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Describes BrandPartners' approach to the financial retail environment, with case studies and a portfolio of work.

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Integrated Solutions

  2. 2. ABOUT BRANDPARTNERS BrandPartners takes a strategic partnership approach with our valued client relationships. More than a vendor, we consider ourselves stakeholders, fully invested in the ongoing success of each and every project we implement. To achieve optimal brand expression, functionality and sales effectiveness, 5 directives guide our efforts as retail strategists, designers and implementation specialists. 1. Match, in a thoughtful way the needs and preferences of customers with the retail experience offered 2. Search for appropriate and relevant points of differentiation Old National Bank (above) Community First Bank (below) 3. Identify the true spirit of the brand, and infuse that spirit into every aspect of a store’s look and feel 4. Use the space as effectively as possible 5. Develop a set of environmental tools that foster a sales and service culture With this thinking in place, BrandPartners can effectively deliver unique design solutions that meet the individualized retail objec- tives of our clients. MISSION 2
  3. 3. ABOUT BRANDPARTNERS Our design team is motivated by the belief that all of the aspects of a retail branch combine to create one real experience of a corporation, its culture and customer commitment. When conceived in a more holistic way, properly executed branch design can function as the most powerful ex- pression of brand character that creates a lasting impression. At its best, a thoughtfully designed program that considers customers needs, it’s place in the community and the support of a highly motivated staff can deliver tangibly and consistently on your brand promise engendering preference and loyalty in cus- tomers. Bank of America (above) Comerica Bank (below) MISSION 3
  4. 4. ABOUT BRANDPARTNERS BrandPartners’ key differentiators can be summed up in four words; Passion, Innovation, Value and Results. At BrandPartners we listen carefully to our customers needs PASSION and have a passion for turning the solutions to those needs into a reality. Our understanding of customer behavior in the retail environment combined with the development of best of breed retail design, produces the innovation necessary to allow our clients to differentiate their unique position in a competitive marketplace. Our holistic approach means that we sweat the details on each and every aspect of a project to deliver the value our clients VALUE INNOVATION require for bottom line profitability. Providing staff training mod- ules with our prototype design implementations dramatically increases cross-sell capabilities between lines of business pro- viding increased sales results. RESULTS MISSION 4
  5. 5. ABOUT BRANDPARTNERS We believe in brands made real. We do our work at retail, where the customer and the brand make contact. We do it with imagination, strategy, design and total realization of the brand. For 25 years we have made brands real for 36,000 financial retail locations in the United States and Europe. Our holistic approach has been designed to enhance every aspect of the customer experience helping to make our clients brand promise a reality. To accomplish this we have enlisted the services of a focused Minnesota Bank & Trust (above left) The Provident Bank (above right) National City Bank (below) group of dedicated professionals to provide a seamless project execution. Our our staff of strategists, architects, designers, engineers, proj- ect managers, analysts, general contractors and implementation specialists work together to bring the best creative and strategic thinking to the financial marketplace. MISSION 5
  6. 6. ABOUT BRANDPARTNERS BrandPartners believes a retail space must deliver tangibly and consistently on the brand promise. BrandPartners teams with financial organizations to positively influence consumer buying behavior through brand translation, creative services, retail merchandising, retail digital networking, design/build and strategic market intelligence. Clients depend upon BrandPartners’ turnkey services to help maximize a finan- cial institution’s most visible often most under-utilized asset – the branch environment. Our holistic approach has been designed to enhance every as- pect of the customer experience helping to make our clients HSBC (above) Integra Bank (below) brand promise a reality. To accomplish this we have enlisted the services of a focused group of dedicated professionals to pro- vide a seamless integration of the following services: • Strategic market intelligence • Store design and construction • Brand and retail positioning • Customer experience mapping • Environmental graphic design • Retail merchandising display programs • In-store POS communications • Field installation and de-merchandising services • Program maintenance and web support services MISSION 6
