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Brand Touch - Value Innovation
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Brand Touch - Value Innovation


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We've caught the winds of value innovation to a new market with no competition, sharing all benefits and competitive advantages with our partners and customers worldwide.

We've caught the winds of value innovation to a new market with no competition, sharing all benefits and competitive advantages with our partners and customers worldwide.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. value innovation HERITAGE & FUTURE
  • 2. GOING DIGITAL: Better ROI and Revenue Multiplied Ad Efficiency Increased Audience Gather data, change content 40% less energy & costs Digital Signage is the most efficient of all media. All resources and delivery are digital, focused for the right content to the right people at the right place and time.
  • 3. STATIC Fixed print posters showing some info PASSIVE In-store TV displays showing a channel (plasma, low ROI) ACTIVE Locally managed video displays general advertising proximity marketing (LCD, better ROI and ads recall) ADAPTIVE Remotely managed interactive displays instantly targeted RELEVANT RESPOND recommend products ads, info, apps, share (LED, 60% better ROI) >20% CR! (immediate action)
  • 4. Digital signage node costs dropped 170% since 2009, yet many companies still have difficulties budgeting upfront/ ongoing expenses. more affordable than ever
  • 5. Audience analytics Remotely managed Energy Efficient Rich Interactive Experience Attention Relevancy ROI & Sales Satisfaction Expenses Queues TCO
  • 6. Choosing the right visual communication solution is not about hardware and price. It's crucial to make the right impression and deliver the highest value at low cost. We've caught the winds of value innovation to a new market with near 0 competition, sharing all benefits and competitive advantages with our partners and customers.
  • 7. Bringing awesome design, high quality, high performance and interactivity, we have increased the customization and management options, reduced the TCO for a high ROI and totally eliminated advertising and brick-and-mortar costs with a precise focus and global coverage.
  • 8. ANY CONTENT - hundreds of rich media formats ANY SCHEDULE - daily, emergency, holiday ANY AUDIENCE - recognition, monitoring, stats ANYWHERE in the world: unlimited displays ANY OS - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android ANY DISPLAY - DS, NFC, surface, tablet, mobile
  • 9. wayfinding & VR tours products & promos ads & shopping guide web & mobile apps data & questionnaires photo/ video sharing event schedules, QR loyalty & lottery ambience & well-being urgent messages high-end design body audience analytics system 2x 55″ FHD LED displays adaptive multi-touch interface 4G cloud DS player OS + retail software Hi-Fi surround sound 7 colors LED lighting
  • 10. perfect sized display integrated top multimedia
  • 11. Leading brands face unique digital technology challenges. Brand Touch helps them from the concept to completion. Clear strategy and right platform is increasingly important.
  • 12. StandOut for the European Parliament
  • 13. OctaEdge for Paradise Center
  • 14. ZilverSlate in EU & UAE malls
  • 15. ALMONDO™ Almondo in 6 cities
  • 16. Lumina for MSC
  • 17. StandOut private banking
  • 18. the multi-touch multi-user multi-media table present your project in 360 o view, move the images in a fast and natural way
  • 19. the ultimate interactive DS software for advertising, web applications, presentations, videoconferencing, infotainment…
  • 20. Don’t talk to 5 providers, talk to 1: ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE Design & Production Screens & Players Content Creation Network & Software Management & Support
  • 22. Brand Touch is an European supplier of touch screen display systems and digital signage services for the retail industry. We design, produce, deploy and support digital signage for banks, malls, hotels, galleries, showrooms and trade shows. With a worldwide network of system integration partners and top10 technology vendors, our customers receive hardware and software consulting, deployment and support: a custom all-in-one digital solution from a reliable partner.
  • 23. © Brand Touch EU. All rights reserved. Community registered kiosk / totems designs and trademark. coming soon to your mall