Blogging Mistakes I Made When I First Started Building My Online Business and How I Fixed Them


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Learning From Your Mistakes
Making mistakes comes with the territory when you’re pushing your limits and trying to grow your business online. It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them and don’t continue to make the same ones over and over again. When growing your business online, you will come to understand that the mistakes you make are par for the course. Don’t let the mistakes get you down, the mistakes are actually your building blocks that are going to make you successful later on. If building a business online and blogging was easy, everyone would be successful at it.

It’s Time to Buckle Down
Now, my ask it that you buckle down for a few minutes and review the beginner blogging mistakes that I made. If you’re making the same ones, look for ways to improve upon them and for ways that you can implement the corrections as fast as possible. I always say, “once you know better, you can do better,” but for this to work, you need to take action on your side. I’ve made a ton more mistakes than what I’m actually sharing with you in this short article, my goal is to share some of the more glaring ones with you. I’d love to get some feedback from you after you finish viewing this SlideShare deck, so that I may learn what mistakes you made and how you corrected them. Please take a moment and leave a comment, I’ll include all the best tips in the next update of this SlideShare deck. Thank you and enjoy.

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Blogging Mistakes I Made When I First Started Building My Online Business and How I Fixed Them

  1. 1. Blogging  Mistakes  I  Made   When  I  First  Started   Building  My  Online  Business   and  How  I  Fixed  Them  
  2. 2. Learning  From  Your  Mistakes   Making  mistakes  comes  with  the  territory  when  you’re   pushing  your  limits  and  trying  to  grow  your  business   online.  It’s  ok  to  make  mistakes,  as  long  as  you  learn   from  them  and  don’t  con<nue  to  make  the  same  ones   over  and  over  again.  When  growing  your  business   online,  you  will  come  to  understand  that  the  mistakes   you  make  are  par  for  the  course.  Don’t  let  the  mistakes   get  you  down,  the  mistakes  are  actually  your  building   blocks  that  are  going  to  make  you  successful  later  on.  If   building  a  business  online  and  blogging  was  easy,   everyone  would  be  successful  at  it.  
  3. 3. It’s  Time  to  Buckle  Down   Now,  my  ask  it  that  you  buckle  down  for  a  few  minutes  and  read   the  below  beginner  blogging  mistakes  that  I  made.  If  you’re   making  the  same  ones,  look  for  ways  to  improve  upon  them  and   for  ways  that  you  can  implement  the  correc<ons  as  fast  as   possible.  I  always  say,  “once  you  know  beBer,  you  can  do   beBer,”  but  for  this  to  work,  you  need  to  take  ac<on  on  your   side.  I’ve  made  a  ton  more  mistakes  than  what  I’m  actually   sharing  with  you  in  this  short  ar<cle,  my  goal  is  to  share  some  of   the  more  glaring  ones  with  you.  I’d  love  to  get  some  feedback   from  you  aDer  you  finish  viewing  this,  so  that  I  may  learn  what   mistakes  you  made  and  how  you  corrected  them.  Please  take  a   moment  and  leave  a  comment,  I’ll  include  all  the  best  <ps  in  the   next  update  of  this  SlideShare  deck.  Thank  you  and  enjoy.  
  4. 4. The  Error  and  The  Fix   1.  Not  SeFng  Up  Social  Sharing  BuIons   The  Fix:  Go  to  AddThis  or  ShareThis,  get  the  widget,  and  place   the  social  sharing  buBons  at  the  boBom  of  your  posts.  
  5. 5. The  Error  and  The  Fix   2.  Making  my  ArLcle  InformaLon  All  About  Me   The  Fix:  Make  the  ar<cle  about  how  your  service  can  provide   value  to  your  client.  
  6. 6. The  Error  and  The  Fix   3.  Not  SeFng  Up  a  Good  CommenLng  System   The  Fix:  Install  CommentLuv,  you  can  track  comments  in  one   place  and  it’s  easy  for  people  to  leave  a  comment.  
  7. 7. The  Error  and  The  Fix   4.  Not  Using  Good  Images   The  Fix:  Go  to  123RF,  and  get  your  images  on  the  cheap.  
