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From time to time on the Brand Autopsy blog, I share "money quotes" from business books I've recently read. This presentation shares "money quotes" from Toy Box Leadership (Ron Hunter & Michael Waddell). Learn more at

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Toy Box Leadership

  2. 2. “ As adults, we complicated the principles of leadership with the latest trends … when in actuality … our childhood toys have already taught us some of the most important leadership lessons we need to succeed.” (p. xii) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell
  3. 3. The Slinky ® Dog is a classic children’s pull toy. Pull the string attached to the nose of Slinky ® Dog and it’s front end stretches forward. It’s back-end follows forward. With a simple pull from a child, Slinky ® Dog walks forward as only a Slinky can.
  4. 4. “ The Slinky ® Dog can open your eyes to the importance of a leader’s vision for personal growth and corporate growth, as it shows you how to attract followers.” “ A leader at any level who possesses the ability to pull will find followers.” (p. 23) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell
  5. 5. (p. 23-24) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell “ Balancing the pull with patience is the part. Leaders find it easy to move because they are at the front end of the Slinky ® Dog; however, it is the back end of the organization that is the most difficult to budge.”
  6. 6. “ As a leader you will always find the early adopters moving with you, but how you respond to those who lag behind makes a difference in the cohesion of your entire team.” (p. 24) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell
  7. 7. (p. 24) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell “ As you pull with vision, energy is stored up, and when the energy level is just right, it is released, sometimes explosively, resulting in the movement of people. They can literally spring into action, responding to the pull of your vision.”
  8. 8. (p. 37) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell “ You must move before anyone follows you. If you are waiting for your team to move, then maybe you have not stretched them far enough.”
  9. 9. (p. 37-38) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell “ To get moving you must first find the string. Each organization has a different string. Each individual has a unique point of contact.”
  10. 10. (p. 37) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell “ Vision pulls an institution or team forward and then patiently waits for the back end to catch up.”
  11. 11. (p. 38) TOY BOX LEADERSHIP Hunter & Waddell “ What is the motivating factor of those you are leading: Profit? Efficiency? Reward? Success? Recognition? Purpose? It is your job as the leader to find the string, pull it, and then be patient.”
  12. 12. www .ToyBoxLeadership. com