  7. 7. ABOUT BRANDPARTNERS The heart of our design process is a based on our holistic approach which we utilize in all client projects. This approach guides the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of experts all working to bring to life a compelling, three-dimensional embodiment of a brand. DISCOVER We achieve these directives by carefully helping our clients fol- low the path of our 4-D strategic process: Discover brand current network marketplace competition Define DELIVER DEFINE brand positioning customer experience placement strategy communication strategy Design DESIGN architecture & furniture environmental graphics merchandising fixtures POS communications signature elements retail windows Deliver program management construction management print production & fulfillment rollout retrofits training MISSION 7
  8. 8. OUR WORK 8
  9. 9. Bank of America | Boston (MA) WINDOWS O S 9
  10. 10. Bank of America | New York (NY) Bank of America | New York (NY) WINDOWS O S 10
  11. 11. Bank of America | New York (NY) SIGNATURE ELEMENTS SG U S 11
  12. 12. Bank of America | Countrywide conversion MERCHANDISING C S G 12
  13. 13. National City Bank | Cleveland (OH) WINDOWS O S 13
  14. 14. National City Bank | Cleveland (OH) WINDOWS O S 14
  15. 15. National City Bank | Chicago (IL) WINDOWS O S 15
  16. 16. National City Bank | Pittsburgh (PA) WINDOWS O S 16
  17. 17. National City Bank | Florida Expansion PROTOTYPE DESIGN O O SG 17
  18. 18. National City Bank | Milwaukee (WI) WINDOWS O S 18
  19. 19. National City Bank | Milwaukee (WI) SIGNATURE ELEMENTS SG U S 19
  20. 20. National City Bank | Harrison City (PA) MERCHANDISING & POS C S G OS 20
  21. 21. Comerica Bank | Dallas (TX) DIGITAL G 21
  22. 22. Comerica Bank | Dallas (TX) Comerica Bank | Dallas (TX) GREETER 22
  23. 23. Comerica Bank | Dallas (TX) POINT OF SALE O O S 23
  24. 24. Sovereign Bank | Boston (MA) Sovereign Bank | Boston (MA) MERCHANDISING C S G 24
  25. 25. Sovereign Bank | Brooklyn (NY) WINDOWS O S 25
  26. 26. Sovereign Bank | New York City (NY) Sovereign Bank | New York City (NY) WINDOWS O S 26
  27. 27. Sovereign Bank | Boston (MA) BRAND WALL 27
  28. 28. SunTrust | Forest Lakes (GA) WELCOME WALL CO 28
  29. 29. SunTrust | Jacksonville (FL) SunTrust Bank | Jacksonville (FL) DRIVE U TELLER UP 29
  30. 30. SunTrust | Jacksonville (FL) DRIVE U TELLER UP 30
  31. 31. Webster Bank | Westfield (CT) BRAND WALL 31
  32. 32. Webster Bank | Westfield (CT) WINDOWS O S 32
  33. 33. Rocky Mountain Bank | Billings (MT) BRANDED INTERIOR O 33
  34. 34. Integra Bank | Union (KY) Integra Bank | Union (KY) BRANDED INTERIOR O 34
  35. 35. Integra Bank | Union (KY) Integra Bank | Union (KY) BRANDED INTERIOR O 35
  36. 36. Integra Bank | Union (KY) The Provident | Jersey City (NJ) POINT O S O OF SALE & DIGITAL G A 36
  37. 37. Integra Bank | Union (KY) Integra Bank | Union (KY) MERCHANDISING & DIGITAL C S G G 37
  38. 38. Community Trust | Ruston (LA) BRANDED INTERIOR O 38
  39. 39. KeyBank | Cleveland (OH) MERCHANDISING & POS C S G OS 39
  40. 40. KeyBank | Cleveland (OH) MERCHANDISING & POS C S G OS 40
  41. 41. KeyBank | Cleveland (OH) SIGNATURE ELEMENTS SG U S 41
  42. 42. M&T Bank | Baltimore (MD) BRANDED INTERIORS O S 42
  43. 43. First County Bank | Stamford (CT) BRANDED INTERIOR O 43
  44. 44. Prevail Credit Union | Seattle (WA) BRANDED INTERIOR O 44
  45. 45. Merrimack Valley FCU | Lawrence (MA) ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS O G CS 45
  46. 46. Rocky Mountain Bank | Billings (MT) ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS O G CS 46
  47. 47. University Credit Union | Portland (ME) BRANDED INTERIOR O 47
  48. 48. CASE STUDIES 48
  49. 49. BANK OF AMERICA | Countrywide conversion SERVICES PROVIDED • Brand Strategy Program Integration Areas evaluated were: the current (and desired) retail experience, all point • Environmental Branding Program Management of sale , communication needs, associate sales tactics, as well as various • Architectural /Interior Design Design Application architectural assets. • Retail Systems / Displays Space Planning / Design Define (Phase Two): BrandPartners developed Customer Experience Zones, PROJECT SUMMARY weighing unique activities such as making payments, private consultations, BrandPartners has worked with Bank of America Corporation (BAC) since the defining how customers enter the space, work with mortgage loan officers and early nineties. Initiatives like the branch revitalization SMART Program (Strategic transition to consultation rooms. Merchandise and Refurbishment Team) and the Fleet Bank conversion