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BrandYourself is Hiring Search / Reputation Specialists for our Concierge Services
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BrandYourself is Hiring Search / Reputation Specialists for our Concierge Services


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BrandYourself is hiring Reputation Specialists for our Concierge Services at our New York office. As part of this role, you will develop and execute online reputation management strategies for a group …

BrandYourself is hiring Reputation Specialists for our Concierge Services at our New York office. As part of this role, you will develop and execute online reputation management strategies for a group of high-profile clients. Over 1 billion names are Googled every day and our Concierge Services who are looking to improve Google results for their own name but have a particularly difficult situation or don't have the time to do it themselves.

We're looking for someone with strong organization skills, strong communication skills (especially writing) and a generally good person to work with. Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and Wordpress is a plus but not required. This position is located in New York City, but for the right person, we can make remote work.

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  • 1. Look great when clients, colleagues and employers Google you. We’re hiring an Account Representative for our Concierge Service!
  • 2. I’m Patrick, CEO and co-founder To start, here’s a little bit more about the position…
  • 3. While our software helps people improve their own Google results, some of our higher profile clients need extra help and a custom strategy to improve their Google results. This will be your job as Account Representative. 1. You will be managing and helping our highest profile clients
  • 4. 2. You’ll hold an incredibly important position in our company. OurConcierge program is one of two major revenue streams. That means you’re making an immediate impact for our business, while helping clients along the way.
  • 5. 3. You’ll be helping people who have no where else to turn. Today it’s very easy to have your reputation screwed on the web. OurConcierge clients have been victims of everything from public gay bashing, slander, ugly divorces and straight up extortion .
  • 6. Like Andrew: An Ivy League Professor falsely accused of shop lifting who used BrandYourself to push more relevant info above all the irrelevant things that were overshadowing his work and research.
  • 7. Andrew had no where else to turn: • He couldn't do it himself. Because of his prestigious position, the scandal got picked up in every local media outlet. He simply did not have the time or expertise to use our software to clear his own name. • Competitors were overpriced and low quality. Other reputation companies cut their costs as much as possible and end up doing a poor job. • “I spent $17K with a competing reputation company and got more out of BrandYourself in 4 weeks.”
  • 8. 4. This is a huge opportunity to be part of something special. We’re leading the way in a new and rapidly growing industry, and you’ll be a key member of our team.
  • 9. Compensation: You’ll be a key member and you’ll be treated like one. That means you’ll earn a competitive salary and health insurance benefits. Location: We’re in the heart of the New York City tech scene – but for the right person we can also make remote work. The fine print:
  • 10. Here’s what you need to know about us…
  • 11. BrandYourself is the only DIY platform that makes it easy for anyone to improve their own Google results.
  • 12. BrandYourselfstarted as a problem, that turned into an idea, that turned into a mission.
  • 13. The Problem: Pete Kistler, my co-founder, was a model student, but couldn‘t get an internship. 3.9 GPA Successful entrepreneur Leader on campus Founder of multiple clubs Several relevant internships
  • 14. Employers were Googling him, and finding criminals with the same name.
  • 15. We realized online reputation management was a big problem (for a lot of people).
  • 16. So we created afreeproduct that makes the process dead simple for anybodyto do themselves. (fight the power)
  • 17. Other company facts you should know…
  • 18. We’re growing faster than we expected with over a quarter million users.
  • 19. We’re building an amazingteam. We hire the best people in the industry. Our engineering team’s last startup grew to millions of users and was acquired by (Read more about our team here).
  • 20. We’re well-funded by top investors.
  • 21. But more important than anything else…
  • 22. We’re making a real difference for our customers.
  • 23. Oh, and what about Pete (our co-founder who was being mistaken for a drug dealer)?
  • 24. He now owns his first 65results. ... And no longer spends his day denying being a drug dealer. Seriously, go ahead and Google him!
  • 25. Now you know about us, what about you?
  • 26. • Manage/improve the search results for 25-30 clients: You will be expected to perform a variety of tasks including building websites, creating content, building links and publishing profiles in order to help our clients’ search results. • Interact with/update your clients on your progress: On a monthly basis you will organize and send a report to each client to a) let them know what you’ve accomplished that month, b) give them your plan for the following month, and c) answer any questions they might have. They will also occasionally call you throughout each month with questions and to check in. • Look for new, innovative ways to optimize search results: Some clients will have search results that are difficult to improve, so you’ll be expected to be an active member in the SEO community and stay up to date with a) any changes to Google’s algorithm, and b) any new SEO tools or ideas that might help our clients achieve better results. Responsibilities
  • 27. Qualifications • Organization skills: You’ll be managing 25-30 clients at a time. Not only will you need to report back to each of these clients, but you’ll also need to report back to the management team on the exact status of each one. You’ll have to keep accurate notes on what work you’ve done and what progress you’ve made so the team can improve strategies as we move forward. • Strong communication skills (especially written): More important than anything else, you need to communicate effectively. That means you need to be able to a) write bios and content for your clients, b) answer complex questions simply and clearly, and c) articulate things that work and things that don’t. Communication is key. • You’re a genuinely good person to work with: We are dealing with people’s reputations, and they are rightly sensitive about them. One of our competitive advantages is how sincere and transparent we are. At the same time, you’ll need to manage expectations for our clients (results don’t happen overnight). We’ve found the trick to a great relationship is being a happy, helpful person.
  • 28. • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization: Though it’s not completely necessary that you have a background in SEO, it is definitely preferred. You will be doing SEO on a daily basis so the more you already know, the better. • Knowledge of WordPress: Again, this is not 100% necessary but it is definitely a plus. We build most of our clients’ websites on WordPress’ content management system, so previous knowledge will make getting acquainted with this position a much easier transition. Additional Qualifications These are a plus, but not required:
  • 29. Here’s how to apply Email concierge@brandyourself.comand include: • A paragraph about why you want to join our team • Your resume • What you like/don’t like about BrandYourself (sign up, it’s free)
  • 30. Thanks and feel free to reach out! Email: Phone: 845-625-8737 Twitter: @patrickambron