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This is a copy of my current resume as of 01-19-2014

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Resume for brandon scott nardoianni full

  1. 1. Brandon Scott Nardoianni 2102 Abbey Road Norfolk, VA USA 23509 (757) 517-0525 OBJECTIVE Seeking a full time position with potential for growth, for an organization seeking a goal-directed, results oriented professional who is self-motivated with high energy, initiative, and focus in forming innovative solutions for the needs of clients, which meet and exceed their expectations. WORK EXPERIENCE Ntelos Wireless Inc. Virginia Beach, VA USA 2010 - 2012 Wireless Retail Salesman Job Description: Handling all administrative aspects of retail cell phone service and accessory sales including but not limited to: completing customer contracts and warranties, pulling products from inventory and being up to date on what is available in stock, accepting customer payments and filing the completed orders, maintaining strong knowledge of all company products, accessories, pricing plans, promotions and service features and of competitive offers from local competitors to provide critical market feedback to the store manager, handling service inquiries from customers and ensuring to make each customer leave feeling valued, that their issue was completely resolved, and that they were up to date on all current and future promotions, sales and products of company. Accomplishments: ● All time top selling salesman nationwide in the history of Ntelos Wireless out of all channels of sales including retail, telesales, internet sales, B2B sales and indirect sales. ● 2011 Nationwide Salesman of the year ● 2012 Nationwide Salesman of the year (as of resignation in July 2012) ● 2011 End of year Statistics; ● Gross Quota 258 / Actual Attainment 645/ 250% to goal. ● Post Pay (2 Year Contract) Quota 115/ Actual Attainment 440/ 383% to goal. ● Accessory Quota $6025/ Actual Attainment $29,658.96/ 492% to goal. ● 375% Combined Attainment ● Personally trained employee that became second highest percentage selling employee in company within one month of employment and made presidents club, the companies highest sales award in their first year of employment. ● Aided in the Grand Opening of a brand new retail store and in the first month finished with 1,200% of expected quota creating the number one store in post pay activations (2 year contracts) in the entire company by a large margin. ● 2011 Presidents Club winner On Call Telecommunications, Inc. (TOCI) Virginia Beach, VA USA 2012 - 2013 Director of Sales and Business Development for B2B and Consumer Cellular Communications Division Job Description: Responsible for development and launch of new division for wireless sales for established Telecommunications company seeking share in the wireless communications marketplace. Accomplishments: Secured Sub-agency agreement’s with:
  2. 2. 1. ● ● ● Telecom Brokerage Incorporated, LLC. (TBI) Second largest Master Agency for Telecommunications worldwide Negotiated highest commission structure available to sub agents. Became top Selling Agent in wireless services in first month of sales 2. ● ● ● Megatel Wireless Prepaid Master Dealer Provided portfolio of over 200 wireless Products Negotiated a custom commission structure not offered to other dealers. Secured Master Dealer agreement’s with: 1. ATT 2. ● ● ● XORA, INC. #1 market leader in mobile workforce management Largest Fleet Force Management solutions Application company in United States Structured one of the first direct agency agreements ever structured with Xora, INC. 3. ● ● ● SLA Corporation Software company providing Verizon’s Push To Talk Solution Unique software creating a secure Push To Talk solution using cell phone data. Contacted the president of SLA and structured the first dealer agreement with anyone but Verizon. Through structuring these agreements with these strategic partners, On Call Telecom was able to offer our clients: 1. Post Paid and Prepaid service through: ● Verizon ● ATT ● Sprint ● T-Mobile ● Ntelos ● MetTel Wireless (MVNO of Sprint, Verizon, ATT and T-Mobile) ● Over 200 Prepaid products and services as well 2. ● Mobile Device Management Provided through Air-Watch Mobile Device Management Solutions (Offered through TBI) 3. ● ● Mobile Workforce Management Fleet Force Management through XORA, Inc. Push To Talk, location based dispatching, employee and equipment tracking using geo-location and time-stamped GPS Breadcrumbs through SLA, Corp. SLA-PTT application. Premier Wireless Solutions, LLC. Chesapeake, VA USA 2013 - Present President/Owner/Operator Job Description: Owner and operator of wireless solutions provider and Consultant Company offering local businesses: ● ● ● ● ● In-depth analysis of their current cell phone plan and usage to ensure they are receiving the most affordable rates on the market with the correct plan and service provider for their needs. Providing multiple options for all major service providers in the wireless industry. Mobile Device Management solutions to gain more control of corporate devices. Mobile Workforce management applications Wireless consulting with unbiased opinion and vast knowledge of all wireless carriers
  3. 3. Responsibilities: Fulfillment of all licensing, insurance and tax requirements required for running a business in the state of Virginia, Designing and maintaining marketing and advertising campaigns to increase customer acquisition, development and implementation of sales strategies, accounting and business financials, order fulfillment and product activations, inventory management, customer follow up. Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc. Chesapeake, VA USA 2013 Executive Director of Events PLEASE REFER TO ATTACHMENT EDUCATION Maury High School Norfolk, VA USA 2000-2004 Advanced Studies Norfolk Technical Vocational School Norfolk, VA USA 2002-2004 Student of the year : 2003 and 2004. SKILLS ● Ability to form solid, ongoing relationships with clients. Using effective communication skills and the ability to listen to all of their wants and needs to gather information I need to make an educated assessment of different solutions I may be able to provide them. Focusing on asking open ended questions to address any concerns, necessities or possible problem areas the client has faced in the past, currently and possibly could in the future. Once assessment has been completed using my expertise in customer service, product knowledge of pros and cons of products in my inventory available that cater to client’s needs to construct an customized bundle of as many products or solutions available in my portfolio that will dovetail a better solution to the customers need with amount of profitability for myself and my employer. ● Capability of overcoming objections or obstacles by always being up to date on the prices, promotions, policies and specials of products/solutions available with my company. Ensuring to also always be up to date on those of my competitors to be able to compare and contrast the competition in a manor free of degradation or criticism of the competition and instead describing and promoting products or solutions of my company by educating the client of our value, affordability, strengths and core values in comparison to the competition and why our solution is clearly the best choice. This process builds trust in the client, educates them of all pros and cons, and helps with a faster closing rate of sales with fewer returns of charge backs and overall a new ambassador of our company/product. ● Consummating innovative ideas for customer acquisition strategies to attract new clients through a myriad of networking, advertising and practices by thinking “outside of the box” and always listening to trends in customers’ questions, concerns, likes or dislikes. ● Natural talent in closing sales promptly with amazing precision by using a fine balance between wants and needs of the client, my product or service’s value in comparison with current solution or competition, using a non-aggressive but firm sense of urgency through limited promotions, discounts or other “add ins”, to promote a comfortable buying environment for the client without feeling rushed or “talked into” their purchase. ● Vast knowledge of computers and electronics including but not limited to; Proficient use of computer programs such as: Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Word, Google Earth, Mobile Fleet management tools (XORA), Quicken Financial software, Mobile Device Management software (Air-Watch), Smart phone operating systems such as iOS(iPhone) and Android platforms, Basic LAN (Local Area Network) setup and maintenance and administration, Basic IT administration and troubleshooting, Both Windows and Apple operating systems. REFERENCES EXCELLENT REFERENCES UPON REQUEST
  4. 4. Resume Attachment Description of role as Executive Director of Events During my analysis and implementation of the wireless solution I provided to a current telecom client of my business Premier Wireless Solutions, LLC. I was approached with a unique business opportunity from the President of the company, Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc. Upon the sudden termination of the former Executive Director of Events, I was offered a temporary position to work directly with the President in efforts to help reorganize and rebuild its foundation from the ground up. He described the division as a "work in progress" that previous Director and himself had started together. He terminated him due to the venture still operating at a loss and for other reasons undisclosed to me. Due to my aggressiveness in sales, entrepreneurial spirit, amount of professionalism, and dedication already being delivered to him through my current services, he wanted to offer me the learning experience, a small salary and offered to allow me to use one of his vacant buildings for an office to use for my current business free of charge, so I accepted his offer . My experience, responsibilities and accomplishments are as follows: Initial Requests: 1. Gather, organize, and categorize all information of already scheduled and potential events agreed to by previous director such as; point of contacts, event date, price of rental, length of rental, etc. Once information is gathered create an excel spreadsheet database and input this data into it and save it to company server. Also create individual 3 ring binders with all of this information printed out for each event for Presidents review. Develop a system that could be easily followed by all staff involved to follow this process for all future events. 2. Import all information described into the public folder of the company exchange database. Once imported create and assign tasks needed to be completed with deadlines through Outlook Task Manager to all departments and employees assigned to assisting in the reorganization and development of the events department and ensure this habit is implemented to develop a system of data input to be followed for all new events. 3. Review of all contracts for current events signed before my arrival and search for; anomalies in terms, incomplete sections or signatures, violations of company policies or city, state or federal ordinances, improper wording or stipulations of contract that could cause company un needed liability issues with zoning, law enforcement, city/state/federal policies, potential ABC violations, and a multitude of other elements that could possibly have a negative impact on the success and growth of the division. 4. Provide detailed analysis of 790 Acres of property using Google Earth, photo’s, video’s, topographical maps, and company documents containing zoning information to create intuitive and user friendly maps including; property boundaries, race course routes and length, staging areas, event layouts, entry and exit plans for pedestrians, traffic, law enforcement, EMS and event staff, parking lot designs, strategic security and Law enforcement placement for crowd control, step by step action plans for staff both staff members and event companies leasing the property. 5. Supervise and manage all staff and their specific job responsibilities prior, during and throughout conclusion of events. 6. Creation of professional information packet for potential Event Owners including: pictures and maps of property available for rent, previous race layouts, preferred vendor lists, rules and regulations of property, pictures of previous events, property event schedule and availability, Rental services, Insurance requirements, information on permits needed. Initial Actions: 1. Collaborating with office staff members and the President in assurance that the company had a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and toward which it made consistent and timely progress. 2. Provided leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with staff members and the President, and carried out plans and policies authorized by the president.