firmly established BrandPartners as one of Bank of America’s key strategic partners. Design (Phase Three): Working under an extremely tight deadline based on Managing the hardware design and deployment for all of the Eastern States conversion initiatives, BrandPartners Strategy, Design and Engineering teams made BrandPartners a natural choice when BAC was challenged with a speedy collaborated to define the desired future state of Bank of America Home Loans. re-branding of the Countrywide Home Mortgage Offices. It was especially challenging to carry the Master BAC design into the space as a distinct yet separate look and feel for the new Mortgage Divsion. The end The primary communication goals were to bridge the challenged Countrywide result was a cohesive family of wall frames, entrance signage, counter displays, Brand to the strength and stability of the BAC brand by effectively promoting payment covers and transition area signage to harmonize with architectural Bank of America’s home mortgage product and services. With only seven assets and furniture systems already in place. months until turn-over and a firmly established budget, cost containment and speed to market were critical factors in the program’s design and execution. Deliver (Phase Four): The battle cry soon became: “7 months cradle to grave”… all required site analysis, site recommendations, program forecasting and SOLUTION estimating netted in the design, engineering, manufacturing of 18,000 display Discovery (Phase One): Upfront strategic development quickly became the faces, 12,000 pockets incorporating 20 tons of acrylic, 4 acres of steel and foundation to the program’s success. Extensive site visits, store analysis, 10,000 pounds of paint powder for 2,200 nationwide stores. In collaboration facilitated discussion, and interviews were employed by BrandPartners to with the Banks’ West Coast partners, BrandPartners completed the deployment better understand the existing Countrywide Experience. Understanding critical under budget and ahead of schedule. nuances of the life of the BAC Home Mortgage lending process was of upmost importance. The space differs greatly from a banking center as there are no traditional teller lines, drive-ups or cash available on site. EXPERIENCE 49
  50. 50. BANK OF AMERICA | interior design enhancement strategy SERVICES PROVIDED Methodology: Enhanced customer enjoyment experienced through inviting • Brand Strategy Program Integration retail banking spaces will drive an increase in wallet share and customer • Environmental Branding Design Application loyalty. As a foundation to the program’s development, BrandPartners • Architectural/Interior Design facilitated an interdisciplinary design workshop for key Bank stake holders. • Program Management Through consensus building, the multidisciplinary team defined the IDES • Retail Systems/Displays program design as requiring the following tenets: clever, compelling, surprising, • SpacePlanning/Design dynamic, dimensional, educational and most importantly warm and welcoming. PROJECT SUMMARY Design Strategy: Help ground the newly embraced in-store strategy; develop After completing a standard round of basic renovations such as paint, paper a practice of more emotive selling through associative retail zones; conduct an and carpeting, Bank of America realized they really needed more of a design extensive “discovery” process of store visits, involved interviews with Bank staff, enhancement to drive customer engagement and loyalty. So they reached out to and a review of Bank of America’s communication goals to develop design BrandPartners to come up with a design that would “Through visual and tactile attributes that would strengthen the customer experience at the Banking executions, encourage customers to enjoy and look forward to their visits to a Centers; simplify and organize the space by inspiring and delighting customers. Bank of America Banking Center” and help the bank to develop a tiered approach for utilizing both existing and new BrandPartners’ environmental solutions. SOLUTION BrandPartners developed an integrated space with a prioritized visual The goal of Bank of America’s Design Team was to increase warmth, create a language that effectively projected Bank of America’s identity using the welcoming environment through the richness of texture & comfort, and retrofit a following key components: new branding and visual focal points, new signature look into cavernous banking centers and remote ATM. The Bank also merchandising solutions, new wall texturing & treatments, millwork solutions, wanted to “own red” in the banking space, particularly the feelings of warmth enhanced lighting and furnishing concepts for deployment to approximately that red invokes. Ultimately, the desired customer reaction was “Wow! I