Henderson behavioralism
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Henderson behavioralism






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Henderson behavioralism Henderson behavioralism Presentation Transcript

  • Behavioralism By: Brandon H.
  • What is Behavioralism?• Belief that the learner is simply passive, responding to external stimuli.• Behavior is determined via positive and negative reinforcement; being rewarded for doing good things, and punished for doing bad things. Typical grading scales A-F are a good example of this.
  • Key Behavioralists• Ivan Pavlov – Dog Experiment• B.F. Skinner – Innovator of radical behavioralism
  • Pavlov• Pavlov introduced a variety of stimuli prior to feeding dogs during his experiment.• He later discovered that the salivary glands would activate with the prior stimuli alone, even if food wasn’t given. The dogs learned to associate the stimuli, most commonly
  • BF Skinner• Emphasized the importance of training teachers.• Teachers need to “learn of how teach”• He thought that in order for teachers to teach effectively, they need to learn how students learn. Firm grasp of the psychology of learning is essential to being able to teach.
  • Behavioralism in the Classroom• Behaviorlist ideas are prelavent in classrooms – The grading scale is an example of the positive and negative reinforcement – Skinner’s Radical behavioralism also caters exclusively to educators in that teachers need to be taught the psychology involve with education
  • What Teachers do• Teachers, use positive and negative reinforcement to influence and guide students towards a good education
  • What Students Do• Students basically just sit there and absorb the information, responding to the stimuli provided by the teacher.
  • My Opinion of Behavioralism• I don’t think behavioralism works.• There is a lot more to education than enforcing good behavior and trying to eliminate bad behavior. – Behavioralism doesn’t account for individual learning styles, which is a major flaw in our educational system, trying to fit square pegs in the round hole.
  • Works Cited• http://www.learning- theories.com/behaviorism.html• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Pavlov• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B._F._Skinner