Brand think issue 3. Make your business grow.


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"On average, design alert businesses increase their market share by 6.3% through using design." The Design Council.

Make your business grow with a visual audit. Visit for more information.

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Brand think issue 3. Make your business grow.

  1. 1. BrandThinkIssue #3A bimonthly newsletter from BrandHOUSE Make your b �in�s grow
  2. 2. "On average, design alert businessincrease their market share by 6.3%through using design." Design CouncilIn the last issue of BrandThink we looked will have significant impact on customers’at the eight steps to being loved, the eighth purchasing decisions.step involved conducting a visual audit.In this edition of BrandThink we will look A visual audit reviews all of your existingat how a visual audit adds value. internal and external communications; its brand message, products and servicesask yOurself and provides feedback and advice in how to improve, build upon or change it to align• Do you want to increase your with your current business goals. marketshare over your competitor?• Do you want to influence customer whaT we dO purchasing decisions? Firstly BrandHOUSE will review your business goals, positioning,• Do you want to make people love key differentiation, and marketing your brand? strategies. We’ll conduct an audit of your existing brand communications, as well• Do you want to increase business growth as those of your competitors, to gain a full through expansion in existing and understanding of your brand needs and emerging markets through diversification opportunities. beyond those which you currently operate in? • review existing research reports, business plans, and marketing materials;In business, you routinely conductassessments of your financial health • conduct interviews: company executives,through monthly bookkeeping procedures. customers, partners and other keyIn addition, you do an annual inventory to stakeholders;maintain correct internal financial records.This is your financial audit. • conduct visual audit of corporate and brand communications;Obviously, the financial health of yourcompany is extremely important. • conduct visual audit of competitorHowever, you should also conduct an materials; andannual (or more frequent) audit of yourbusiness’s visual appeal to customers, • develop brand attribute profile andbecause the visual image of a business design criteria.
  3. 3. whaT is invOlved in a visual audiT eighT BenefiTs Of a visual audiTA visual audit provides an analysis Success in business, be it about a productof an company’s brand and its brand or service, in essence comes down to twomanagement and marketing effectiveness. factors; innovation and growth. A visualIt assesses a brand’s strengths, audit provides the mechanism and strategyweaknesses, opportunities, and threats. to do just that.It identifies growth opportunities From the visual audit you will gain:including those achieved by brandrepositioning and brand extension. • an evaluation of your current useThe visual audit will outline of design;recommendations to improve brand equity,brand positioning, brand management and • an evaluation of your peers/competitorsmarketing effectiveness. use of design; andWe set about a thorough analysis of • a plan for the use of design at a strategichow you communicate both internally level in your business.and externally. The first priority is todetermine a key contact within your The visual audit will prioritise any areascompany with access to materials and the that require urgent attention. With aworkplace, and who can also provide the timeline and plan to be developed withfollowing: an extensive design brief for all of your communications:• Company details ie. legal entity, vision and/or mission statement, business plan, • It identifies areas in which you can gain executive summary, general statement over your competitors; about(who your company is and what you do) and customer profile. • It helps you to see those aspects of your business that make you unique;Examples of all forms of internalcommunications inclusive of: • It gives you the head start you need to identify problems that need to be• Tender documents, sample emails, addressed; and notices, forms (leave, safety and job application forms), internal programmes, • It helps you to focus on your customers value service mapping (shop floor and their needs. graphics). grOw yOur BusinessExamples of all forms of external There is a link between design and bettercommunications inclusive of: business performance. According to a recent study by Design Council in the• Focussed (ie. letters, submissions), B2B UK, "On average, design alert businesses - to your clients and prospective clients, increase their market share by 6.3% brochures, posters, packaging, through using design." Wouldnt you Advertising (ie. general promo and job like to see that sort of growth in your advertisements), DVD/CD-ROM, image business? Adding value to products library, Verbal(ie. phone answering), and services makes businesses more sales presentation, information from successful. The more value you are able focus groups (debriefing, customer/ add to your core products and services, consumer interviews). the better they do. But when you use design to add value, they do even better inQuite simply, we look at everything. a whole range of ways, including increasedBecause only by looking at everything profit, turnover and market share.can we advise you on strategies to bettercommunicate to your target market and For further information on visual auditsbecome top of mind. and how they can be used to transform your company and your product or service offering visit or contact BrandHOUSE on (03) 9723 7114.
  4. 4. Simply put, if you don’t innovatethen you won’t survive.Brands must be relevant as markets evolve.Those brands that recognise that marketsare fractured over many platforms, wholeverage existing, new and emergingtouchpoints will be the future.Don’t be a brand for today.We would love to hear from you. To learnmore about your business challenges.To discuss how we are able to help.To provide insight. To think about howwe can partner with you to give morepresence to your brand.T: +61 3 9723 Terrigal Crescent,Kilsyth Victoria 3137AustraliaDefine. Inspire. Transform