like the 113 newly renovated banking centers in key markets. The solution required new look and enjoy coming to the bank. I didn’t know banking could be like this.” the modularity and flexibility for deployment to a variety of architectural conditions and ultimately incorporation into new store construction. BrandPartners embarked upon an extensive collaborative process that leveraged the following two principles: enhancing the customer and staff store The environmental designs have been deployed in numerous locations : experiences, and continuing to meet all the Bank’s communications needs of New York City, California, Chicago and Charlotte NC – Bank of America’s brand & channels as defined through the strategic design process. headquarters city. EXPERIENCE 50
  51. 51. NATIONAL CITY BANK | windows program SERVICES PROVIDED • Communication Audits BrandPartners has conducted multiple campaigns for National City. The first paired Na- • Environmental Branding tional City’s support for breast cancer research with their sponsorship of the Cleveland • Environmental Graphics Browns in “Real Men Wear Pink.” Several years of successful windows programs have followed and today the program has been expanded to six additional sites with window PROJECT SUMMARY merchandising campaigns promoting a holiday gift card program, a savings program After successfully completing a network-wide remerchandising program for National and a points program. City Bank, BrandPartners embarked on the transformation of a previously overlooked opportunity residing right in the bank’s Cleveland headquarters building; its prime window real estate. The project began as a design challenge to connect the bank sponsored NFL team with breast cancer awareness. The “street-level billboards” have garnered the bank media and community attention as well as making a significant contribution to the city’s downtown beautification project. SOLUTION National City’s window merchandising has come a long way since its inception. In the first two years, BrandPartners worked with National City to transform the traditional look of the massive windows in its Cleveland headquarters into a showcase for effective merchandising. Ten windows, each more than 23 feet by 12 feet, were transformed from mini-blinds to a series of stylish window merchandising displays. The windows now act as free, street-level billboards along one of the city’s major intersections. With dramatic evening lighting, the displays project the banks image and promotions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To further capitalize on the windows, BrandPartners suggested taking advantage of the upper and lower window segments to create a brand message on the top tier of the di- vided windows and use the bottom tier for current promotional messages. The branding remains in place as promotional messages are changed out on the lower windows on a regular basis. This allows for both consistency and the ability to keep the messaging and displays fresh. EXPERIENCE 51
  52. 52. NATIONAL CITY BANK | Florida expansion SERVICES PROVIDED • Environmental Graphics a Florida Mediterranean design style with a distinctive, welcoming front porch at the • Market Analysis entry, “Main Street”-style oversized retail windows, multiple levels of Spanish tiled roof- • Architecture / Interior Design ing that holds up to unpredictable weather conditions and four main gable forms giving prominence to building signage. PROJECT SUMMARY When Cleveland-based National City Bank purchased two sizeable bank networks in The interior design includes a lower ceiling over a “Living Room” area to create a more Florida, the nation’s sixth-largest bank was faced with entering a market where it en- comfortable and defined waiting area for an aging demographic, and incorporates mill- joyed little brand awareness. National City wanted to aesthetically integrate their brand work consistent with Midwest designs, yet using a lighter wood tone consistent with attributes into the branch environments of its new geographic footprint while being Florida attributes. respectful of regional conditions, demographics, and architectural styles. The National City project included recommendations for both interior and exterior color palettes, interior design refurbishment recommendations, and a new prototype branch design to support their Florida expansion plans. SOLUTION Using field photography and floorplans from a merchandising rollout already in prog- ress, BrandPartners made interior design recommendations for converting the exist- ing branches into environments more consistent with National City’s brand attributes. BrandPartners created a master interior materials palette, consisting of refreshing, lu- minous colors of beach glass, the ocean, and sea shells, then delivered refurbishment floorplans for each of the branches, indicating design specifications for walls, flooring, and millwork. The recommendations all tied back to a Decision Tree Matrix that es- timated refurbishment costs by component and by branch, allowing National City to make informed budgetary and scheduling decisions. To support National City’s desire for future Florida expansion, BrandPartners de- signed a branch Prototype that takes into consideration Florida architectural styles and colors, as well as demographic and climate challenges. BrandPartners created EXPERIENCE 52
