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A brief history of the Bow Tie, from early origins to the the moden men's fashion accessory we know and love today.

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Bowties presentation

  1. 1. The bow tieHow this men’s fashionaccessory came to
  2. 2. OriginsThe modern day bow tie has avery rich past, and has changedthroughout history as ittransformed into the accessorywe know and love today.The earliest form of the modernbow tie is known as a “cravat”which is a neckband thatoriginated in the 16th centurythrough the Croatianmercenaries. It is speculatedthat cravats were worn to hideunclean shirts.This image is the earliest portrait witha cravat, dating back to 1622.
  3. 3. The term cravat derives fromthe French word cravate,which is actually a corruptFrench pronunciation of Croate(from the Croatian military).Its early stages began as ascarves knotted at the neck,however as different culturesbegan to adopt the fashionaccessory it changed slightly interms of fabrics, knots andwhen worn.This image is of French KingLouis XIV wearing an earlycravat in 1667.
  4. 4. ProgressionDuring the wars of Louis XIV of 1689-1697,the flowing cravat had been modifiedwith the more current “Steinkirk” namedafter the Battle of Steenkerque in 1692.The new form was a longer narrow,trimmed neck cloth worn with militarydress.It was commonly worn with a loose knot,wrapped once around the neck. Popularuntil the 1720’s and often had lacedfringe, and was commonly tucked intothe coat or waistcoat.Around the 18th century the maccaronis1reintroduced the flowing cravat, and theway in which it is worn and tied was morecharacteristic of personal style.From this point in history the cravat beganbeing referred to as a tie, launching thepath to the modern bow tie.Image from the 1818 Neckclothitania,satirizing cravat knots. A Maccaroni is from mid 18th century England,are were fashionable men who dressed andspoke outlandishly.
  5. 5. Modern Bow TieTraditional modern bow ties varyin color, fabrics, length and style.Most common sizes varybetween around 14 & 20 inches,and are frequently made fromsilk, polyester, cotton or a mixtureof fabrics.Generally, fixed length ties areworn with formal wing-collarshirts, while adjustable length areworn more with formal lie downcollar shirts (to hide the buckle orclasp).Image from S. Benson & Co.
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  9. 9. Resourceswww.sbensonandco.com