave  me  a  nice  note  in  the   message  and  I’ll  be  sure  to  follow  up  with  you  in  a  @mely   manner.  I  look  forward  to  lending  a  hand  and  helping  you  out   as  much  as  I  possibly  can.  We’ll  do  it  together,  I  assure  you   one-­‐hundred  percent.