  53. 53. WACHOVIA | branch synchronization strategy SERVICES PROVIDED Phase 2: involved the process of strategically defining a program that would • Brand Translation synchronize the operational and brand needs discovered in Phase 1 with • Strategic Environmental Branding the remaining system network. This process involved mapping a new Wa- • Site Reconnaissance / Analysis chovia customer experience, defining an extensive system of branch sig- • Retail Readiness Conditions Audit nature elements solutions that maintained the most cost effective program. • Environmental Communications • Merchandising Systems Design Phase 3: aimed to design and refine the visual platform for all the necessary • Exterior / Interior Signature Elements Design branded branch components. • Atmospheric Design • Program Management BrandPartners developed a template design integrating all aspects of the branch • Implementation (suspended due to merger) translation exercise: architectural features/assets, environmental design oppor- tunities, branding, merchandising, communications tools and general signage. PROJECT SUMMARY Wachovia was seeking to address challenges surrounding the issues of adapt- Phase 4: The final delivery phase outlined the program management approach ing their established financial center proto-model brand in an effective and ef- for the holistic, turnkey delivery that integrated internal and external partners in ficient manner. BrandPartners was requested to design and deliver a branded the execution of the branch remodels by the year-end 2008. environmental system that would allow Wachovia to express their brand over more of their traditional network. Implementation of this program is subsequently awaiting the details of the Wells Fargo merger. SOLUTION BrandPartners followed a focused and deliberate four-phase process that in- cluded the following: Phase 1: uncovered business, brand and design fundamentals that propelled the original branch remodeling program. A BrandPartners team composed of strategists, designers and analysts gathered crucial information for the de- velopment of a holistic environmental program including; the Wachovia busi- ness model, brand positioning & implementation strategies, customer expe- rience strategies, segmentation strategies and communication opportunities. EXPERIENCE 53
  54. 54. H&R BLOCK | branch experience design & merger rollout SERVICES PROVIDED SOLUTION • Brand Strategy BrandPartners began by building on H&R Block’s strong brand equity, integrat- • Communication Audits ing the mortgage and brokerage businesses through the creation of financial • Environmental Branding centers using bold color keys to identify and showcase each business. • Architecture / Interior Design • Construction Services BrandPartners designed and constructed 12 new prototype sites. The two • Space Planning / Design phase construction and interior finish program consisted of 300 Olde sites • Contract Furniture with an initial exterior sign replacement at all locations. Each phase, 72 exist- • Project Management / Installation ing H&R Block branches and then the conversion of 120 Olde branches was • Kiosks & Displays executed in an efficient four to six week construction and rebranding imple- • Environmental Graphics mentation schedule to “open for business” branches. PROJECT SUMMARY When H&R Block wanted to accelerate its transformation from a well-known tax preparation company to a financial services provider offering investments and mortgages as well as its tax preparation services, they turned to the exper- tise of BrandPartners. With their recent acquisition of Olde discount brokerage, H&R Block also wanted to convert a portion of Olde branches, and new loca- tions, into rebranded H&R Block Financial Centers. With the re-branding, H&R Block also wanted to transform customer and gen- eral public perception from just a tax services provider, to a provider of addi- tional financial services as well as cross-selling its new business products to its existing tax customers. EXPERIENCE 54
  55. 55. SUNTRUST | branch experience design SERVICES PROVIDED • Brand Strategy BrandPartners also developed modular standards to address SunTrust’s variety • Communication Audits of traditional, storefront and in-store branches. Using “signature” architectural • Environmental Branding elements, a consistent retail environment is created that was easy to apply to • Architecture / Interior Design all branches. • Millwork / Signature Elements • Audit & Analysis With a more standardized construction processes and product delivery, • Environmental Graphics SunTrust was able to shorten the time needed for new offices to achieve • Marketing Collateral profitability. Flexible design elements also allowed the bank to make easy and inexpensive modifications to existing locations. PROJECT SUMMARY When you’re one of the nation’s largest retail banks with a demonstrated re- cord of growth from both expansion and profitability, why tamper with success? SunTrust recognized that to manage its growth, the bank needed a new re- tail prototype to use for its continued branch expansion. With the new proto- type, SunTrust also wanted to ensure the success of the business model it had worked long and hard to develop. SOLUTION SunTrust looked to BrandPartners to design a branch prototype to extend throughout its existing branch network. The resulting design is a multi-layer customer experience that guides the customer’s interactions with the branch’s physical space and SunTrust products. The first impression conveys excitement for the SunTrust brand and provides a compelling look at all SunTrust services. A key component to the design is the customer quick-assist point, which complements SunTrust’s new lob- by management staffing model. A stand-up staffer is the first to interact with customers creating an immediate connection with the staff. EXPERIENCE 55
  56. 56. FLAGSTAR BANK | branch experience design SERVICES PROVIDED • Brand Strategy As a new player in Atlanta, Flagstar gained valuable visibility with BrandPart- • Environmental Branding ners’ eye-catching exteriors. Extra-large windows allowed backlit graphics to • Architectural / Interior Design stand out and be easily seen at night. The renovations proved quite successful • Construction Services as the Mt. Vernon, GA, branch had the most successful start of any new Flag- • Contract Furniture star branch ever built. BrandPartners also created a regional banking hub in • Project Management / Installation Dunwoody, GA, and the prototype, in Duluth, GA, would be the model for the • Kiosks & Displays future development of the Georgia network. • Environmental Graphics • Marketing Collateral • Branch Training PROJECT SUMMARY Most of Flagstar’s growth in retail banking had been in Michigan and Indiana, but Atlanta was calling. As one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and with a positive community banking climate, the Atlanta metro market was one area where Flagstar wanted to plant its mark in 2005 and beyond. When Flagstar sought to enter the greater Atlanta retail banking market, BrandPartners helped the well-known Midwestern bank turn locations such as a former pizza parlor and office condo into high-growth retail banking centers. SOLUTION To enter this new market, Flagstar worked closely with BrandPartners by conducting a strategic market analysis to identify the best locations for a de- novo network, and then by drawing upon the BrandPartners’ Brand Blueprint to ensure brand continuity in the new market. The Flagstar Freedom Pledge, developed during the Brand Blueprint sessions, was prominently displayed in each of the their banking centers. EXPERIENCE 56
  57. 57. M&T BANK | branch experience design SERVICES PROVIDED • Environmental Branding program, slated to appear in 50 locations within the first year. The essence of • Architecture / Interior Design the branded merchandising program has also been spread across the entire • Kiosks & Displays network through a cost-effective retrofit program, with additional enhanced • Environmental Graphics components planned for key growth markets. • Marketing Collateral • Branch Training PROJECT SUMMARY On the heels of an identity refresh, M&T Bank knew they needed to extend their new brand attributes to their growing retail network. M&T selected Brand- Partners to design a new branch prototype interior that was in line with their new positioning. In conjunction, BrandPartners was tasked with developing a branded merchandising package that would infuse the new brand look and communication style into their 650 existing branches. SOLUTION BrandPartners began the branch design with the customer experience as its foundation. Through in-depth working sessions with M&T Bank executives, op- erations, facilities and front-line staff BrandPartners documented the key cus- tomer interaction points, and designed architectural, visual and communication elements to facilitate the desired experience. A signature teller-line and customer service counter were designed to anchor the lobby and create a natural path through the branch, ideally leading transac- tions into conversations. The M&T Bank brand was translated into the environ- ment through colors, materials, and communication devices strategically placed to unfold a story as the customer journeys through the branch. The new branch design immediately became part of the bank’s aggressive build and renovation EXPERIENCE 57