  8. 8. The  Error  and  The  Fix   5.  Not  AcLvely  Engaging  on  as  Many  Comments  as  Possible   The  Fix:  Try  to  check  comments  throughout  the  day  and  respond   to  them.  
  9. 9. The  Error  and  The  Fix   6.  Not  Having  a  Call  to  AcLon   The  Fix:  Get  one.  What  are  you  selling,  how  do  you  pay  your   bills?  
  10. 10. The  Error  and  The  Fix   7.  Not  Having  a  Landing  Page   The  Fix:  Go  to  LeadPages,  Marketo  or  Hubspot  and  get  one.  
  11. 11. The  Error  and  The  Fix   8.  Not  Having  a  Subscribe  to  My  NewsleIer  BuIon   The  Fix:  Go  to  FeedBurner  and  get  your  free  widget.  
  12. 12. The  Error  and  The  Fix   9.  Always  Trying  to  Hit  the  Grand  Slam   The  Fix:  Not  every  ar<cle  is  going  to  be  a  hit,  write  from  your   heart.  
  13. 13. The  Error  and  The  Fix   10.  Trying  to  Do  It  All  Myself   The  Fix:  Join  Google+,  follow  the  experts  in  your  field,  read  and   learn  from  them.  
  14. 14. The  Error  and  The  Fix   11.  Thinking  That  I  was  Going  to  Get  a  Million  Visitors  a  Day  in   the  First  Month   The  Fix:  Be  pa<ent,  true  success  takes  <me.  Your  traffic  will  build   up.  
  15. 15. The  Error  and  The  Fix   12.  PuFng  Out  Crap  Content   The  Fix:  Content  is  king,  slow  down,  do  a  liBle  more  research,   really  add  value  to  a  persons  life.  
  16. 16. The  Error  and  The  Fix   13.  Placing  Too  Many  Hyperlinks  in  an  ArLcle   The  Fix:  Not  everything  needs  to  be  a  link,  if  you  men<on  a   source  several  <mes,  just  link  to  it  once.  
  17. 17. The  Error  and  The  Fix   14.  Not  Using  Blog  SyndicaLon  Sites   The  Fix:  Go  to  NetworkedBlogs,  Triberr  and  sites  like  this.  
  18. 18. The  Error  and  The  Fix   15.  PosLng  the  IdenLcal  InformaLon  on  All  of  My  Primary   Social  Media  Outlets   The  Fix:  Use  TwiBer  for  breaking  news  updates,  Google+  for   sharing  expert  informa<on,  and  so  on.  
  19. 19. The  Error  and  The  Fix   16.  Not  Having  a  Logo   The  Fix:  Go  to  99Designs  and  get  one.  You  don’t  have  to  spend  a   lot,  just  get  one.  
  20. 20. The  Error  and  The  Fix   17.  Not  Having  Keywords   The  Fix:  Pick  out  how  you  want  people  to  find  you  when  they   search  on  the  web.  Use  Google’s  Keyword  tool.  
  21. 21. Closing  This  ArLcle  Out   There  we  have  it,  many  mistakes  that  I  made,  and  that  many   beginning  bloggers  make  as  well.  My  ask  to  you  is  that  you  learn   from  the  mistakes  that  I  made.  Get  involved  in  the  conversa<on   by  leaving  a  comment  with  how  you  failed,  and  how  you  fixed  it.   Have  fun  with  it,  you’ll  be  surprised  at  the  end  result  you   receive.  I’m  not  associated  with  any  of  the  above  sites,  I’m  just   relaying  informa<on  that  helped  me  out,  in  hopes  that  it  can   help  you  out  as  well.  
  22. 22. The  Call  to  AcLon   Take  this  informa<on  and  do  something  with  it,  if  you  don’t  have   the  <me  or  don’t  know  what  your  doing,  that’s  fine,  reach  out  to   me  directly,  and  I’ll  point  you  in  the  proper  direc<on  and   connect  you  with  a  helpful  resource.     Visit  the  site  and  select  either  the  “sign   me  up  as  a  learner”  or  the  “sign  me  up  as  a  helper”  opt-­‐in   buBon.  This  will  get  you  signed  up  in  our  thriving  community  of   entrepreneurs.      
  23. 23. About  the  Author   My  name  is  Brandon  Schaefer,  I’ve  busted  my  hump  for  the  past   15-­‐years  breaking  through  barriers  that  no  one  ever  thought  was   possible.  I’m  giving  back  what  I’ve  learned  through  the  years,  so   you  don’t  have  to  go  through  the  same  trials  and  tribula<ons   that  I  did.  My  goal  is  to  help  propel  you  into  reaching  your  goal   as  fast  as  you  possibly  can.  If  you  wish  to  contact  me  directly,   please  fill  out  the  contact  form  on  my   site.  Leave  me  a  nice  note  in  the  message  and  I’ll  be  sure  to   follow  up  with  you  in  a  <mely  manner.  I  look  forward  to  lending   a  hand  and  helping  you  out  as  much  as  I  possibly  can.  We’ll  do  it   together,  I  assure  you  one-­‐hundred  percent.