  5. 5. 3. Helped promote active and broad participation of volunteers for events from staff members of another company owned by the President named, Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc. and strategically positioned each individuals position or role based on their level of knowledge and skills in their area of expertise. 4. Coordinated and ensured completion of all official records and documents to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, company insurance policies with all parties involved with events including but not limited too; Event Owners, City Officials, Law Enforcement, ABC officials and all other necessary parties involved with hosting large events in the City of Chesapeake. 5. Maintained a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field to become well versed and up to speed in the industry. Job Responsibilities Communications: 1. Coordinated publication of upcoming events of the organization, its programs and goals through social media, event sites, Hampton Roads travel sites. 2. Established sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with:  Leaders of community groups and organizations  Officials of Law Enforcement agencies, EMS departments, Economic Development, City and local Government Officials, and all necessary parties for hosting events in the City of Chesapeake.  Vendors for food and alcohol, equipment rental companies, other event related services and contractors  Local Non-Profit 501-C organizations  Local media and Advertising Agencies 3. Represented Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc and occasionally the event being held and point of view of the organization to agencies, organizations, local media and the general public. 4. Ensured the owner was kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it at all times. In relations with Public Officials, Vendors, Service Providers, and the general public 1. Coordinate initial introductions of prospective event owner’s with all necessary parties involved with their event such as: Officials of Law Enforcement agencies, EMS departments, Economic Development, City and local Government Officials, and all necessary parties for hosting events in the City of Chesapeake. Vendors for food and alcohol, equipment rental companies, other event related services and contractors Local Non-Profit 501-C organizations Local media and Advertising Agencies 2. Act as main point of contact and liaison to the president of Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc for all questions, concerns, or issues regarding the coordination of meetings, conferences, and walk through visits of property, for any services, permits, traffic or
  6. 6. crowd control requirements, EMS services that Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc was held responsible for or required by law for all city, law, health and zoning departments. 3. Determining the placement, schedule and time of the staff of required agencies for event, and arranging payment for their service, private access, event information, parking and safety plans, licenses, and or all other requirements they may request. In relations with Staff of Basnight Land and Lawn 1. Assisted in recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers. 2. Ensured that job descriptions were developed, that regular performance evaluations were held, and that sound human resource practices were in place. 3. Saw that an effective management team, with appropriate provision for succession, was in place prior, during and after events. 4. Encouraged staff and volunteer development and field education, and assisted program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization. 5. Maintained a climate which attracted, kept, and motivated a diverse staff of top quality people. 6. Supervision and management of all staff members; specific responsibilities, job or task completion deadlines, quality control of services offered, enforcement of all company policies, rules and regulations, work schedules and time and attendance. 7. Briefing staff frequently on updates or changes on all city codes, ordinances and guidelines that must be followed at all times prior, during and throughout conclusion of event and assuring they were understood and followed through periodic job inspections. 8. Monitoring fulfillment of all contract terms and services requests agreed to by both Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc and event company were met during arrival, occupancy and departure of event company on property of Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc. In relations with Event Organizers/Event Owners 1. Main point of contact and acting liaison between Event Owners/Coordinators and President of Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc, and all departments of these companies involved with the events division. 2. Main point of contact for all inquiries from Event Owners interested in getting information about our venue. 3. Engaging in communication via conference calls, email or web conferences describing why our venue was the premier location for outdoor events in the Hampton Roads area. 4. Coordinating dates with President of Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc and event owners and setting appointments for property tours. 5. Provided tours of property and answered all questions or concerns they had about holding events on our property. 6. Negotiated price of rental based on factors such as: amount of acreage requested, excavation, construction or changes made to property, equipment rentals needed, size of event, time spent on property, level of services or labor needed, event brand equity or popularity. 7. Briefing Owners on all city codes, ordinances and guidelines that must be followed at all times prior, during and throughout conclusion of event and reassuring they were understood and followed.
  7. 7. 8. Acting liaison between preferred vendors, rental companies, security, parking professionals, for drop-off, setup and pickup of event equipment, food trucks, or rented materials, officials of Law Enforcement, City of Chesapeake, Economic Development of Chesapeake, and all other parties involved with events. 9. Assisted in coordination of drop-offs, setup and pickup of rented event equipment, drop shipped items, and packages delivered to our location during absence of Owners or prior to their arrival on property. 10. Monitoring fulfillment of all contract terms and billable services agreed to by both Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc and Event Company were met during arrival, occupancy and departure of Event Company on property of Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc. 11. Setting follow up dates for successful events in efforts to create a “home base” for their company in this area for many years to come. Budget and Finance 1. Responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices. 2. Worked with the staff, accounting department, and the President in preparing a budget for each event; to see that the organization operates within budget guidelines. 3. Responsible for keeping up to date and accurate records of all Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc and Basnight land and lawn services completed, rental fees for property or equipment, fines or fees charged to event company’s, and all other billable items for Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc. 4. Reviewed time cards of crew leaders and descriptions of job completed to ensure payroll amount was in-line with budget for event and strategically used this information to reduce overtime. 5. Documentation and drafting of invoices for all contracted services requested by event companies provided by Basnight Land and Lawn or Basnight Land and Lawn, Inc for: equipment rental, employee labor for course setup/breakdown, materials requested, obstacle construction, excavation/repair services, storage space for event equipment, Property damage or repair caused by event company, and all other billable items charged to Event Company at the conclusion of their event. Noted Accomplishments After review of my recommendations and changes to the current event contract agreement currently in use, I collaborated with the President, his team of legal counsel and trusted staff members, and drafted a much improved final version of the event contract agreement to be used for all future events. Reorganization of all pertinent event information into an easily managed System of enter as you go data entry and task assignment/creation that promoted a higher level of accountability of employees and more insight into employee production levels for management and the president. This system greatly increased company productivity and ultimately reduced man hours and human error in data entry. Strategically created a bidding war between local vendors for items and services we were in need of such as event security, professional parking companies, equipment rentals, etc. Through relentless and aggressive negotiation I was able to significantly reduce overhead costs compared to what was being spent currently and offer many more services in house instead of referring them out. This increased the profitability of our events and made our venue more attractive to event owners due to the "one stop shop" packages we could now offer. In a 14 month span of leadership under the previous Director there had been a total of 3 events with an average attendance of 500 or less people, and after labor and materials the company was operating at a loss. Under my direction the company jumped from 3 booked events in 1 year, to successfully booking and hosting 8 major events in 4 months with an average turnout of 2,700 people and a net profit average of $10,000 to $15,000 per event.
  8. 8. Developed a new and improved parking plan with dedicated entry and exit plans, built in egress lanes for those wanting to leave early, EMS and Law enforcement restricted access for emergency purposes, Provided event staff, volunteers and handicapped participants closer access to event by dedicating parking closest to the event for them, created wider driving lanes, turn around and drop off points that diverted traffic away from parking lots to prevent backups, added credit card lanes for those without out cash, and through the use of a professional parking company successfully parked all events without any problems. This new traffic pattern was reviewed and approved by the Sergeant of Chesapeake Police departments Traffic division and has been used for every consecutive event after it was adopted. Plan also created parking spaces for an extra 3,000 cars on our property greatly increasing both net profits and the ability to host much larger events, thus generating more revenue potential. Received interest and had intense negotiations with the world’s largest Tough Man obstacle challenge and race, Tough Mudder. Due to contract terms and no-compete clauses that would have limited our calendar availability we respectfully declined their event, but this was a huge accomplishment and was the first Venue in Hampton Roads they have ever negotiated with or even taken interest in and complimented us on our layout and parking arrangements compared to many venues they have visited. Set-up partnership with local non-profit organizations earning them an average $5,000-$6,000 donation per event from food and beverage proceeds and donations during the event while also helping event organizers to obtain their Liquor License with more ease by allowing the non-profit to obtain it. This was a win scenario that event owners and organizers really liked. Greatly improved and redesigned: Current wedding venue and reception information packet to add another revenue stream in-between events and during slow times of the season. Current Event Information packet with photos and intuitive maps of property, Event Owner Farm House rental sheet included in Event information packets that offered Event Owners and their staff lodging in the newly renovated historic farm house located on the property for an affordable cost in comparison to the cost of local hotels, travel expenses and vehicle rentals. Successfully hosted ,organized and directed the following Events during my tenure: Great American Mud Run: Neon Vibe 5K The Color Vibe 5K Sparkle Me Wild 5K Running Dirty The Cosmic Run The Gnarley Barley The Walkers 5k run