  58. 58. SOVEREIGN BANK | branch experience design SERVICES PROVIDED • Brand Translation By focusing on designing an environment that was consultative rather • Program Management Services than transaction-oriented, we were able to develop a prototype design that • Environmental Graphics epitomized the neighborhood feelings of community and belonging. Zones • Branch Prototype Design such as the front porch, marketplace, town common and community bar were • Architectural Services clearly defined focal points that engaged customers with the space. It is a multi- functional design that allows for self- services as well as traditional banking PROJECT SUMMARY services. For instance, ATMs were placed in the front lobby of the branch so In an effort to more effectively differentiate themselves in the marketplace, customers could feel included in the environment, while teller lines were placed Sovereign turned to BrandPartners to develop and design their branch of the in the back, visible and accessible yet allowing customers to explore at their future. own pace. SOLUTION BrandPartners kick started the process by conducting a brand translation with the team at Sovereign. The purpose of the exercise was to gain a deep understanding of the Sovereign brand so that it could be transformed into a powerful physical brand expression that would create an association, and emotion, and an expectation of what it meant to do business with Sovereign. The essence of the ideas that came from the translation exercise centered around a simple neighborhood concept. People associate very strong and positive emotions with the idea of neighborhoods — a sense of community, trust, belonging, and so it was only natural that the Sovereign brand was reborn as “America’s Neighborhood Bank.” The rest of the challenge lay in effectively transforming the Community Banking Office’s functions into a space that was all at once efficient, flexible, adaptable, inviting, and dynamic. To the design teams at BrandPartners, it was a challenge come true. EXPERIENCE 58
  59. 59. KEYBANK | branch experience design SERVICES PROVIDED • Audit & Analysis communications and provide the opportunity to synchronize that message in • Kiosks & Displays the branch and across the network. • Digital Signage • Environmental Graphics BrandPartners began the KeyBank initiative with the de-merchandising and • Marketing Collateral installation of new program components in 70 locations. In addition, BrandPart- ners re-branded 31 branches of Union State Bank, a bank recently acquired by PROJECT SUMMARY KeyBank, with a staged rollout to 146 existing sites and 18 denovo locations Cleveland-based KeyBank is a $92-billion asset company with nearly 1,000 through 2009. branches. When the bank needed a merchandising partner to design and de- ploy a unique, branded environment to improve the customer experience and deliver on the KeyBank promise, they chose BrandPartners to make their vision a reality. The remerchandising program, described by KeyBank as atmospheric brand- ing, is one layer in their new approach to retail banking and creates a distinctive, branded retail environment that is easily repeatable across the branch network. The program is uniquely associated with the KeyBank in-branch experience and has the ability to deliver consistency across the entire network. SOLUTION With the primary functions of communicating the KeyBank brand promise and encouraging customer interaction through informational and educational sig- nage as well as branded displays, the KeyBank rollout integrates strategic as- pects of customer banking behavior, ease of use and leverages environmental and architectural opportunities. It also balances all the assets of the branch’s physical space, with the proper creative content to add to the customer experi- ence while delivering on the KeyBank brand promise. As the program further expands, it will continue to leverage existing and alternate advertising channel EXPERIENCE 59
  60. 60. THANK YOU Information, material, and designs in this document are proprietary to and owned by BrandPartners Retail Inc. and may not be disclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a Line of Business computer information network, or distributed in any way without the written consent from BrandPartners Retail Inc. ©2009 BrandPartners Retail Inc. All rights reserved. BPG_3903_int solutions_6_09.indd