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How BrandYourself got 60K users in 60 hours
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How BrandYourself got 60K users in 60 hours


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An inside look at how (unexpectedly) acquired 60 thousand users in 60 hours following the official launch of its free Do-It-Yourself online reputation management & personal SEO tool. …

An inside look at how (unexpectedly) acquired 60 thousand users in 60 hours following the official launch of its free Do-It-Yourself online reputation management & personal SEO tool. Co-founder & CEO, Patrick Ambron, takes you through the steps that led to the unexpected growth and how startups and fellow entrepreneurs can apply similar tactics to grow their business, including tips for press pitching, website design, referrals, marketing / branding tactics and more.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. How we (unexpectedly) got 60K Users in 60 Hours Patrick Ambron Co-Founder & CEO and other ways to get users without spending $$
  • 2. •Background: what/who is BrandYourself •Tipping Point: 60K users in 60 hrs (what happened) •What we learned: lessons you can apply AGENDA
  • 3. We started BrandYourself when co-founder Pete couldn‘t get an internship because employers were Googling him and finding... A criminal with the same name The REAL Pete Kistler, NOT a criminal INSTEAD OF
  • 4. 1 BILLION 75% names are Googled every day of HR departments are required to research candidates online We realized this is a BIG problem for A LOT of people
  • 5. …And most people are not well-represented online NEGATIVE IRRELEVANT HEY! THAT’S NOT ME
  • 6. To help everyone control their search results with a simple & FREE do-it-yourself platform So we made it our mission:
  • 7. How BrandYourself Works
  • 8. Users can also create a BrandYourself that’s optimized to rank high in search results for your name
  • 9. •30 full-time employees •Over 300,000 customers •$2 Million in funding (more on way) •Named #1 Emerging Business in NYS ($200K prize), top app at SXSW WHERE WE STARTED WHERE WE ARE NOW •Launched in 2010 from a dorm room at SU •No marketing budget, no resources, no clue
  • 11. It started with a lot of building…
  • 12. and rebuilding
  • 13. and more rebuilding
  • 15. We were ready for launch!
  • 16. Growth was pretty good right out of the gate
  • 17. BUT THEN…
  • 18. …we hit a tipping point 60K users in 60 hrs
  • 20. We announced a feature that (accidentally) went a little viral
  • 21. first, Mashable picked it up
  • 22. Not all Mashable articles are created equal an article trending on the front
  • 23. Once the story was “hot” other places picked it up
  • 24. All these new users began sharing BrandYourself, which compounded growth even more…
  • 25. Signups from direct sources and direct Google searches sky-rocketed
  • 26. We signed up over 10,000 people from sources that signed up less than 200 people each. Finally, all the new users created a huge Long Tail Effect
  • 27. Some sent us users through
  • 28. Others wrote personal blog posts
  • 30. Pitch the right publication (choose wisely) 1
  • 31. Promote one feature at a time (make sure it’s the one people care about) 2
  • 32. Bad Pitch: We have a new feature that helps you do something amazing that no one else can help you do Good Pitch: Here’s a list of ten technical features you won’t really understand. Will you write about it?
  • 33. Focus the story on specific people, not you or your company 3
  • 34. Bad Pitch: Millions of people—like my friend Jim—could never speak Spanish. With this new product he was fluent in 2 weeks! Good Pitch: I just stayed up all night releasing this. You should write about it.
  • 35. Focus on your sign up flow 4 (optimize conversions)
  • 36. Ideal Homepage
  • 37. Pretty good homepage (thank you)
  • 38. Really good homepage
  • 39. Obvious really bad homepage
  • 40. Not as obvious bad homepage
  • 41. Know where your product can be viral *People will always share an interesting experience 5 (even if it isn’t a social network)
  • 42. People like to brag about accomplishments
  • 43. People want to do what their friends do
  • 44. Other Companies that use the Buddy DROPBOX: Invite a friend & you both get free storage space SKYPE: Invite a friend & you both get to talk to each other for free
  • 45. Have a great product that solves a real problem 6 VS
  • 46. Solve a specific problem 7
  • 47. Originally, we tried to be everything: “Put your best foot forward on the web”: • Manage your entire online reputation • Own your Google results • Track your digital breadcrumbs • Create effective social media profiles • Get more fans and followers • Figure out how to blog • Automate your social media outreach • Manage your online privacy • Build a personal brand • Improve your online presence
  • 48. Now, we have a concise message: Own Your Google Results.
  • 49. Listen to your users and give them what they need 8
  • 50. With feedback from our users, we realized some situations still require more hands-on help…. So, we launched Concierge Services where a reputation specialist will handle the work for them. …this accelerated revenue and led to massive company growth Patrick, one of our reputation specialists
  • 51. Look great when employers, clients and even dates Google you.