Mobile for All
Introduction – Mark Brill  Mobile Marketing                                   20 years in digital   & Innovation          ...
But we’rebecoming‘smarter’,faster
10%   of media time is spent      in mobile devices      7%      of media time is spent      in print
This is what we do                             36% of emails                                           Over 54% of        ...
And where we do it                                                       31% have purchased via smartphone73% use whilst s...
Most business approach mobile like this ..          ‘Let’s build an app’
An app is a majorinvestment …          Development/code    £            Design/UX                   Updates               ...
But above all you need …
Five free things youcan do to be more‘mobile’
#1A mobile website isessential hygiene
There are many freetools
#2Get found on mobile
Optimise your searchand local search
#3Connect youradvertising and PR
There are many waysto do it: URL Hashtags Likes Pins … even QR
Be imaginative
#4Don’t forget yourexisting customers
How do youremails look?
Can you deliver abetter service?
#5SoLoMoNew Opportunities
Foursquare is foreveryone
There are easy tools
You can co-create
You can find new ways to engage
Campaigns can takeany shape
A bonus tip ...
Become augmented
What canyou do?     (be imaginative)
Thank You!                 Want to know more?                         ...
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Five Free Ways to Make Your Business Work Better in Mobile


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Brand Emotivity works with brands and advertising agencies on mobile and innovation projects. In this presentation, we show how every organisation regardless of size can create a great mobile experience.

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  • Brand Emotivity is a mobile innovation consultancy. We work largely with advertising agencies and brands, but in this presentation we bring our understanding of the mobile landscape to show how SMEs and smaller organisations can levarage the channel successfully.
  • The take up of smartphones has been rapid. In the UK over 50% of users had a smartphone at the start of 2012, and the US has just reached a similar tipping point. This trend is happening everywhere, with developing economies seeing similarly large smartphone uptake.
  • The adoption of smart devices is seeing a shift in consumer habits. US analyst, Mary Meeker pointed out in Feb 2012 that 10% of ‘media’ time is now spent in mobile and tablets. Print, especially newspapers, is dwindling rapidly and now represents just 7% of media time in the US>
  • It’s not just media. Smartphone adoption is seeing a shift to mobile in many different channels. This is important for brands. Take social media. With over 50% of Twitter and Facebook users coming from smartphones, it means that your social media engagement needs to be optimised for those devices.
  • It’s all having a major impact on brands. A majority of smartphone users browse retail products whilst in store, and nearly a third have purchased from a competitor whilst in a shop.
  • When it comes to most brands and businesses, they are still very app focussed. And whilst apps have their place, it is not always the answer …
  • For starters it’s a major investment. True you can get an app built for a few thousand pounds, but once you take into account the design, updates and app promotion it is a big commitment, especially for an SME.
  • Above all, an app needs a great idea. Whilst a majority of brand apps have less than 1000 downloads, SMEs cannot afford to take that risk, even if they have the budget.
  • So here are five ways that you can make your business more effective in mobile. The only cost is your time.
  • Having a mobile site is now an essential requirement in our smartphone world. If users are delivered a poor (or desktop) experience they will simply leave and find a competitor with a better offering.
  • There are plenty of tools around which help you build a mobile site at no cost. Wordpress is also a great tool for this. It is powering many SME sites, and the ‘mobile’ option makes the site or blog into a responsive design site, delivering an optimised mobile epxerience.
  • Google has seen a YOY increase in mobile search of over 500%. It will soon overtake desktop, so it’s important to ensure your site is optimised for mobile search.
  • New stats for the DMA show that nearly 70% of UK smartphone owners use web-search. 68% of us use Google in preference searches directly in stores (Amazon) or portal. Optimising natural mobile search is done in much the same way as desktop. However, Google Places search is unique to mobile. By ensuring you are listed and up to date you can appear in the location search results and even benefit from added functions of click to call and maps.
  • With a smartphone in most people’s hands, all your advertising or PR presence can generate a response. Everything is now digital!
  • You can use many response triggers: a URL to your mobile site or social media connections. Even if you don’t undertake traditional advertising there are many different opportunities, such as boards in front of your premises, shop windows or even at events and exhibitions.QR can also work as a response mechanism when done correctly …
  • If you are using QR, you need to make sure that it is actionable, relevant to your audience and worth scanning. One small furniture makers created a wooden QR code, which when scanned showed a stop-frame video of their chairs being made in their workshop. Simple, but effective.
  • Many brands consider CRM to be an important part of their marketing activity. Increasingly that is taking place on mobile.
  • Emails are used by many businesses, large or small. A 2012 study by STEEL London found that 36% of emails are now read on mobile devices. But if the emails are not optimised, the experience is poor resulting in a low click through rate. Money Supermarket are an example of a brand who is doing mobile email well. The result is that they get a higher click through rate on mobile than on desktop.Making your emails mobile-friendly is easy. Many ESPs now have a mobile email option. Mail Chimp, for example have a free service for low volume users which includes a mobile-friendly option.
  • One way to deliver a better service is to use existing channels such as Twitter. Gatwick Airport do this very well, with a small dedicated team who ensure that any questions or service issues raised on Twitter are dealt with quickly. Any business of almost any size can do the same.
  • SoLoMo – or Social, Location, Mobile - is something of a buzz-word right now. The channel is creating new opportunities for SMEs.
  • Foursquare is a classic example of where SoLoMo is at right now. It’s not just for coffee places or pizza outlets. All kinds of businesses can use it. Whilst creating your own badge, like Marc Jacobs, is expensive, there are plenty of free tools to make use of. Granata Pet is a good example of an imaginative engagement through Foursquare. They dispensed samples of their dog food to owners who checked in by their billboard. The UK Foreign Office is an unlikely Foursquare Twitter users. However, they have made use of the tips to tell travellers about any local safety issues at the points of entry to many countries.
  • One of the best Foursquare tools is the Check-In offer. They are free to create and update, and businesses can both measure and manage their offers through an excellent interface on the web.
  • Instagram is a good example of how businesses can work with their customers through co-creation. Brands such as Ford’s fiestagram and Foot Locker’s kickstagram have created massive engagement through Instagram.
  • Some imaginative restaurants have used Instagram to get their customers to create their own menus.
  • It can be sued for any size of organisation. The BCU Future Media team also use Instagram and Pinterest to create engagement through a series of themed user-submitted photos. This one is on the theme of ‘We don’t need roads’.
  • It was supposed to be five tips, but here’s a free bonus one (always good to deliver more than you promise).
  • Augmented Reality offers many exciting new possibilities. One way to deliver it is through the Augmented Reality Browser, or an app, such as Layer or Blipper. UK company, Aurasma has created an excellent AR app which allows anyone to create their own ‘Auras’. These can use location or image recognition to trigger additional content such as videos or websites. As with QR, the key here is to be imaginative and engaging.
  • Hopefully this presentation has given you some inspiration. What will you do in mobile now? The advantage of many SMEs is they are more agile and more imaginative than big brands. That’s all it takes to succeed in mobile.
  • Five Free Ways to Make Your Business Work Better in Mobile

