BrandYourself Tutorial: Submit a High Quality Profile


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The first guide in the BrandYourself Tutorial Series. Learn how to submit a high quality profile to BrandYourself's free DIY online reputation management tool in order to help it rank higher in Google search results when someone looks up our name. We'll discuss not only how to submit a high quality profile but also what makes it "high quality" and why some links rank better in search results.

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BrandYourself Tutorial: Submit a High Quality Profile

  1. 1. BrandYourself Tutorial Series SubmitaHigh QualityProfile - Tutorial #1-
  2. 2. BrandYourself is the first DIY online reputation management tool that takes you through the process of improving Google results for your name.
  3. 3. So you can put your best foot forward online TURN THIS INTO THIS
  4. 4. By boosting positive links & profiles about you, like: A PERSONAL WEBSITE NEWS ARTICLES SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES (And other types of web content!) BUT…
  5. 5. Not all links are created equal
  6. 6. Submit a positive profile or link about you that you want people to find when they Google your name in the My Links tab. Links rank differently in search results for a number of reasons • How credible the domain/ site it’s associated with • how recent it was posted/updated • Popularity - Views, likes, shares, comments, etc. • Keywords - Where does your name appear & how many times ! ! Social media profiles rank well because they are a credible site about you that can be constantly updated News initially ranks well b/c search engines view them as credible & relevant but may drop in rankings once no longer relevant
  7. 7. This tutorial will take you through the steps of boosting high quality links with BrandYourself
  8. 8. LOGIN TO YOUR BRANDYOURSELF ACCOUNT1 If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one at - and it’s FREE!
  9. 9. GO TO THE MY LINKS TAB2 The “My Links” tab is where you will submit a link to boost. We recommend the high quality profiles you should boost. Click “(+) view all” to see the full list of recommendations.
  10. 10. CHOOSE A LINK TO BOOST3 When our recommendations expand down, click one of the high quality profiles to boost (like LinkedIn)
  11. 11. These 4 profiles tend to rank the highest: FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER GOOGLE+
  12. 12. SUBMIT YOUR EXISTING PROFILE OR CREATE ONE4 A popup will appear. If you already have the profile you’re trying to boost, click “I have one.” If you don’t have one, click “I want to create one” and we’ll help you sign up for the profile before moving onto the next step.
  13. 13. CONNECT YOUR PROFILE TO BRANDYOURSELF5 Follow the provided directions to connect your profile so that we can analyze it and give you steps to make it more search engine friendly.
  14. 14. THAT’S IT - NOW BOOST THE LINK!6 Congratulations, you successfully submitted your first profile! Now click the “Boost” button to see the list of steps you can take to help that profile rank higher in Google.
  15. 15. Stuck?
  16. 16. Contact our awesome support team OR chat with someone during business hours by clicking this green tab 315-565-1799 )
  17. 17. Look great when employers, clients and even dates Google you.