What’s a Hashtag? How to Use Them? How to Do a Hashtag Search?


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What’s the Deal With All the Hashtags
You see them all over the place: on TV commercials; on TV shows; on billboard signs; on cardboard shipping boxes; and everywhere else that you can imagine. Why are they so prevalent in todays world? I’ll jump into further detail in the paragraphs below.

What’s the Simple Definition of a Hashtag
A hashtag is a word or phrase that starts with the # sign.

What Networks do Hashtag Searches Work On
The primary social media channels supported are: Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; Google+; Pinterest; Tumblr; Flickr; and Vine. Things are changing all the time, so by the time you read this article, another few networks may have been added. If you know of one, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll be sure to update the article.

What Does a Hashtag Actually Do
Hashtags provide a way for people to search and group similar messages together. For example: #London allows people and businesses to search for any conversations that people are participating in about London.

How Does a Hashtag Benefit a Business
Hashtags benefit businesses because they can simply post a hashtag, then search for the hashtag of interest, and immediately engage with customer conversations in real time. For example: I am an employee of Porsche and I want to see what type of chatter is going on via the web about our new model. I’d simply search #porsche911 and I’d immediately see who is talking about our new model.

How Does a Hashtag Benefit a Consumer
Hashtags give the consumer an edge on staying up to date with the latest conversations as well. For example: you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan and you want to get pumped up before a game and get involved in real time conversations with people that love the Dallas Cowboys as well. All you’d need to do is search for the hashtag #dallascowboys and jump in on the conversation.

How Can I Do a Hashtag Search Myself
There are currently a few services: Tagboard.com; Hashtagify.me; and Hashtags.org. My personal favorite choice thus far is TagBoard.com, it’s simple, easy, and effective.

The Call to Action
Take this information and do something with it, if you don’t have the time or don’t know what your doing, that’s fine, reach out to me directly, and I’ll point you in the proper direction and connect you with a helpful resource. Visit the 90DayEntrepreneur.com site and select either the “sign me up as a learner” or the “sign me up as a helper” opt-in button. This will get you signed up in our thriving community of entrepreneurs.

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What’s a Hashtag? How to Use Them? How to Do a Hashtag Search?

  1. 1. What’s  a  Hashtag?     How  to  Use  Hashtags?   How  to  Search  for  a  Hashtag?    
  2. 2. What's  the  Deal  With  All  the  Hashtags   You  see  them  all  over  the  place:  on  TV  commercials;  on   TV  shows;  on  billboard  signs;  on  cardboard  shipping   boxes;  and  everywhere  else  that  you  can  imagine.  Why   are  they  so  prevalent  in  todays  world?  I'll  jump  into   further  detail  on  the  following  pages.  
  3. 3. What's  the  Simple  DefiniHon  of  a  Hashtag   A  hashtag  is  a  word  or  phrase  that  starts  with  the  #  sign.    
  4. 4. What  Networks  do  Hashtag  Searches  Work  On     The  primary  social  media  channels  supported  are:   TwiMer;  Instagram;  Facebook;  Google+;  Pinterest;   Tumblr;  Flickr;  and  Vine.  Things  are  changing  all  the  Hme,   so  by  the  Hme  you  read  this,  another  few  networks  may   have  been  added.  If  you  know  of  one,  drop  me  a  note  in   the  comments  and  I'll  be  sure  to  update  the  arHcle.    
  5. 5. What  Does  a  Hashtag  Actually  Do   Hashtags  provide  a  way  for  people  to  search  and  group   similar  messages  together.  For  example:  #London  allows   people  and  businesses  to  search  for  any  conversaHons   that  people  are  parHcipaHng  in  about  London.  
  6. 6. How  Does  a  Hashtag  Benefit  a  Business   Hashtags  benefit  businesses  because  they  can  simply   post  a  hashtag,  then  search  for  the  hashtag  of  interest,   and  immediately  engage  with  customer  conversaHons  in   real  Hme.  For  example:  I  am  an  employee  of  Porsche  and   I  want  to  see  what  type  of  chaMer  is  going  on  via  the  web   about  our  new  model.  I'd  simply  search  #porsche911  and   I'd  immediately  see  who  is  talking  about  our  new  model.  
  7. 7. How  Does  a  Hashtag  Benefit  a  Consumer   Hashtags  give  the  consumer  an  edge  on  staying  up  to   date  with  the  latest  conversaHons  as  well.  For  example:   you're  a  Dallas  Cowboys  fan  and  you  want  to  get  pumped   up  before  a  game  and  get  involved  in  real  Hme   conversaHons  with  people  that  love  the  Dallas  Cowboys   as  well.  All  you'd  need  to  do  is  search  for  the  hashtag   #dallascowboys  and  jump  in  on  the  conversaHon.  
  8. 8. How  Can  I  Do  a  Hashtag  Search  Myself     There  are  currently  a  few  services:  Tagboard.com;   Hashtagify.me;  and  Hashtags.org.  My  personal  favorite   choice  thus  far  is  TagBoard.com,  it's  simple,  easy,  and   effecHve.  
  9. 9. Closing  Comments   Hashtags  are  definitely  trending  and  I  don't  think  the   explosion  of  use  has  actually  occurred  yet.  For  businesses   looking  to  use  hashtags,  here  are  a  few  simple  Hps:  be   consistent  with  the  hashtags  you  use;  search  for  live   conversaHons  pertaining  to  your  specific  hashtag,  and  get   engaged  in  the  conversaHons;  and  only  use  a  maximum   of  two  hashtags  in  any  social  media  post.  Remember,  we   live  in  a  technology  world  that  changes  daily,  everything   I'm  saying  may  be  out-­‐of-­‐date  by  tomorrow.  Please  do   me  a  favor:  if  you  can  add  anything  to  this  presentaHon   or  update  anything,  please  leave  a  comment  for  me  and   I'll  include  it  in  the  next  update.  
  10. 10. The  Call  to  AcHon   Take  this  informaHon  and  do  something  with  it,  if  you   don’t  have  the  Hme  or  don’t  know  what  your  doing,   that’s  fine,  reach  out  to  me  directly,  and  I’ll  point  you  in   the  proper  direcHon  and  connect  you  with  a  helpful   resource.     Visit  the  90DayEntrepreneur.com  site  and  select  either   the  “sign  me  up  as  a  learner”  or  the  “sign  me  up  as  a   helper”  opt-­‐in  buMon.  This  will  get  you  signed  up  in  our   thriving  community  of  entrepreneurs.      
  11. 11. About  the  Author   My  name  is  Brandon  Schaefer,  I’ve  busted  my  hump  for   the  past  15-­‐years  breaking  through  barriers  that  no  one   ever  thought  was  possible.  I’m  giving  back  what  I’ve   learned  through  the  years,  so  you  don’t  have  to  go   through  the  same  trials  and  tribulaHons  that  I  did.  My   goal  is  to  help  propel  you  into  reaching  your  goal  as  fast   as  you  possibly  can.  If  you  wish  to  contact  me  directly,   please  fill  out  the  contact  form  on  my   90DayEntrepreneur.com  site.  Leave  me  a  nice  note  in  the   message  and  I’ll  be  sure  to  follow  up  with  you  in  a  Hmely   manner.  I  look  forward  to  lending  a  hand  and  helping  you   out  as  much  as  I  possibly  can.  We’ll  do  it  together,  I   assure  you  one-­‐hundred  percent.