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Brand Boutique Profile

  1. 1. Brand BoutiqueCorporate Presentation
  2. 2. Why another Marketing Communicationsagency? “The pond is already full; there are fishes of all sizes and colors. Yet there is a dearth of agencies who can understand the business of businesses whose customers are either professionals or other businesses. We are here to fill this void and offer result-oriented marketing, brand communications and customer contact solutions.”
  3. 3. Two spices: Chili and Saffron Red: Creatively attracts attention Hot: Highlights core values to create strong mindshare Spicy: Creates cool, young and contemporary positioning Burns: Successfully leaves back a strong recall These are the strengths of agencies dealing with CONSUMER brands Medicine: Provides solutions to problems Food dye: Highlights fact-based events to drive results Seasoning: Creates professional positioning Expensive: Successfully creates a premium perception These are the strengths of agencies dealing with B2B and B2P brands WE ARE A SAFFRON AGENCY!
  4. 4. Whom do we serve?Technology Financial Services Telecommunications
  5. 5. What are they looking for? • Marketing solutions – Demand creation – Lead generation • Brand solutions – Perception building – Thought leadership • Customer contact solutions – Sourcing, managing and maintaining customer data – Inside sales and response management
  6. 6. Our offering • Marketing Data Management: We source, manage and maintain marketing data to generate business leads. Our services include: field research, database creation and management, response management and lead generation. • Marketing Campaigns: We devise and implement campaigns across all media channels (print, electronic, mobile and social media). We use a combination of tools to communicate key messages, form perceptions and ultimately create demand. The tactics include: direct mail, email, face2face and call center. Our door-openers with the use of offers and props have been admired by several clients and their customers.
  7. 7. Our offering • Collateral Creation: We create sales-winning collaterals that are crisply written and well designed. This includes: websites, brochures, whitepapers, case studies and newsletters. We also write thought leadership articles and media releases. • Events & Exhibitions: We offer full-event management services for product launches, conferences & seminars, sales and dealer meets and awards functions. • Specialized Programs: We can create unique engagement programs for your stakeholders. It could be an employee and channel engagement programs or CSR program or loyalty program.
  8. 8. Our offering • Outsourced Marketing Manager: With tight head counts and occasional need for temp marketing professionals, our outsourced marketing manager program comes in very handy. We provide an experienced professional who can work as part of your team for 4 full days per month. We charge a monthly retainer fee while ensuring that the confidentiality of your business is maintained. Your outsourced marketing manager can take up need based projects and assist you with: – Strategy formulation – Secondary research – Copywriting and collateral development – Campaign planning and management – Event planning, management and coordination – Supplier management
  9. 9. Case Studies
  10. 10. Case Study: Field survey for NationalScience and Technology ManagementInformation System (NSTMIS) • Professionals at Brand Boutique have completed the NSTMIS’ field study in Mumbai for the pan India project of ‘Study of skilled man power requirement in India’. This is a government of India undertaking • The job involved: – Interviewing 200 IT & Telecom companies (Technology head was to be interviewed) – Interviewing 100 mid-level IT and 20 mid-level telecom professionals – The scope of project was restricted to those companies whose HQ is in Mumbai Results: The project was tightly managed for timely completion; the following response rate was recorded: 70% from tier – I & 30% from tier – II companies
  11. 11. Case Study: Demand creation & lead generation engaged Brand Boutique for their demand creation and lead generation initiative. Their objective was to generate 100 new sign-ups from a database of 1000 companies. • A three-tier direct marketing campaign was devised • Campaign Theme: CRM solutions are key to survival of your business – Phase 1: An eDM was sent to prospects – Phase 2: To further create impact and communicate value propositions, a DM accompanied by a prop (large toy dinosaur) was sent – Phase 3: In this phase we followed- up with a round of phone calls and passed over qualified leads Result: We captured 280 leads and sent it to of which 100 were converted in to sales
  12. 12. Case Study: Product pre-launch campaign FINO & NCR engaged Brand Boutique to run a pre-launch campaign for their innovative micro-deposit solution. Their objective was to communicate the solution benefits without unveiling the actual solution • Campaign Theme: Save Small; Save Smart • We created an eDM campaign that highlighted benefits for end consumers while providing strong business reasons for adopting the micro-deposit solution • The eDM had links to the launch event website and offline RSVP details Result: We received about 180 registration (from website, over emails and at the inbound call center
  13. 13. Case Study: Product launchFINO & NCR engaged Brand Boutique to managetheir launch event for their innovative micro-depositsolution. Brand Boutique provided the following:• Pre-event campaigns and RSVP• Venue selection, branding & creation of dual theme stage• Collateral design & give-away procurement• Registration desk management• Creative launch skit
  14. 14. Collateral development: Newsletters, brochures,flyers, case studies, product videos and whitepapers
  15. 15. Thank you