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The Grudge 2 Advergame

The Grudge 2 was released in 2006 as a heart-stopping sequel to the successful first film which was released in 2004 and a remake of the scary Japanese film Ju-on: The Grudge.

The film explores the sinister secrets behind the revenge seeking grudge's supernatural curse, which not only infects a group of unconnected victims in a burnt down house, but it also escapes the house and becomes a danger to anyone that crosses its path.

To drive traffic to the Grudge 2 micro site Brandmovers created a thrilling game called 'Escape the room'. The player is stuck the cursed room and needs to collect the clues and items to help them flee the chilling room.

The game requires patience and a fearless streak to cope with a few frightening surprises along the way. This combination made 'Escape the room' an addictive game that attracted hundreds of thousands of players.

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Brandmovers online campaigns Grudge 2

  1. 1. Brandmovers EuropeOnline Campaigns <br />Case Files: Grudge 2 DVD Release in the UK<br />
  2. 2. Online CampaignsCase Files: Grudge 2 DVD release<br />Grudge 2 was a sequel to the hugely successful Japanese cult movie. How would Premier Asia market the DVD release in the UK?<br />Challenge: Brandmovers needed to develop a viral strategy to generate interest amongst fans of the horror / cult / Asian genre, capture user details for a mailing list and generate traffic for the ecommerce channel Brandmovers had developed for the parent firm – Hong Kong Legends, specializing in Asian action films distribution <br />Targets: Horror genre and foreign film enthusiasts in the UK would have to be targeted and their email acquired. The viral effect would need to have fans influencing their friends who might be interested to sign up for the mailing list and direct them to the ecommerce site.<br />
  3. 3. Online CampaignsCase Files: Grudge 2 DVD release<br />Platforms: Microsite, Hong Kong Legends ecommerce channel, Google Adsense<br />Killer component: Introduce a themed game with haunted room from the movie with clue sharing in discussion forums to generate conversations amongst players.<br />Execution:Brandmovers designed a microsite with a horror theme game. Players were locked inside a cursed room simulated from the movie and left to find clues to find their way out.<br />Downloads and trailers of the movie were linked to the site and friend referrals were enabled.<br />Users who had signed up had the opportunity to win free copies of the DVD.<br />
  4. 4. Online CampaignsCase Files: Grudge 2 DVD release<br />Results: The 5 month campaign generated 3576 unique site visitors per day and 5700 page visits a day<br />The Click through rate from the leased list was 40.6% compared to the industry standard of 2%<br />The game continues to be popular amongst many users even today with a total of more than 1000000 plays!<br />Media Coverage:<br /><br />
  5. 5. Contact Information<br />John Lyons<br />Director<br />Brandmovers Europe Ltd.<br />@johnnieego<br />@brandmovers<br /><br />Tel 0844 2474 120<br />Fax 0844 2474 130<br /><br /><br />