    1. 1. Mobile for All
    2. 2. Introduction – Mark Brill Mobile Marketing 20 years in digital & Innovation 9 years in mobile Specialist Senior Lecturer Chair of DMA @ Mobile Council BCU Chair of DMA Future Media Awards Masters @marktxt4ever
    3. 3. But we’rebecoming‘smarter’,faster
    4. 4. 10% of media time is spent in mobile devices 7% of media time is spent in print
    5. 5. This is what we do 36% of emails Over 54% of are read on Facebook & mobile 57% of Twitter users are mobile 11% of YouTube viewed on mobile 84% regularly use*Up to 30% of brandsearches 81% regularly use*are frommobile 91% regularly 13% of web browsing is view* from mobile 60% regularly search* 86% use daily*, EU5 Smartphone Users, 2012
    6. 6. And where we do it 31% have purchased via smartphone73% use whilst shopping 63% watching TV 80% during downtime% 59% 32%, EU5 Smartphone Users, 2012
    7. 7. Most business approach mobile like this .. ‘Let’s build an app’
    8. 8. An app is a majorinvestment … Development/code £ Design/UX Updates Promotion
    9. 9. But above all you need …
    10. 10. Five free things youcan do to be more‘mobile’
    11. 11. #1A mobile website isessential hygiene
    12. 12. There are many freetools
    13. 13. #2Get found on mobile
    14. 14. Optimise your searchand local search
    15. 15. #3Connect youradvertising and PR
    16. 16. There are many waysto do it: URL Hashtags Likes Pins … even QR
    17. 17. Be imaginative
    18. 18. #4Don’t forget yourexisting customers
    19. 19. How do youremails look?
    20. 20. Can you deliver abetter service?
    21. 21. #5SoLoMoNew Opportunities
    22. 22. Foursquare is foreveryone
    23. 23. There are easy tools
    24. 24. You can co-create
    25. 25. You can find new ways to engage
    26. 26. Campaigns can takeany shape
    27. 27. A bonus tip ...
    28. 28. Become augmented
    29. 29. What canyou do? (be imaginative)
    30. 30. Thank You! Want to know more? @marktxt4ever