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Hcl develops an investigative services information system (isis) for the department of human resources (dhr) state of georgia
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Hcl develops an investigative services information system (isis) for the department of human resources (dhr) state of georgia


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  • 1. HCL develops an Investigative Services Information System (ISIS) for the Department of Human Resources (DHR)-State of Georgia BACKGROUND  To ensure the health and welfare of the Georgians, DHR provides more than 100 programs which include those that control the spread of disease, enable older people live at home longer, prevent children from developing lifelong disabilities, train single parents to find and hold jobs, and help people with mental or physical disabilities to live and work in their communities  The OIS (Office of Investigative Services) is a mobile agency with twelve regional offices. Its primary function is to investigate fraud in public assistance programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF; formerly AFDC), Food Stamps, and Childcare. The office also investigates suspected employee misconduct and misuse of funds within DHR and by anyone contracted to DHR at the request of the division director. It also ensures the integrity of the organization and recoups large amounts of money that are returned to the state.CHALLENGES / OBJECTIVES Develop an integrated, web-based, statewide case tracking system to assist in SNAPSHOT suspected fraud investigations. [Public assistance funds are distributed in the form  Vertical: Public Services of food stamps, TANF and Childcare in the state of Georgia and in many instances,  Micro-vertical: Government clients fail to report their true circumstances at the point of application or fail to report a change in their circumstances during the certification period. The DHR OIS  Service Areas: Application / Solution has to ensure the integrity of the public assistance programs, by addressing all Development & Maintenance allegations of potential abuse. In order to do so, it is necessary to maintain an  Technologies: Java/J2EE, BEA-Web Logic accurate record of all pending and completed investigations] 7.0 , SP2, Oracle 9i database, Sun ONE Application, BizFlow 10.1 The current batch system in which data is captured based on the referrals and investigation progress had several drawbacks that severely hampered efforts and  IPs / Frameworks: iGOVERN™ Child Care Solution slowed down the investigative process
  • 2. THE SOLUTIONHCL developed an integrated, web-based, statewide case tracking system to assist in suspected fraudinvestigations. The system handles fraud cases from 13 OIS regions and 159 counties. Programs handled include: Food Stamp (EBT and non EBT cases), TANF, Child Care, Child Care Client/Provider and Internal Investigations The ISIS system covers security, access control, user roles, and other features; provides tracking and case management for all kinds of referrals, carries out various administrative investigation processes, and handles the disposition of cases as per pre-defined business rules The system also enables case administration by reassigning and transferring cases, has quality assurance for selected cases at every stage of progress, generates alerts for every investigation process wherever deadlines are to be achieved, and interfaces with other external systems from ASCII text file formats It provides various reports for internal and inter-departmental useRESULTS / BENEFITS Real-time workflow implementation and routing of complaints to Unit Supervisors Automatic validation of adjudication events and business rules during investigation Generating various statistical reports for management Generating letter and document templates; acknowledgement letters and maintaining electronic attachments online Workflow enabled, multi-level approval of the Case Close process Faster investigation and faster and accurate dynamic cross referencing of subjects in other complaints
  • 3. Hello, I’m from HCL! We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering tobuild superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 80,000 of us bright sparks are busydeveloping solutions for 500 customers in 31 countries across the world.How can I help you?