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Why and how do we bake?
We believe in communication based on content worth sharing.
For our clients, we are partners in brand building, business and efficient
marketing communication.
We adhere to common sense, understandability and strong stories.
They are the best disseminators of the values and the mycelium
of the brand corporate culture.
We unite strategy with creativity and we design and
execute communication with true contribution to
the brand and business of our client.

What will baking with us bring to you?
• definition of the ideal image of your brand
• understandable formulation of your
business model
• ability to present yourself
• price premium for your business
• optimization of your marketing costs
• differentiation from competition and discovery of your uniqueness
• better understanding of your customers – their problems, needs and wishes
• understanding of the decision-making process and the decisive factors
of your customers
• strategic approach to brand-building and to brand communication
• establishing of requirement for building of a brand corporate culture which
will enable you to win the best people and lead them efficiently
• efficient executions of the strategy
• accord between the marketing communication and business goals

What do we bake?

Via our products
and activities, we bring
4 values which we adamantly
consider to be absolutely
crucial for the business
of our clients.

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The Story of Brand

  1. 1. THE STORY OF BRANDThe Story of Jean-Pierre The most famous French baker
  2. 2. STORYTELLINGHello. My name is Jean-Pierre and I might be the most famous baker. Morethan 200 shops all over Europe carry my name and offer people the exceptionalexperience associated with purchase and consumption of baked goods.
  3. 3. My father was owner of a small Parisian restaurant. As a boy, I spent everyholiday with my grandparents in a little village next to Montpellier. My grandpawas a renowned baker.
  4. 4. UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITIONThe smell wafting from his little shop was literally enchanting and people wouldflock from afar to smell it. Never have I tasted such a crunchy baked goodies inParis as I have my grandpa’s shop.
  5. 5. BRAND TOUCHPOINT(S)Grandpa used to talk and dedicate himself to everybody as if he was an oldfamily friend and he also used to give little something to kids.
  6. 6. BRAND EXPERIENCEI soon came to realize that it wasn’t by far just the baked goods he wasselling, but first of all the experience associated with the purchase – the timespent in the little bakery that was making lives of other people more pleasant.
  7. 7. I used to spend whole days with my grandpa – helping him, learning andgathering precious pieces of advice.
  8. 8. INNOVATIONOne day, when I grew a little wiser, my granda revealed to me a family secret –discovery of his father, my great-grandfather, consisting of original doughingredient which made the bread exceptionally crunchy even several hoursafter it was baked.
  9. 9. BUSINESS MODEL REDESIGNAfter I finished my studies and my father decided to retire, the decision was made
  10. 10. A DREAM (VISION)I converted father’s restaurant to bakery with a stone oven and decided toconquer Paris with the crunchiest baked goods.
  11. 11. PACKAGINGI baked some breads and baguettes, imprinted my name into the dough ofevery one of them and went on to visit the friends as well as completestrangers, letting them taste the baked goodness.
  12. 12. MARKET RESEARCHIn my little notebook, I scribbled all the comments and observations forimprovement. Everybody was enthusiastic about how crunchy my breads are.
  13. 13. Initially it seemed that the leisurely atmosphere for which people from afarflocked to grandpa’s bakery won’t find much of an understanding in Paris.
  14. 14. Plenty of people acted as if my talking and personal approach bothered them.
  15. 15. CUSTOMER SEGMENT(S)After couple of weeks, however, I noticed that the same people started toappear in my little bakery more and more often and my way of selling hasbecome a pleasant experience for them. I have thus found customers whobelieved in the same things I believed – and that was crucial.
  16. 16. Soon, my business started to flourish, I opened other shops, bakery on theoutskirts of the city.
  17. 17. BRAND AWARENESSJean-Pierre baked goods were being bought even by the most famous Parisianhotels and restaurants.
  18. 18. My grandpa remained my role-model and mentor until his death.
  19. 19. BRAND DNAEvery single one of my managers or shop supervisors had to undergoapprenticeship under him, to make them perfectly understand why and howJean-Pierres bake.
  20. 20. CHARISMATIC BRANDToday, Jean-Pierre is a big company and it seems it’s also a charismatic brandrunning one of the biggest franchises in Europe.
  21. 21. ...THE STORY OF BRANDAnd what do I do these days, you might ask?If I don’t happen to be on the roads, I spend my time in the village, in mygrandpa’s house.
  22. 22. And what about you?Have you created your own charismatic brand?
  23. 23. If not, we are here for you!BrandBakers, bakers of charismatic brands.