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Which college will get you the highest-paying job?
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Which college will get you the highest-paying job?


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Selected Business Article ! Which college will land you the highest-paying job? !!
  • 2. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     "Harvey Mudd College among the highest earning post-grad!
  • 3. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Summary! • Average mid-career salary: $124,300! • STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)! • The more money people make, the better they like their job.!
  • 4. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Social Circumstance! Social Group: people 18-25 ! ! ! Circumstance: Students applying to university/ students currently enrolled and intended major!
  • 5. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Fall Open House Admission Center!
  • 6. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Bernon Hall: Admission Center!
  • 7. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Welcoming Sign!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 8. Brandon  Chivers                         Ethnographic Research Washington Park: NYU!  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 9. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Sara Fox!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 10. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Diana Pedra!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 11. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Billy Cohen!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 12. Brandon  Chivers                     Ethnographic Research Conner Milfred!      Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 13. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Observations • 15 people present at the fall undergraduate open house. ! • Divided into groups! • Prospective students were talking enrolled students at Hofstra. !
  • 14. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Observations • Boy was looking rapidly through his Hofstra admission guide! • The girl across fidgets with her phone constantly! • The parents are attempting to connect with one another, boasting about their children. ! !
  • 15. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Observations • Every prospective student is with a parent! • Parents taking over most of the conversations, rather than the student. ! • The students are dressed in casual clothes: jeans, leggings, jackets, blouses!
  • 16. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Sarah Fox:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Location, location, location! What was your first choice? Why? ! • New York University: They had a great business program. ! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • Entrepreneurship in order to create a business to better the world!
  • 17. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Diana Pedra:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Nice campus and a small class ! What was your first choice? Why? ! • Providence college: campus size, prestigious ! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • Undecided: “I don’t really know a career that is a perfect fit.”!
  • 18. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Conner Milfred:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Study abroad programs, and a business school.! What was your first choice? Why? ! • Columbia: met all requirements! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • Business management because they wanted money for the future. !
  • 19. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Ethnographic Research Findings Billy Cohen:! What is the component in choosing a college?! • Their father wanted them to attend a business school. ! What was your first choice? Why? ! • Boston University, because of previous relatives. ! What major and why? Is it money or aspirations? ! • International business, because it’s the parents wish. !
  • 20. Brandon  Chivers         Diagonals !                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 21. Brandon  Chivers   Arcs!                        Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 22. Brandon  Chivers                 Irregular Shapes!          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 23. Brandon  Chivers   Grids!                        Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 24. Brandon  Chivers             Monochromes!              Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 25. Brandon  Chivers       Neutrals!                    Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 26. Brandon  Chivers       High Key!                    Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 27. Brandon  Chivers       Low Key!                    Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 28. Brandon  Chivers             Combination !              Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 29. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Combination: Black & White!
  • 30. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Proposal • The product will give a more concise set of options in creating the perfect college/university match per individual; which will be based upon big data (social media), major, money options, and post-grad career retention. An additional proponent of an MRI, through a neurological exam, determines the accuracy of a decision based upon neurotransmitters that react at the receptor to a list of probing questions. Giving the student an overall match that is better personalized then previous surveys.!
  • 31. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 32. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 33. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 34. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 35. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 36. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Diagram Elements 1.  Previous methods! 2.  College applications! 3.  When applying to college ! 4.  Better college, major, career matches!
  • 37. Brandon  Chivers         Sketch #1                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 38. Brandon  Chivers         Sketch #2                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 39. Brandon  Chivers         Sketch #3                  Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 40. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein    
  • 41. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Tagline Research 1. Burger King: “Have it your way” 2. Verizon: “We never stop working for you” 3. Mac OS X: “The future is here”
  • 42. Brandon  Chivers                          Professor  Klinkowstein     Tagline Study Your Future. Your Way. Brandon Chivers, Professor Klinkowstein FA014, Tagline Study