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Career Distinction
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Career Distinction


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Career DistinctionBy: William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson
    By: Brand Builders
  • 2. Understanding the Future of Work
    • If you understand what is driving the change , you can stay ahead of it.
    • 3. By understanding how companies respond to change, you can manage your career.
  • Adopt the Career Distinction Mindset
    There are 4 principles of Career Distinction Mindset
    The first one is standing out. Be yourself and don’t follow the crowd.
    The second one is be your own boss.
    Third is forget the ladder: it’s a ramp.
    Last but not least, think like a brand. You have to brand yourself in order to be very successful in your career.
  • 4. Brand Yourself for Career Success
    • Personal Branding is at the intersection of current business and societal trends.
    • 5. Branding yourself enables you to profit from what separates your from others.
  • Step One: Extract
    Unearth Your Unique Promise of Value
  • 6. Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
    The first step to succeeding is by getting a clear picture of who you are and what you have to offer.
    You must seek feedback from others to paint an accurate self-portrait.
  • 7. Define Your Brand Community then tell your story
    Pinpoint your target audience and gain an understanding of your competitors and peers.
    You have to know who you are standing with in order to stand out
    Once you know who you are, who you are differentiated from, and how you will stand out from your competitors, write a brand statement and profile
    Your brand statement is your roadmap to success
  • 8. Step Two: Express
    Communicate Your Brand to Your Target Audience
  • 9. Create Your Career and Express Yourself
    A resume alone won’t cut it anymore when you are looking for a new job.
    Expressing yourself is a good way for success.
    Create your own communications plan for your career.
  • 10. Assess Your Online Identity Build Your Brand in Bits and Bytes
    Building a plan to manage your online identity is an essential element of succeeding in the future.
    Recruiters and hiring managers will be using Google and social networks to find you.
    Increase your professional visibility on the Web.
  • 11. Step Three: Exude
    Manage Your Brand Environment
  • 12. Be On Brand is All That You Do and Get a Visual Identity
    Strong brands ensure that everything that they do and all that surrounds them is supportive to their brand message.
    If your personal brand is all about innovative technology, then this would be on-brand.
    Identify your brand by using a system of images, colors, fonts, etc.
  • 13. Evolve and Resolve
    Personal Branding is not a one-time effort. It’s an ongoing career-management strategy.
    So keep your career continually moving in the right direction.