BrandYourself Tutorial: How to Boost a Link in Google


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Learn how to boost a link higher in Google search results for your name in this third installment of the BrandYourself Tutorial Series. Do you have a LinkedIn profile that doesn't show up when you Google your name? How about a Google+? A Twitter? We'll show you how to specifically help these types of profiles/links show up on the first page of search results when someone looks you up online.

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BrandYourself Tutorial: How to Boost a Link in Google

  1. 1. BrandYourself Tutorial Series Boostalink
 Ingoogle - Tutorial #3 -
  2. 2. In our previous tutorial,
 we showed you how to submit a link to your BrandYourself account. - How to submit a high quality profile -

  4. 4. Once you submit a link, it’s time to boost the link so it ranks better in search results for your name.
  5. 5. LOGIN TO YOUR BRANDYOURSELF ACCOUNT1 Hopefully you already have an account, but if you don’t, sign up for FREE at )
  6. 6. GO TO THE MY LINKS TAB2 Click “BOOST” next to one of your links. We’ll show you the steps to help it rank better in Google. Don’t have any links? submit one here
  7. 7. ! • Earn points with each complete step • Steps worth more points have a larger impact on helping your link rank • Complete as many steps as possible to give your link the best chance of ranking A window will popup with the Boost Steps on the left (we’ll use LINKEDIN as an example)
  8. 8. CLICK THE NEXT STEP3 Click the suggested “Next Step” under “Overview”
  9. 9. ! • Right now, my name is abbreviated to just “Pete K” • My name should be set to “Pete Kistler”, which is the exact name people are using to search for me My first step is to set my name on LinkedIn
  10. 10. FOLLOW THE STEP’S INSTRUCTIONS4 For this step, I’ll click “set your name”. This will show me the instructions for how to change my name to “Pete Kistler” on LinkedIn
  11. 11. A window will pop-up with step-by-step instructions for the Boost Step
  12. 12. VERIFY THE STEP5 I’ll follow the instructions and change my name to “Pete Kistler” on LinkedIn. When I’m done, I’ll click “Verify this Step” at the bottom.
  13. 13. GET YOUR BOOST POINTS6 I earned 45 points for that step! My LinkedIn profile is now more search engine friendly.
  14. 14. GO TO THE NEXT STEP!7 Click the blue “Next Step” button to view my next step. (And follow the instructions to complete thats step)
  15. 15. PUBLISH YOUR BRANDYOURSELF PROFILE8 Some steps require you publish a BrandYourself profile. These steps are extremely important! They give you much more power to help make your links more search engine friendly If you don’t already have a BrandYourself profile, 
 we’ll help you create one( )
  16. 16. BRANDYOURSELF PROFILES Are a positive, professional webpage about you that you control. It’s not only a great link for you to have on the web, but it also helps your other links rank higher for your name.
  17. 17. FOLLOW THE REMAINING BOOST STEPS9 Notice the Boost Meter fills up with each completed step!
  18. 18. While you don’t have to complete every step, we highly recommend it. Each step will make your link more search engine friendly and give it the best chance of ranking in Google for your name.
  19. 19. BOOST THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LINKS10 Follow the boost steps for every link you submit. Remember, the more positive links about you online, the better - so submit & boost as many as possible.
  20. 20. Any questions?
  21. 21. Reach out to our support team You can also chat with someone during business hours - just click the green tab on our homepage 315-565-1799 ( )
  22. 22. Look great when employers, clients and even dates Google you.