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Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour
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Mascot cleaning & restoration service tour


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  • 1. Mascot Cleaning & RestorationService Tour2011<br />
  • 2. Table of Contents<br />Cleaning & Restoration<br />Testimonials<br />”The Guardian” Ozone Treatment<br />Before & After<br />Additional Products & Services<br />Your Benefits <br />Definition of “Standard Restoration”<br />
  • 3. Cleaning & Restoration“Protect your investment…”<br />Brand Animations understands that your mascot is a representation of your brand, therefore, it must remain in pristine condition.<br />Please allow us to revitalize your character(s) using our exceptional service!<br />Your package includes:<br /><ul><li> Professional hand cleaning inside & out, head to toe
  • 4. Free standard restoration (please see the last page for details)
  • 5. Door-to-door service($20 fuel charge per mascot applies)
  • 6. 7 day turn-around
  • 7. Personalized, face-to-face service
  • 8. “The Guardian” Ozone Treatment ($39 value)</li></ul> $235.00<br />(small fuel charge applies & payment is due upon delivery)<br />
  • 9. Testimonials<br />“ Rachel and Chuck Delaney are top-notch. They provide high quality and fast service. They know how to take care of their customers and meet their needs end to end. If you are looking for reliable, fast, high-quality service, Brand Animations is the place.”<br />Dale Eustler – Grass Roots Marketing Coordinator<br />DC United – Major League Soccer <br />“Brand Animation is a full service Mascot cleaning service. I could not be happier with their pick-up and delivery service which saves on shipping cost. Our Mascot has been fully restored to a new like quality. Cleaned inside and out, all tears were repaired, the smell is no more, and it just looks great! This is the symbol of our company and we want it to represent who we are and a worn out mascot is not the way we want to be remembered. Thank you Brand Animations for letting us put our best foot forward.” <br />Brad Carter – Owner<br />Little Caesars – Wilmington, NC<br />“I am very pleased with the services that Brand Animations provided. Chauncey the Chanticleer has not looked or smelled this great since the day we purchased him. The customer service that Brand Animations provided was fantastic and the turnaround time was extremely quick! Thank you Brand Animations, we look forward to a long relationship with you!”<br />Wendi Lee - Office of Communication<br />Coastal Carolina University – Conway, SC <br />“I was amazed by the smell, look and feel of our Cow mascot. It was like getting a new one again. Very professional pick up and drop off. They did the “and then some” and we are quite pleased and would confidently recommend them.” <br />Stephanie Kennedy – Marketing Director<br />Chick-fil-A – Warrenton, VA<br />“Brand Animations gave a great turn around with their service and we could not be happier with the cleaning that they gave our mascot, Red. We had repairs that needed to be made and they were done professionally and accurately to the original design of the costume.” <br />Kelly Piuma – Red Robin Gourmet Burgers – Myrtle Beach, SC<br />
  • 10. “The Guardian”Mascot Costume Ozone Treatments<br />Keep your performers safe from harmful bacteria<br />Remove that relentless, lingering odor <br />Protect and prolong the life of your mascot costume<br />“The Guardian” is an ozone generating system that eliminates odors, kills bacteria and eradicates mold by converting oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). This high tech, chemical free process oxidizes all of the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) hiding inside your mascot costume at the molecular level. <br /> <br />Ozone generators are more commonly used in hospitals to sanitize operating rooms, health club facilities and fire restoration companies to completely remove smoke odors from fire damaged homes.<br />Brand Animations has used this same technology to develop a system that will greatly improve the quality of our mascot cleaning and repair services!<br /> <br />For new clients, Brand Animations is offering “The Guardian” ozone treatment free of charge<br /> ($39 value) with the purchase of our Professional Cleaning & Repair Service!<br />
  • 11. Before & After<br />
  • 12. Additional Products & Services<br />Cleaning & repair of mascot carrying bag $15 ea.<br />Zipper replacement on mascot body $32 ea.<br />Zipper replacement on a mascot carrying bag $38 ea.<br />New fan installation in head $42 ea.<br />Performer cooling vests $78 ea.<br />Ice packs $2 ea.<br />Performer hydration vest w/ removable bladder $93 ea. <br />Additional hydration bladders $15 ea. <br />Hand duplication $185 (pair)<br />Resole shoe/feet $170 (pair)<br />Full shoe/feet duplication $260 (pair)<br />Body suit full duplication Quote<br />Head duplication Quote<br />Complete mascot duplication Quote<br />Custom clothing, props & accessories Quote<br />
  • 13. Your Benefits<br />We conveniently pick up and drop off your mascot(s) right to your door<br />No packaging costs<br />No packing, loading & shipping hassles<br />No expensive shipping bills<br />Faster turn-around; we will return your pristine mascot within 7 days<br />Standard restoration is included with our cleanings<br />All of our products & services are proudly “made in the USA” <br />We ensure that you will prolong the life of your mascot(s)<br />Better yet…we will do everything we can to make sure you don’t have to buy a new one!<br />
  • 14. “Standard Restoration”<br />Full internal and external hand inspection.<br />Hand clean exterior from “head to feet”.<br />Clean and disinfect interior with extended treatments to head and feet.<br />Remove scuff marks where applicable.<br />Reinforce all glued / Velcro contact points where applicable.<br />Hand stitch any loose seams, holes or tears.<br />Re-attach loose or separated straps / supports.<br />Re-wire / reconnect any basic electronic components.<br />Brush out exterior snarls, snags and matted areas.<br />