Attractive Recruitment Communication by BrandBakers


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This is our essential product for HR marketing managers improving corporate comm when recruiting the best talents on a job market.

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Attractive Recruitment Communication by BrandBakers

  1. 1. Brand / Business / Design Attractive Recruitment Communication
  2. 2. Brand / Business / Design • Major advertisement websites’ fees are enormously high and the competition is giant. Finding a good employee is becoming a really tricky task. • Even though we are going through a recession with a great deal of unemployed people, talented and motivated people are hard to find. However, it is them who can find the right employer right away. • Many companies are experiencing a workforce fluctuation and uncommitted employees. • This all leads to higher HR expenses. Issues we address A great deal of companies are coping with a time consuming and financially demanding employee recruitment process. Undistinguished and non-targeted recruitment process can lead to an excess of inappropriate employees.
  3. 3. Brand / Business / Design • It is obvious not everyone could fully realize their potential and become a committed and loyal employee. We therefore choose distinct means of recruitment communication, which attract people with the exact personal traits needed. • We see recruitment communication as a company’s show case. Not only to attract, but also to introduce the core company mechanisms and allow prospective employees to get to know the company before they step one foot inside. Not only we want to address the right candidates, we want to employ them. That is why we use authen- tic content. • We deploy proven communication structures and practical design while communicating and advertis- ing. What is our solution? We create content, which brings the right people to the right places. We work with proven structures and practical design. That is why we mainly create career microsites and LikedIn profiles.
  4. 4. Brand / Business / Design 1. Attractive and authentic content We need to use attractive and authentic content only. It follows a following structure: a) What we want to achieve and what we believe in • Introduction of the company’s goals and objectives b) Who we are and what we do • Introduction of the company, preferably in a form of a short story • Field of activity, introduction of services and products c) What is our day like • Show what our company culture is like • Photos and videos from company events or free time activities • Explain what events and company rituals are all about d) Why join us? Main reasons that make our company unique to work with e) Benefits • Introduce basics of employee benefits and possible career growth and development f) Job vacancies • List job vacancies g) Who we are looking for • Description of the right employee, corresponding with company culture 2. Advertising We will create a recruitment advertisement unlike any other. It will shine among other adverts. We will include work description, skills needed and offered benefits but we will also introduce your company, its goals, company culture and attractive future ahead. In other words, the main reasons to work for your company. 3. Career microsite The main objective of your career web is to allow your future employees to get to know your company even before they get foot in the door. Our aim is to create a specific relationship between your company and an employee. It might even lead them to a conclusion your company is not an employer they are looking for. The process of attracting the right and perspective employees and putting off unsuitable ones will save a lot of money in upcoming interviews. 4. LinkedIn LinkedIn is world's largest and most influential professional network. Talented people can easily promote their work or just share information. Even companies have their own profiles and headhunt- ers often search through LinkedIn to get to the right person. You may be even running a very specific campaign targeted at a particular group of people of a particular skill. Therefore, we will create a LinkedIn profile filled with appropriate content powerful enough to captivate your targeted group. What is it all about? Our idea and method is to create an attractive and authentic content, prepare a recruitment advertising, career microsite and LinkedIn profile.
  5. 5. Brand / Business / Design How do we do it? We are not going to do just an ordinary advertisement. We will be creating real and credible communication and that is why we need to get to know your company. 1. Basic analysis 4. Data collection 2. Homework 3. Meeting 5. Design and creation of the communication content 6. Approval of the design and content 7. Microsite development 8. Signing up for LinkedIn
  6. 6. Brand / Business / Design How do we do it? 1. Basic Analysis We will analyze your current recruitment communication - content, form and design of currently used channels and means of communication. Provide a case study. 2. Homework You will be provided with a set of questions concerning key concepts of your advert and your company. The answers will provide a very important feedback and groundwork for our meeting. 3. Meeting Our meeting will take up to three hours and has a clear goal of formulating answers to these basic questions: • Who are we? What is our goal? • What do we believe in? • How do we live? • Why join us? • Who are we looking for? What personality and abilities are we looking for in a person? • Who is not suitable for the job? • What are our employee benefits? • What it takes to become one of us? • What languages do we speak? 4. Data Collection • Client will provide (upload) a content of the communication - texts, photos, videos, info graphic or other graphic elements, which will create a base for a recruitment communication. • Data will be provided in a certain structure and format, which will allow us to work flawlessly. • Client will hand in a logo and other company graphic elements in a common graphic or DTP file format. 5. Design and creation of the communication content • We continue working with strategies we have agreed on our meeting and keep working with data provided. • We will select key ideas and include them into creating recruitment communication content. • We will prepare main titles, headings and opening paragraphs of particular parts of the website. • We will create a typical recruitment advertisement - reformulate a currently used advertisement. • We will create a structure and design of a career microsite corresponding to your company design. 6. Approval of the design and content • We will hand over our new structure and design of a career microsite, web-content and recruit- ment advertisement suggestion to client’s approval. 7. Microsite development • After our client approves the content and design, we will start creating and programming a microsite (texts, photos, videos). • Final testing and approval phase 8. Signing up for LinkedIn • We will take care of signing up for LinkedIn. • The profile is going to match the nature of the website and will be created from the contents of career microsite. • Client will be handed access information.
  7. 7. Brand / Business / Design What is the main benefit? Really effective recruitment communication - you are going to find the right people much faster. How much it costs? The basic scheme described above is priced 85.000 CZK (no tax included). We are happy to offer any additional services, all-available upon request. Contacts BRANDBAKERS, s.r.o. Nad Rokoskou 2a Prague 8 - Liben, 182 00 Petr Hovorka Phone: (+420) 602 271 011 E-mail: Jiří Landa Phone: (+420) 734 15 85 85 E-mail: